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Frequently Asked Honeymoon Questions and Our Answers

So, your honeymoon planning is stressing you out and you’re about to cancel the whole thing – there you are arguing about when to go, where to go to and how much to spend, and more things you can’t seem to agree about the honeymoon. On top of all that, you have some questions that you feel answers will help you move on with your honeymoon plans. And you wished that a honeymoon/ wedding planner could just show up now and help you figure out how to straighten things up – and plan an unforgettable honeymoon. In this questions and answers style post, we set out to answer some of the common questions that couples have about planning a memorable honeymoon without stress. Read on.

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Couple Fighting Is Common During Honeymoon Planning, But Ignoring it is Dangerous

The honeymoon is the most memorable trip of your life but then it is the most difficult to plan. Because you’re not a twin of your husband/ wife, there’s bound to be disagreements and quarrels about the honeymoon details and plans – such as where to go for honeymoon (he wants Dubai or Vegas, you want Paris), or type of hotel or place to stay during the honeymoon (you want a quiet romantic beach and he wants a hotel in the city center), OR when to have the honeymoon (you want it right after the wedding and he says maybe when planning your first wedding anniversary). And such disagreements add to the stress of wedding planning. What should you do if faced with these kinds of situation during honeymoon planning? We’ve heard and seen many couples totally cancel their honeymoons and in extreme cases, some have even called off the wedding – just because they could not settle on how to plan their honeymoon when they have different views of what the honeymoon should be like. We know that you want the wedding and also want the honeymoon – and without any arguments. So, below are our answers to the honeymoon questions that most couples have.

What is a Honeymoon, Really?

According to our trusty Wikipedia, “a honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion… Today, honeymoons by Westerners are often celebrated in destinations considered exotic and/or romantic. This is the period when newly wed couples take a break to share some private and intimate moments that helps establish love in their relationship. This privacy in turn is believed to ease the comfort zone towards a physical relationship, which is one of the primary means of bonding during the initial days of marriage”.

MOREDon’t Skip Your Honeymoon If You Want a Really Happy Start in Your Marriage

When is the best time to start planning honeymoon trip?

We recommend that you start planning your honeymoon early – while you’re planning your wedding. Late planning and trying to find last minute trips will only give you more things to worry about – there’s no need to add to your wedding stress. Simply include honeymoon plans in your wedding planning checklist of things to do – maybe, make it the last item, so that there’s no way to forget it. Besides, you can get plenty hotel discounts and flight travel discounts by booking your honeymoon trip months in advance. Also, you need a good amount of time to research and ask around for honeymoon destination ideas; and a good amount of time to compare your findings and finally choose. So, plan your honeymoon far in advance to avoid stress and also get great bargains.

Where is the best honeymoon destination for me?

First think of what kinds of things and activities you both want to do during the honeymoon, and then start looking for the travel destinations/ places where those activities are easily available – you may be surprised to find out that the honeymoon destination that has all your kind of fun things may not be popular. If you’re not sure about what activities that a potential honeymoon destination/ hotel/ place offers, just ask. One of the mistakes we hear from couples after their honeymoon is that the honeymoon hotel or destination they chose was too boring or not fit for their personality and so they did not enjoy it – usually those couples chose a destination or place that they heard from their friends or the social media without thinking of what kind of lifestyle that place offers – and whether that lifestyle is a fit for them.

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Just because your best friend had her honeymoon in Zanzibar doesn’t mean that you’ll enjoy that same place – first think about what that place will offer you and see if those are what you enjoy. So, we advise that you keep an open mind about the honeymoon destination or location, and focus on a location that has everything you want. We often find that most couples don’t even have a list of what they want to see or do during their honeymoon – all they talk about is the destination; and it’s always the popular destinations/ countries – because they want to look cool in front of their friends. We want you to have a fun-filled honeymoon and so we suggest that you pick the location that offers you your kind of fun.

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What type of honeymoon is best? What type should I have?

