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A Beautiful Benin Wedding for Joyce and Sylvester (Plus Gorgeous Colour Combo Inspiration Inside)

Today’s featured-wedding couple is Joyce and Sylvester. Theirs is love that has been tested with fire, tried and proven – they got engaged, broke up and didn’t think they’d hook up again.  After a long breakup, he knew he didn’t want to lose her – Sylvester came back for her, this time to quickly seal the deal with an engagement ring.  We featured their beautiful engagement shoot pictures, marriage proposal and true love story here (click). They recently got married in Benin city and sent us their traditional and white wedding pictures, so we can all share in their big day. Scroll down to see the couple’s elegant Benin traditional wedding attire and beads, see their cute white wedding outfits, the guests’ purple and blue aso-ebi wears, the beautiful bridesmaids’ pink dresses, the groomsmen’s suits and also read details of how they planned the wedding.

Oh, how she looks so pretty with her white bouquet

Their Benin Traditional Wedding (with Pictures)

Date: 28th July 2016
Location: Benin City, at the bride’s family house, Edo State
Number of Guests: 200

Joyce slays in her Benin traditional wedding attire and beads. And that ring is so gorge’

Pictures from their traditional wedding in Edo State – see their cute Benin beads and trad marriage cake

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Their White Wedding (with Pictures)

Date:  30th July, 2016
Location: Baden Exquisite Hotel and Hall in Benin City, Edo State
Number of Guests: 500
Number of bridesmaids and groomsmen: 8 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen
Aso-ebi Crew – Family and Friends: 14 friends of bride and 12 gorgeous aunties of the bride – coordinated in blue and purple asoebi outfits.
*Scroll down-down to learn how this couple planned their wedding.

Some cool pictures from their white wedding

Scroll down to see the colour combinations of their wedding party and aso-ebi crew.

Colourful bridesmaids in pink dresses and groomsmen in black suit and pink bow-tie

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Their Wedding Colour Combination

Couple’s Traditional Wedding Attire colours combo: Sky Blue
Venue Decoration Colours (for White Wedding): White, Blue and Pink
Bride: White wedding dress, All-White Bouquet
Groom’s wedding Suit: Navy Blue Suit and White Shirt, Navy Blue Tie
Bridesmaids’ dress colour: Pink
Groomsmen Suit colour combo: Black suits and Pink bow-ties
Aso-ebi colour combinations: Friends of Bride (14 of them) dressed up in light-blue aso-ebi dresses, and Aunties of the bride (12 Gorgeous women) wore purple aso-ebi dresses.‎ All the aso-ebi parties (friends and aunties) wore Fuschia-Pink Gele headties.
*The bride, Joyce, gave us an idea on how she planned this wedding, including how she found her vendors. Continue reading to see it.

Wedding guests looking glam in purple and blue aso-ebi dresses

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Bride’s Most Unforgettable Event at the Wedding

Seeing my hubby dancing with so much joy, he’s always shy to dance but that was different.‎ -Joyce

‘My bae is officially taken!’ Looks like that’s what they’re telling us

Wedding Planning Details and Tips for Other Brides

They planned the entire wedding in just 3 months, and had one day interval between the traditional and white wedding day.  Joyce says that “finding wedding vendors and suppliers wasn’t that difficult for us”, especially because some of the vendors they used were her friends. As she puts it, the secret is: “all about having the right contacts”.

‘Look into my eyes…’  The look of love

On her advice for brides-to-be who are in the planning stage, Joyce stresses that it is important “to start planning early”.

The Wedding Vendors they Hired

If you like what you saw about this wedding and are wondering who and who the couple hired to organize the details, Joyce was kind enough to share the names of their vendors in Benin, Edo State.

Photographer: Snap-IT photography
Venue for Wedding Reception: Baden-Baden Exquisite Hotel and Hall, Benin City, Edo State
Video coverage:  CEE-Chanelles
Bride’s Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist: Falcuno Makeup and Hair
Caterer:  T.J. Catering Plaza
Venue Decorator: Unique Success Events
Bridal Accessories: Sonia Craft

This is where it gets interesting… the dancing

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Why We Love Joyce and Sylvester’s Nigerian Wedding

I really love today’s Nigerian wedding features because it validates the popular saying that “if you love someone, let him/ her go (aka breakup). If they come back to you, (it was always yours and) it’s yours forever. But if they don’t come back, it never was yours”.  Shows that that sometimes, the true test of true love is breaking up, to see if it’s real.

Bride on fleek! Joyce looks radiant in her bridal portrait pictures here.

What It Means to You…

So, if you’re reading this and have gone through a similar breakup situation, and still can’t get that special person off your mind, there’s hope – just run to them and do what Sylvester did (permanently seal the deal with a marriage proposal and a quick wedding).

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So, that’s the end of today’s Nigerian wedding features, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Now, it’s your turn to say something – leave the couple a congratulatory message down in the comments area below, OR simply leave your comment.

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Credits: This wedding story and pictures were submitted to NaijaGlamWedding by the bride-to-be, Joyce. Couple’s Photographer: Snap-it Photography

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