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How to Apply Eyeshadow Properly Like a Pro: Step by Step (Video Tutorial)

We hate it when a bride looks like a mini-masquerade on an important day such as her wedding, when she is supposed to look like a princess. And so, in this article, we are bringing you three of the best DIY eyeshadow tutorials for beginners (from youtube) – to teach you through a step by step process on proper basic techniques to apply eyeshadow correctly for a wedding, or for a simple everyday look. Hopefully, after watching this video, you will feel confident to glam up your eyes for your trad wedding, even if you can’t find a good makeup artist in the village venue of your traditional wedding. So, watch the 3 eyeshadow video tutorials below, and follow along to practice the techniques on your eyes. Just in case you prefer reading over video, scroll down for the instructions.

Eyeshadow Video #1: Application & Blending Techniques for Beginner

Video #2: Eyeshadow Tutorial for Simple, Everyday Look

*In case you prefer reading steps to watching it on video, scroll down to see our 8-step method of doing eye-shadow the right way.

Video #3: Simple Eyeshadow Beginner Tips

NOTE: If you prefer reading to watching videos, scroll down to see our 8-step process of doing eyeshadows correctly.

Things You’ll Need to Do Your Eyeshadow Correctly

Here is everything you need to do your eyeshadow:

  1. Eyeshadow primer
  2. Eyeshadows – a light colour eye shadow and a dark colour eye shadow (preferably a 4-shade eyeshadow pallete or a 2-shade eyeshadow pallete). Popular brands of eyeshadow in Nigeria include: mary kay, mac eyeshadow, naked eyeshadow palette, nyx, maybelline eyeshadow, tara, BMPro, urban decay.
  3. Eyeshadow brush: An eyeshadow brush (You can use your index finger to apply color if you don’t have a makeup brush). – use is to apply eyeshadow over the lid. You can also use the tip of the brush to apply eyeshadow under the lower lash line, or to create a very defined line in the crease of the eye. The best use for the Eye Shader brush is for packing color onto the eye lid.
  4. A Blending brush: A clean brush for blending the colours.
  5. Eyeliner
  6. Mascara
  7. 10 Minutes of your time

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*Continue reading to see our eye-shadow application techniques that work, as well as to know what the common mistakes most women make that ruin their eyeshadows.

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Eyeshadow Application Techniques that Makeup Experts Use

Some women have the most expensive eyeshadows but after applying them, they look cheap – simply because they don’t know the expert techniques that pro makeup artists use. Now, you too can get it…

8 Steps: Eyeshadow Application Tutorial for Everyday Eyes

Just in case you’re in a hurry to watch the above videos or simply want additional instructions to perfect your eyeshadow, read the steps below:

  1. Prime your eyelids with an eyeshdow primer, concealer Or foundation.
  2. Apply a light eyeshadow to lid. Apply the color across the lower lid from the lash line, and stop at the crease. When applying, don’t go above the natural crease of the eye.
  3. Apply a dark eye shadow to the Outer V-area. To create contour, use the tip of your brush to pick some eyeshadow. Then, start by applying it at the outer corner of the eye just above the top lashes, into the outer V-area of your eye (that is the area towards your ear). Then, use a clean brush to blend out that colour you just applied in order to soften the harsh edges of the eyeshadows – blend in a circular motion. Hint: Matte eyeshadows are better (than shimmery colours) to use on the outer-V corner of the eyes.
  4. Apply dark eye shadow to your crease. Apply the dark eye colour as a transition colour into your crease, just above that colour you just applied. Then sweep it along the eyelid where the brow bone hits the crease, moving the brush in a half-moon from the outer corner of the eye inward toward the center of the eyelid. (Don’t darken the innermost part of the eyelid.) Sweep the brush back and forth several times to blend. To intensify color, repeat with more shadow.
  5. Apply the highlight to make the eye pop, and make you look bright. Tap on a light shimmery colour at the arch of your brow/ under your brow bone. sweeping upward toward the brow (without going as high as the brow). Also apply this colour to your tear duct/ inner V-area – this is the area beside your nose.
  6. Repeat above steps 1 through 5 on the other eye Follow the same steps for the other eye, remembering to tap off excess shadow each time you dip your brush.
  7. Apply eyeliner to the top and lower lash lines
  8. Finish off the eye makeup with false lashes (optional) and/or mascara.

NOTE: Be sure to see our eyeshadow common mistakes you should avoid, as well as to see a picture that shows a makeup artist putting on different eyeshadow colours step by step – keep reading to see it.

Eyeshadow Makeup Lingo (Plus Picture of Where to Put Eyeshadows)

Just in case you don’t know what’s meant by the “outer V” or inner V (tear duct) area, or the crease and so on – see them labeled in the image below.

Photo Credit: The Fancy Face

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Common Eyeshadow Mistakes to Avoid

Here are two common eyeshadow mistakes and simple makeup tricks to help you avoid them:

*The above 2 tips alone are the secret of pro makeup artists, and following them can make even a cheap eyeshadow look expensive on your face. Read on for more expert tips.

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How Eyeshadows Done Right Can Enhance the Face

Makeup can help a woman (bride or anyone) enhance their natural beauty, and the eyeshadow is one single makeup element that, alone, can make the face pop bright and look glamorous. Eyeshadow accentuate the eyes and draw attention to the face. The above video tutorial show the basic steps on how to apply eyeshadow properly to achieve a natural looking eyes.

*Below is a pictorial illustration that shows the step by step process of applying eyeshadows the right way – try it yourself.

Photo Credits:  TheRealVegasNay AND Indulgy

Final Tips for Perfecting Your Eyeshadow Application Skills

We here at NaijaGlamWedding HQ love flawless makeup on brides, as well as on wedding guests; and eyeshadows done right can transform any tired-faced bride to looking absolutely gorgeous. These days, we are seeing a lot of DIY Nigerian brides (and guests) doing their own wedding eyeshadow and makeup by themselves, especially for their traditional weddings – sometimes because they just want to, or because their favorite makeup artist would not follow them to the village location of the trad’. Although we’re loving this trend, but over 80% of DIY brides just don’t get their eyeshadows right – and that ruins their wedding pictures.

Now that you’ve watched the eyeshadow tutorial, you can see that it’s not too difficult to learn know how to apply eye-shadow perfectly – for everyday eyes or even for a wedding, or any occasion at all.

That’s it from us on tips and techniques to apply eyeshadows like an expert. Obviously, I don’t expect you to become perfect overnight – you’ll need to watch those video tutorials a few times over and over, and also practice along. And, once you start getting your eyeshadows make people pay you compliments, we’d be happy to see some of your eyeshadow selfies on our Facebook or twitter page.

Hope the above makeup tips has been helpful and informative to you to do either your bridal eyeshadow or one for everyday look? I would like for you to share it with your friends – facebook this page/ tweet it to them/ email it to them. And, before you go, leave me a comment down below.

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