Top 100 Aso-Ebi Styles for Women: Latest Designs for Wedding Guests (Pictures Lookbook)

photo: women in purple aso-ebi colour combination
Photo credit: Jeffrey Olalekan Photography

And, for some upscale wedding guests, the problem is that it’s hard to wear an aso-ebi again after one wedding because ‘everyone’ already knows that dress as ‘a uniform’ (a stigma). So, babes are borrowing to ‘meet up’.

If you’re a bride reading this, please consider your guests  when planning your aso-ebi – the truth is that guests are complaining (behind) because the pressure to ‘represent’ is on them. Perhaps, you may want to borrow a leaf from the rich and famous – send the expensive aso-ebi fabric as a gift to your guests – that’s what Senator Florence Ita Giwa recently did towards her daughter’s wedding.

Another reason why some wedding guests hate to love the aso-ebi is that, in some weddings, we’re seeing preferential treatment given to people who purchase aso-ebi – special food and gifts. There are cases where the brides alienate guests who do not buy their asoebi, for whatever reason. No wonder some guests fake being out of town and instead send a gift to the couple, without spending close to the aso-ebi money.

The pressure is on those people that have loads of friends – pressure to purchase expensive aso-ebi and also buy gifts for the celebrants..

Dare to Make Your Next Aso-ebi Outfit Memorable?

Hope you found the perfect aso-ebi dress style for your next wedding? Now, your tailor is in trouble! Dressed in one of those gorgeous, colour popping aso-ebi designs in the above pictures, you’re sure to turn heads. Well, let’s hope you will not be mistaken for the bride:)

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So, tell me in the comment section below – from the aso-ebi pictures lookbook you saw  in that video, which colour and style of wedding guest outfits are you likely to sew next?

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  1. I’m getting ready form my traditional and white wedding, how do I combine colors like red, gold, sea green

    • Hello Favour. Congrats on your upcoming traditional wedding. Here are some combo ideas:
      -Red and Gold for Bride: Gold top/ blouse and red wrapper, red Scarf/ Gele
      – Sea Green and Gold: Sea Green wrapper and Gold top/ blouse, with gold scarf/ gele, AND coral beaded necklace

      Soon, we would come out with a detailed post on Nigerian colour combination ideas – check back to see when it’s out.

  2. Alade Abosede says:

    Aso ebi is d best oooo

  3. Hi,

    Is it tradition for the brides friends and family to wear one colour and the grooms friend and family to wear another colour but both sets of friends and family to wear the same headtie? Or should both sides wear a different colour head tie?


    • Hello Tolu, the norm is to have one way or colour to identify each family side, whether it’s by Gele or by outfit – it’s your choice to decide. Any way is okay.
      Some people choose to have everyone wear same outfit colour BUT differentiate each side by the headtie or fila (cap) colour. Some choose to have each family side wear different outfit colours, and different or same Gele/ fila. It’s the bride’s choice that determines.

  4. I need to change my wardrobe to Nigerian style residing in south Africa Limpopo , where can I get you stylish cloths

    • Hello Jane, the usual thing we do here in Nigeria is to buy a fabric, then show your desired style to your local tailor and ask them to sew the dress style for you. That’s what most of our readers are doing with Nigerian styles we feature here and I know that South Africa also has some very good dress makers and fashion designers. So, bookmark this page and when you get to your tailor, show him/ her your best style(s).

  5. Donna rall says:

    I am an English lady and have been invited to an a wedding. Their colour is red and gold …can you help me please? I am a size 24 UK. Many thanks. I need this outfit by next week.

    • Welcome here, Donna, and thanks for commenting. Red and gold is one of the most popular Nigerian wedding guest (asoebi) colour combo. You can find styles to choose from by looking through our wedding guest lookbook here (click). Once you find something you like, show it to your dress-maker/ tailor to sew for you (s/he would make your dress to your UK size 24).
      Hope those tips help. Enjoy the party.

  6. I am a young Zimbabwean mum who loves fashion and residing in South Africa.Nigeria women I am in love with your fashion.My wedding will be Nija style.Well done to the nija websites.

    • Thanks, Nokuthula. I’m sure you’ll look very pretty wearing a Nigerian traditional wedding attire (because Zimbabwean women are gorgeous). I look forward to hearing about your wedding and seeing the pictures to feature here, if you like 🙂

  7. sorry ma is it possible 4 bridal trains 2 wear the colour of the dress of the chief bridemaid as thier shoe and also chief bridemaid to wear the color of the bridal trains as her shoe.

  8. Ms Yemisi Adigun says:

    I Am A Moderator (Alaga Ijoko/iduro) for Introduction/Engagements. Can You Choose Asoebi Colour With Gele/beads To March? Is There Any Price For That, Payment I Mean? I Like Ur STYLES. GOD BLESS U

    • Hi Yemisi, welcome to our Nigerian wedding blog. Thanks for your feedback and for your question. Of course you can match your asoebi fabric colour with your beads-necklace and Gele – that is naturally what everyone or most Nigerian women do. *I am not sure what you are asking price for.

  9. Please, how do i save a picture style from your look book?

  10. Well done for d features stella,how do i go about sending you my new lookbook.

  11. Ur combination is perfect,fire on.

  12. I see only ur styles on almost all d recent catalogues. Good work Mrs Nkechi

  13. Thanks for recommending NHN Couture!

  14. kasandra askins says:

    hi do you know if that blue bridesmaid dress or fabric with the fans is still available please send me an email. thanks

    • Hi Kasandra, thanks for asking. Any good Nigerian dress-maker or fashion designer can sew that blue bridesmaid dress for you. You can contact Mrs Nkechi of (via their website) – she sells fabrics and also makes perfect Nigerian-style outfits (aso-ebi) for weddings. We’re a magazine website (not a fashion designer/ tailor) but we are very happy to recommend good wedding service professionals to our readers.

  15. Aso ebi is d best

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