How to Make a Nigerian Wedding Budget in 6 Easy Steps

How do you make a budget for a wedding in Nigeria? During wedding planning, making a budget will give you an estimate of how much your wedding will cost, so that you know exactly how much to spend on every detail. Want to start making the wedding budget for your big day? It’s easy and I will teach you. In this article, I will take you by the hand, step by step through every step of how to budget for every money you will spend in your wedding.

nigerian wedding budget tutorial

One of the questions I receive every week is on the topic of learning how to budget for a Nigerian style wedding includes; how to set a wedding budget, how to breakdown the budget, how to track wedding expenses, how to stick to a wedding budget and lots more. This post provides answers to such questions, and I will also teach you how to budget for your wedding step by step. Scroll down to see our quick 6 step-method of coming of with a wedding budget from scratch.

Why Learn How to Make Your Wedding Budget Yourself?

Before I show you the steps to making a wedding budget, let’s talk about the importance of budgeting for your Nigerian wedding. In the wedding planning process, the budget is one of the very first things to do right after your engagement, and after fixing the wedding date. The wrong way to wedding planning is to start shopping for wedding gowns, rings and cakes. That usually leads to overspending and later having to manage small left-over change for the rest of the wedding. It’s best to never spend a kobo until you’ve made a wedding budget. First, see this wedding budget tutorial from celebrity wedding planner, Funke Bucknor-Obruthe – and then scroll down to READ our 6 steps on how to budget for any wedding – Nigerian wedding or any type.

Estimating a Wedding Cost Step by Step: Things To Budget For and How Much?

So, what and what should you budget for, in a Nigerian wedding? Once you have decided on a figure as your wedding budget, the next thing is to allot percentage of that budget to major categories of wedding expenses.

Step 1. Set your wedding budget

This is simply done by you setting any amount you believe you can afford to spend on your entire wedding event – the church/ religious ceremony + the reception. For Nigerians, you may want to include the trad wedding budget here, but it may be a good idea to treat that one separately. So, write down an amount for the maximum money you (have and) want to spend on your entire wedding. This is your total wedding budget.

Step 2. Breakdown that Wedding Budget into Major Expense Categories and Allocate Amounts/ Costs

You may choose to simply set any amount you desire as what you plan to spend on each wedding thing. But if you have no idea what to do here, use our wedding budget percentage allocation guide to plan how much you should spend on what. You can change up this later, but you need somewhere to start – that’s what this is for.

Here’s an example of how Step 2 above works:

(For example) Say, I have a budget of N200,000 to spend for my wedding, my initial wedding budget breakdown could look like this:

Wedding attire (bride + groom):     N48,000.00
Stationery + Souvenir:                     N12,000.00
Venue + Decor                                 N36,000.00
Wedding Reception                         N42,000.00
Entertainment                                 N28,000.00
Miscellaneous (just in case)            N34,000.00
Total Wedding Budget:                   N200,000.00

If you hate any form of manual calculation, you can download and use our free wedding budget calculator here – all you need to do is enter the amount you have for the entire wedding and our worksheet will automagically display your wedding breakdown numbers. It’s the NaijaGlamWedding budget calculator that I used to quickly arrive at the above breakdown, so feel free to use it to make budgeting for your wedding faster.

Step 3: Review and Total Up the Wedding Budget Breakdown

Add up the above amounts (a to f). The total should be the same as your overall wedding budget, which you set in step 1. If not, check your calculation or simply use our ready-made wedding budget calculator – so that you don’t need to calculate anything by yourself.

Step 4: Make a Detailed List of Things to Budget For (aka Wedding Expenses / List)

Now, you’ll want to make the wedding budget list, that is a detailed list of what to spend money on, for each of the wedding shopping category (in step 2 above). For example, you will want to make a list of everything you plan to spend under wedding attire – such as wedding gown, shoes etc. You also want to list what to spend your wedding reception budget on – such as wedding cake, food, drinks, small chops etc.
I hope you get the idea?

  • To make it fast for you, we already made a wedding budget list worksheet for you – you can download it from our wedding tools page (click here). Our wedding expense list and budget template has a list of must-have things to spend on for Nigerian style weddings. So, all you have to do is find out how much those stuff cost in your local market and fill them in. Then total them up, and you have your total wedding budget.
  • About Miscellaneous Expenses:  According to one of our married readers (ZainMum), you will always spend more than what you have budgeted. That is why we strongly recommend that couples set aside a good chunk of extra money for unplanned/ miscellaneous expenses that may arise or were forgotten.An example of what to include in the miscellaneous section are expenses for family members (groom’s/bride’s parents and siblings’ outfits, transportation and more). This is where your parents and siblings cannot afford to take care of themselves.

Step 5: Record and Track What You Spend

It’s easy to overspend when you start shopping and paying vendors. To make sure you stick to your budget, record everything you spend money on. Recording your wedding expenses will guide you not to overspend. You can print out the wedding budget list worksheet (in step 4 above) and record your spending right on the paper. This will give you an idea of your wedding expenses.

Step 6: See Examples of Wedding Budgets in Nigeria

If you’re like most brides and grooms, you want to see a sample wedding budget.

Still Have Questions About Wedding Budget?

If you still have questions about budgeting for a wedding, click here to read my answers.

Have a Small Budget and Not Sure How to Make it Work?

We’ve got your back, check out our tips and advice for how to use small money to plan a wow Nigerian wedding:

Budgeting For Wedding: Takeaway

If you followed the wedding budget tutorial above, then you should now know how much your Nigerian wedding will cost, including a break-down of the expenses, down to how much to spend on different areas of the wedding.

So, over to you – let me know in the comments: where you are with working out how much your Nigerian wedding will cost? Did like the 6 step tutorial (above) to making a wedding budget to estimate the cost of your wedding in Nigeria? 

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  1. Thanks for such productive steps, I am self confident now on what to do and what to expect.
    I live in the US and I am planning to travel to Nigeria for my traditional wedding. My lady lives in Nigeria I just have a budget of 400,000 naira, and I desire the best wedding experience but don’t know how to manage that money, please give me some advice. Thanks

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ita – we love hearing from our readers.
      You can have a fabulous wedding with that amount if you stay realistic and trim down on some unecessary expenses and invite fewer people. The biggest money eaters are wedding venue and food and drinks. AND if you reduce the number of people you will invite, catering cost can come down. To help you with ideas on practical things to do to have a fab wedding with that amount, click to seee our tips in these posts:
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    • You are so welcome, Chioma. Feedback like yours makes my day:) I absolutely feel you – that’s why I wrote this post – glad to know that it has helped simplify the task of making a wedding budget. I also suggest you read my others posts on different ways to work with a small budget to achieve a dream wedding that looks like a million dollars:) See the topics below AND I have just included the post links to the end of this post (so SCROLL UP) – the section is right on top of ‘wedding budget TAKEAWAY’.
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