That is up to you to decide – most couples choose a honeymoon type that matches their personality and offers them the kind of activities they consider as fun.  While you’re planning the wedding, find time to discuss the type of honeymoon you want – do you dream of a sunny beach vacation in the Caribbean, or a sight-seeing to a historical place that is full of culture, or to a mountain and desert place? Also find out what your significant other wants in a honeymoon, and keep your wants as a checklist when choosing your honeymoon destination – if a certain honeymoon country/ hotel/ destination would not give you what you want, check out another – keep looking and you will certainly find the one that does.

We recommend that couples first look inwards at their personality and what they plan to do during their honeymoon trip – if you’re a quiet couple and want a really private/ intimate/ romantic honeymoon, an example of a good-fit-honeymoon for you would be a private beach on a secluded island; BUT this type would be totally boring for you if you’re an extrovert, adventurous couple.

Me and my husband/wife want very different type of honeymoon, what should I do? I want a beach honeymoon in Maldives (to swim daily and lie in the sun) and he wants a safari style honeymoon to see wild animals

We recommend compromise – after all, that’s what makes a happily-ever-after marriage. We suggest that you both mix up your wants, split your time between both types of honeymoon – that way each person gets what s/he wants. There’s no rule that says you have to visit only one place during your honeymoon. These days, we’re seeing lots of couples going for double destinations with contrasting/ different experiences – and they usually come back with more exciting honeymoon stories.

So, if the bride and groom have opposite personalities (let’s say: one person wants an intimate honeymoon and the other person wants a sight-seeing type of honeymoon; OR may be one person wants a wildlife/ safari destination like Kenya and the other wants a fun Dubai honeymoon), we suggest that you compromise by mixing up your honeymoon types so that everyone gets what they want. In that case, you could spend half of your honeymoon time at a quiet destination and spend the other half sight-seeing at a fun place/ country.

Some ideas for mixing up your honeymoon include:

How long should a honeymoon be?

Again, the honeymoon duration and length is up to you to decide – could be based on how much off-time your office/ business is able to give you. Even if you can’t get an off-time, we suggest that you make it a weekend getaway (or minimoon) at a nearby location – skipping honeymoon is a no-no in our books (because we are aware of the immense bonding benefits a honeymoon offers). If you’re planning a honeymoon vacation to a far, far destination such as the South Pacific or Asia, it is best to plan to spend from 2 weeks (more if you can) because those places involve plenty travel time and usually takes up to one week for a traveler to get comfortable and acclimatize to the time difference.

How much does a honeymoon from Nigeria cost?

I have seen couples who spent only N30k honeymooning over a weekend at a hotel near their house, and I have seen couples who honeymooned in another state, traveled with buses and spent less than N100k. So, there’s nothing like an average cost of honeymoon, or a minimum cost – it will be any amount you want it to be. If you have a small budget, just plan a short honeymoon in Nigeria, anywhere nearer to where you reside – because what shoots up honeymoon cost is the cost of travels and long hotel accomodation.

So, the correct question I expected from you is ‘how much would my honeymoon cost’. Honeymoon costs is different for each couple – it all depends on where you want to spend your honeymoon vacation and what you want to do, which is different from what Mr. and Mrs. Lagbaja wants. You’ll then have to add up all the costs such as: the travels (flight/ taxis/ buses fare) PLUS hotel accommodation (5 star? 4 star or hostel? Beach resort? – depending on your affordability). We recommend that couples start by setting a budget for their honeymoon, and then start looking for destinations that the budget can afford – that way you will be able to know whether you can afford a honeymoon abroad or one in Nigeria. AND, don’t be fooled to think that just because you live in Nigeria, all honeymoons in Nigeria are cheap – there are some Nigerian honeymoon destinations/ hotels/ resorts that cost more than foreign honeymoons. In any case, always let your budget guide how you plan and spend on your honeymoon.

I want you to know that it’s not where you go to or how much you spend that makes a honeymoon a honeymoon, rather it is in the memories you create. We recommend that couples focus on going to ANY PLACE (in Nigeria or abroad) where you can truly find and do the things you both enjoy and dream of. We’ve heard couples who had a million Naira honeymoon tell us how boring it was – just because the honeymoon destination not their style. Son’t make that mistake.

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Must I Travel Abroad for a Honeymoon?

