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Latest Bridesmaid Dress Styles and Fashion: Pictures to Inspire Nigerian Brides

If you’re at the point of deciding what dresses your bridesmaids and maid of honour (chief bridesmaid) will wear, in this post you will see pictures of the latest bridesmaid dress styles and fashion (long and short dresses), including photos of best bridesmaids hairstyles and headpieces. We’ve curated over 40 of the season’s favorite bridesmaid dress styles, colours and designs seen at big Nigerian weddings. Now, start looking through the pictures in the video slideshow below for inspiration.

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Small Details to Consider When Deciding Bridesmaids Fashion

As you look through the above bridesmaid dresses pictures, think of the bridesmaid and maid of honour dress as part of your wedding decor, and so here are things to look out for when choosing dress styles or cut and colour for your bridesmaids or maid of honour:

HINT: Short bridesmaid dresses are as beautiful as long-style bridesmaid dresses – it depends on your preference.

Photo Credit: Atunbi Photography,

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A Brief (But Funny) History About Bridesmaids

According to Wikipedia, the tradition of brides having bridesmaids in weddings was borrowed from the ancient Romans. At the time, it was believed that evil spirits used to attend weddings with the purpose of disrupting the event.

And so, the Romans believed that if ten women were dressed similar to the bride on the wedding day, the evil spirits would not know which of them the bride was.

Today’s brides love the glam and sparkle that bridesmaids and maids of honours add to their weddings, and have defined other useful duties for bridesmaids and maids of honour.

More Bridesmaid and Wedding Guest Fashion Ideas

So, that’s it from us about the latest bridesmaids dresses. So, which of the above bridesmaid dress styles is your favourite?