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100 Unique Bridal Henna Designs for Hands and Feet: Laali Pictures for Nikah and Hausa Weddings

If you are looking for bridal henna design (laali) ideas for your Nikah ceremony or Hausa traditional wedding, then you’re in for a treat. In this post, you will see over 100 pictures of latest Nigerian (laali) henna designs on hands and feet of real Hausa and Muslim brides-to-be. This time of the year is usually loaded with lots of traditional weddings and Nikkai ceremony, and Muslim brides from the North and Yoruba states have their eyes on every issue of complete fashion magazine and on every bellanaija and LindaIkeji blog posts for photos of latest (laali) henna tattoo designs that stylish Muslim brides are rocking. Well, to save you the stress and time, we curated the best photos of laali (henna) patterns and designs from big Nigerian weddings. To check out the henna design pictures, play the video slideshow below.

Latest Trends in Laali: Nigerian Bridal Henna Tattoo Designs

We are used to seeing black and reddish-brown colour henna (laali) designs in Nigeria – those are the classical, traditional designs. Henna art has literally grown up, and evolved. These days, you can find diverse colours and more beautiful henna designs and patterns. We particularly fancy the latest bridal henna colours we are seeing on magazines and Pinterest such as:

Still on bridal henna designs, the uncluttered, simple, less-is-more floral and lace patterns of henna designs on hands and feet look the most elegant. They are still elegant if they have a small dash of colour, and if the design does not cover the entire skin on the hand or feet.

The Place of Bridal Henna Tattoo in Hausa Traditional Wedding Custom: The Bridal ‘Henna Night’

Hands and feet henna tattoo is one thing that many Muslim women, especially those from Northern Nigeria (hausa, fulani, kanuri etc) adore not just because it has become part of the Hausa culture but because of how beautiful the henna body art design and patterns look.

Photo credits: various (listed at the end of the above video)

While we’re accustomed to seeing the bride and her friends sit by a local henna artist to get beautiful henna body decorations a few days before the bride’s (Nikkai/ Nikah) wedding ceremony, many non-Northern and non-Muslim Nigerians believe that henna is strictly for weddings. Well, that is not true – the fact is that many Hausa women (young and old) absolutely love getting inked with beautiful floral and lace patterned henna designs on a regular basis. Thankfully, getting a henna tattoo is not painful exercise.

The application of henna on brides-to-be is part of the Muslim pre-wedding/ pre-Nikah rites for brides, and it is even practiced by Muslims outside Nigeria (UAE/ Dubai, India, Pakistan, Morocco and many others). This ‘ritual’ of bridal beautification and preparation is called the ‘henna night’ – the bride’s hands and feet are decorated with henna.

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About Henna Art (Laali): The Temporary Tattoo

Just in case you’re a history freak, I’m going to tell you a bit about the origin and history or laali (henna). Henna (known as ‘laali’ or ‘layla’ in Nigeria; mehndi in India) is a temporary, non-painful body tattoo that is made from a natural dye. The henna dye is made from the leaves and stem of the Henna (laali) tree.

The art and practice of body decoration with henna is one that is over 5,000 years. History has it that ancient Egyptian mummies had their bodies designed with henna tattoos; other history geeks say that henna tattooing originated from Pakistan, India, Africa and the Middle East but has now become popular all over the world, even among American celebrities and musicians. What do you expect – it’s a cheap and painless way to get inked and join the bandwagon of people getting tattooed. The only downside is that it fades after a few weeks. But since the process of getting henna body art is painless, you’ll be motivated to try on each of the above 100 designs from time to time.

What’s Your Bridal Henna Tattoo Style?

Hope you were inspired by all the awesome henna design pictures? And, you now know that modern brides are adding their own twists to henna by getting trendy white, silver and gold coloured henna for their Nikkah ceremony.

So, there you have it for our 100 latest henna (laali) designs for Hausa and Muslim weddings. Share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or email it to someone who you know is preparing for her Nikkai.

Now I’d like to know which 3 of the above bridal henna designs (laali) are your favorite. Tell me in the comments box down below.

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