No. A honeymoon trip can be taken to anywhere near or far, as long as you and your new husband/ wife go somewhere else, away from your home  – just the two of you. You can have a honeymoon trip within Nigeria or abroad – can be to a hotel/ place on your street, to somewhere in the same city or state where you live, or to another state, or to another country (in Africa or elsewhere). Where you choose to travel to for your honeymoon is a decision to make between you and your husband/ wife. Obudu Mountain Resort is a popular honeymoon destination in Nigeria, and neighbouring Ghana offers many affordable romantic getaways – for couples who are on low to medium honeymoon budget.

I Can’t Afford a Honeymoon: My Wedding Is Already a Lot of Money – What Should I Do?

If you make honeymoon a priority and budget even a small amount for it, you can have it – it doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. We usually advice that couples cut down their wedding dreams to make room for a honeymoon. It is okay to have a few days’ honeymoon vacation (minimoon) at a cheap hotel/ location nearby – even budgeting N30k or less for your honeymoon can get you a 2 nights stay at some low-cost hotel in the state where you live.

Usually, most Nigerian couples want to have a big, fat wedding with over a thousand guests and 400 wedding crashers, but the reality is that if you cut down the size of your wedding, you can have a classy event AND still save some money to travel somewhere nice for your honeymoon.

I Don’t Have Plenty of Time and Money, How Can I Have a Honeymoon?

If you are short on time and/ or money and your budget cannot afford to pay for the kind of honeymoon you’ve always dreamed of, consider taking a minimoon (that is, a toned-down, short version of your dream honeymoon) at a nearby location – could be a romantic weekend getaway. This way, you and your new husband/ wife can still relax and bond alone after a stressful wedding planning period.

What Are Popular Honeymoon Destinations for Nigerians Planning an International Trip?

I used to have a small travel business and top in-demand travel destinations for Nigerian couples was USA, UK. Usually, couples came to us with much assurance that they would get a visa. However, after booking their travels, most of them were denied the visas. So, we always advice couples planning a honeymoon to consider countries known to easily offer travel visas to Nigerians, such as: Dubai, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Seychelles, Maldives and Mauritius.

We plan to travel abroad for honeymoon; Should we travel immediately after the wedding? or the next day or when?

No, not immediately after the wedding. The best time to travel for honeymoon is one or two days or a week after the wedding. It is best to first get some rest from the whole wedding day thing. We at NaijaGlamWedding advise that couples check into a hotel right after their wedding, then spend a night or two there before taking off to their international honeymoon trip. Otherwise, you’ll be looking like a mass of stress on the plane and at the destination, if you travel the same day of your wedding.

When is the Best Time/ Season to Travel Abroad for Honeymoon (from Nigeria)?

It differs from country to country – so, you’ll only know if you ask friends/ family, or a travel agent, or search the internet or travel forums. For a Nigerian travelling abroad for honeymoon, the first thing to consider is the weather – Nigeria is a very warm country, and so you are most likely to be most comfortable visiting a country when it’s weather is similar to what we have here. You don’r want to visit during peak hot or cold or winter months – because you don’t want to be only indoors when you are on honeymoon (maybe you plan to go on sightseeing) , and only friendly weather will enable you to move around as you like. By the way, this advice also applies to other Africans, especially West Africans, who plan to travel abroad for honeymoon – because their weather is similar to Nigerian weather.

Any Idea How to Get My Honeymoon Featured on NaijaGlamWedding Website?

We love weddings and honeymoons, and if you have a really interesting honeymoon story plus gorgeous pictures, you can go here to submit them to us – for a chance to publish it on this blog.

Did I Answer Your Honeymoon Questions?

There you have it for my answers to the common questions that couples ask about honeymoon. Hopefully, you saw the answer to your own specific honeymoon questions that have kept you worrying. But if you didn’t find your own question answered above, write it in the comments section below. Also, keep an eye on this blog for more articles on honeymoon planning and hotspot destinations for Nigerians.

By the way, I’d like to know – where is your dream honeymoon destination or location and how long wish to stay? Tell me in the comments box below. And, if you’ve recently come back from your honeymoon, I’d like to hear about it too.

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