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How to Draw Your Eyebrows Like a Pro Using Pencil or Eyeshadow (Video Tutorial)

A perfectly filled, natural looking eyebrows is the secret to a photo-ready bridal makeup. However, many Nigerian and black African women overlook their eyebrows and wonder why the expensive makeup didn’t help them look as pretty as the photos they saw in the pages of ovation magazine and bellanaija. In this post, I’ve got 3 eyebrow video tutorials for you from some of the best makeup artists on Youtube. These videos will teach you the step by step process to use eye pencil or eyeshadow to draw and fill eyebrows to look clean and natural – even if you have scanty brows or mistakenly shaved everything off. Watch the eyebrow tutorial videos below or read the simple steps down below. If you prefer reading, I also have explanatory steps towards the end of his artictle (on page 2), and somewhere down I listed the names of the products used but you can also find them mentioned inside each videos.

Eyebrow Video #1: Tutorial by ThatIgboChick


*Also check out the next eyebrow video tutorial for beginners, it’s one of the simplest methods.

Eyebrow Video #2: Tutorial by ChicNatural

*Ensure to Watch the next 2 videos that teach and show a slightly different method of sculpting and defining eyebrows with brow powder and concealer.

Eyebrow Tutorial #3 by Missy Lynn

**For a list of makeup products used in the above video, scroll down a bit.


First off, you need to have a well shaped eyebrows BEFORE STARTING to put eye pencil on your brows – the video tutorial on how to fill/ draw eyebrow is here (click).

Anyway, let’s continue with the steps by step instructions on how to do your eyebrows with eye pencil or powder eyeshadow:

STEP 1: Define and create the eye-brow shape you want

Using an eye pencil, outline/ line the top and bottom of your brows.

To see how it is done, watch any of the above video tutorials OR see step 2 of the image on the left above.

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STEP 2: Fill in the brows, to create the illusion of real brow hairs

Use a dark brown eye pencil to shade/ fill in between the lines you drew. The correct technique is to fill, using short and light hair-like strokes in the direction of the brow hair growth. Use short, light feathery strokes (one stroke at a time, not long strong lines), while along your natural brow shape and arch. This would make sparse or thin brows appear fuller, while adding definition to the brows. In place of an eye pencil, you can also use an eyeshadow or brow powder, using an angled brush.

STEP 3: Brush out and repeat 

Use a spooly brush or an old mascara brush to brush out the eye pencil colours. This will spread out the colour pigment and make the brow filling look even lighter and more natural. Continue brushing out with the spoolie until the brows are in the shade you desire.

STEP 4 (Optional): Clean Up the Edges of the lines with a Concealer

This is the step that makes your brows look excellently done – use concealer to clean any mistake.  Take some concealer in a small flat brush, and apply to the under / bottom of your brows to clean up the edges and remove excess or overdrawn colours or mistakes. This will give a clean, professional definition to your brow bones and also highlight the brow top.

*Be sure to blend the concealer downward and brush out the from the front of the brows. This would make the applied eyebrow colours spread out evenly and look more natural, you know, a gradient affect. With that, you’re done!

List of Makeup Products Used in the Eyebrow Tutorial Videos

  1. Eye-brow pencil (a shade or two lighter than your eye brow. Dark brown is great. Avoid black and reddish eye pencils) OR brow powder – Mary kay eyebrow pencil – Brunette | Mary kay eyebrow pencil – soft black/ dark brown or NYC Eyeliner ‘Dark Brown’ #922
  2. (optional) Eye shadow (brown colour) – Mac eyeshadow – Embark.
  3. Spoolie brush (aka mascara-type brush) – Mac Spooly (mascara-like brush). Hint: any old mascara brush will serve okay
  4. Concealer – Mac studio finish concealer – most dark Nigerians use Nw45 and some light ladies use NC35 (this should be different, depending on your skin colour/shade)
  5. (optional) Eyelid Primer – ELF or any other one
  6. Makeup Brushes: Concealer brush (for cleaning up below the brows) | Eco tool bamboo angled eyeliner brush | Sigma E65 eyeshadow brush | Blending brush

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Hint: Jordana makes some of the most affordable, good eye brow makeup products available in Nigeria, from eye primer, eyebrow powder, brow pencils. Mary Kay eye makeup products are also widely available in Nigeria.

You Can Achieve Full Eyebrows Even If You’re Not Born With It

Perfect eyebrows are not only for those born with naturally thick, aligned brows. Even if you have sparse brows or mistakenly over-shaved your brows, with the right colour of eye pencil plus a skill on how to fill in brows, you can still achieve a near-natural looking eyebrows that will enhance your facial features – no matter the shape of your face or eyebrows. The above video will make you an expert at doing brows.

Professional makeup artists start by shaping a bride’s eyebrows because your eyes are the window to your beauty, and the focus of your wedding day makeup. A professionally filled eyebrow makes the eyes pop, and can transform an ordinary looking bride to a glamorous beauty. Your eyebrows frame your eyes, add expression to your face, beautifully define the face and significantly improve your look. Besides, a professionally shaped or tweezed eyebrow can make you appear younger.

The days of the thin brow are over, and the natural looking, full brow is back. The thick eye brow looks really natural when drawn well. In pursuit of the perfect brow, women, including brides-to-be, sometimes land at the wrong shape when they shave their eyebrows. Some women mistakenly shave their brows crooked, with each brow looking very different from the other and one looking somewhat scanty.

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Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial: Your Takeaways

That’s it for our easy steps to having your brows done and filled like a pro. Follow along with that video tutorial a couple more times and you’d be  good to go – even if you don’t have a makeup artist at your traditional wedding ceremony or even at your white wedding reception, you’re covered.

So, how did that go, practicing along with the above eyebrow video tutorials? You’ll need to watch and practice more before becoming perfect. Now, tell me in the comments below – did you use an eye pencil or brow powder or eyeshadow to draw a perfect eyebrow?

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