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Wedding Budget List: Typical Expenses in Nigerian Weddings (Shopping List)

How do you make a wedding budget list to use in estimating the cost of your upcoming Nigerian wedding? One of the best ways to make up a wedding budget list is to ask newlyweds or a wedding planner for the typical things couples spend on during their Nigerian weddings. But what if you don’t have anyone around to ask, and you don’t want to forget a single thing last minute! In this post, I will show you an example budget list  – typical things Nigerians budget for in their weddings. Feel free to copy, modify and use the list to arrive at your own wedding budget.  So, read on to see the list.

What Should You Budget For in a Nigerian Wedding?

One of the first things to do when planning a white wedding is to set a budget, based on how much you (the couple) can afford to spend. But that’s just a figure, right? You don’t just take your entire wedding money to the market to start shopping (that’s dumb). You have to first sit down to make a wedding shopping list of things to buy, services to hire and how much to spend on each.   A wedding budget list is simply a shopping list of every possible expense you are likely to spend for your wedding.

Nigerian Wedding Budget List for Shopping: Example of Typical Expenses

Below is an example of a wedding budget list – this is the list of expenses that will make up your wedding cost. So, you can also call this a wedding expense list, some people call it the wedding shopping list. Below is just an example, as some couples include more items in their wedding shopping list, while others choose to keep it basic – it all depends on whether you plan to have a low-key wedding or big wedding.

The Wedding Rings

Bride’s Attire

Groom’s Attire

Stationery & Souvenirs

Venue & Decoration (for Reception)

Venue hire (incl. necessary rentals such as canopy tents, chairs) ___________
Decoration: venue, bride n Groom’s cars, venue décor ___________

Reception Food & Drinks

Wedding Cake (assuming N150/ guest count) ___________
Food ___________
Drinks/ Juice/ Water ___________

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

Photography & Video Coverage ___________
Master of Ceremony (MC) ___________
DJ only (No Music Band) ___________


Car and bus hire to transport bride, groom and wedding party (bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents), close relatives and VIP guests to/ from wedding venues ___________

Other Vendors (optional)

Miscellaneous (reserved fund, in case of emergency) ___________

So, YOUR TOTAL WEDDING BUDGET is: __________________ (this is where to write the total of amounts you budgeted in the above items).

That’s it for our wedding budget checklist of expenses for planning a Nigerian white wedding. Be sure to read the article that covers the traditional wedding budget items list.

After the Wedding Budget List, What Next?

You’ve made the wedding budget list for wedding shopping, now what? Having a list of likely wedding expenses or possible expenses is just the beginning in the process of knowing how much your wedding will cost. Among other things, you have to guesti-mate (I mean, budget) for each item in your wedding budget list – how do you do that?

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Final Takeaway: Wedding Budget List for Shopping

No two weddings can be the same in terms of how much the couples will spend, because different couples have different priorities as well as are different in how much money that is available for them to spend. So, this wedding budget list is the list basic expense items in many Nigerian style weddings. Feel free to add more items or remove from the above Nigerian wedding shopping budget list, to suit your personal wedding taste and style.

My advice: It’s a good idea to print this wedding budget list and keep a copy in your handbag, so that it will be easy to find whenever you are shopping or negotiating with a wedding service vendor.

So, that’s it for the list of expenses to have in your wedding budget (shopping) list. It’s your turn now – tell me in the comments below, did I miss anything that you think should be on the above wedding budget list?