How to Guarantee that Your Wedding Day Will Be Perfect and Wow Guests in 6 Steps

Vendors Will Drive you Crazy: One of the most challenging areas of wedding planning is the managing of the different vendors and suppliers – some of them have very bad work ethics and so require following up per-second-per-second, to ensure that you are not disappointed. We’ve seen weddings where the cake arrived 30 minutes after the reception party had started; we even saw weddings where the venue decoration was far from what the bride requested; we have seen weddings where the caterer made less food than the couple paid for. And, in the middle of all these, the bride was noticeably worried or occasionally passing messages to vendors (from where she was seated).

Pre-wedding months and weeks are a time for a bride to pamper her body, so that she’ll look pretty in all her wedding photos. As you know, stress is quick to show on pictures. But with a bride in the centre of following up and meeting all her vendors and venue people, where is the time to relax for the sake of looking pretty? I’ve seen brides who were still fully busy, stressed up and jumping from pillar to post a night before their wedding – and even making their hair into the night.

#5. Involve Other People Early in Your Wedding Planning

You can’t plan a wedding alone. You need other people to assist you with the pre-wedding planning and the day-of-wedding coordination. And, you need to tell them early, many months before the wedding day. You’ll need someone to coordinate the entire pre-wedding planning process (sort of like the ‘project manager), and that could be you (if you have the time), a wedding planner, a close friend, bridesmaids, groomsmen or close family members.

#6. Learn How to Get a “Yes” When You Ask Others to Help Plan Your Wedding

Finally, if you want people to say yes when you ask them to join you in planning your wedding, ask them early. Don’t assume that they will pack up their own planned things just for you – respect that they’ll have to make out time for you – even if the person is your mother or a sibling or close friend. Even the good wedding planners get fully booked from 6 months upfront, so start looking for a wedding planner at least 6 months before your wedding.

Tips for Making it Easy for Other People to Help You Plan Your Wedding

Once any one accepts to help out in your wedding plans, don’t just think they know what to do or how and when to help you – you have to tell them, because they are waiting for you to tell them your expectation and also direct them on what to do.

  • Do you simply want someone to give you moral support?
  • Do you want them to follow up on some tasks in your wedding checklist, such as like sourcing for vendors, addressing wedding invitations, packing the souvenirs and wedding favors?
  • Do you want them only for a certain period?
  • Do you expect them to be there with you through every to-do list and decision-making,

Just so there’s no confusion or assumption, tell them! Let your wedding planner or planning team (friends and family) know in advance what you expect of them so that you don’t end up getting frustrated with an innocent friend who simply didn’t know or understand what you wanted them to do.

Treat Your Wedding like a Project and It Will Be Super-Successful

Like every other wedding, yours is a project – one of the most important projects of your life, and so deserves to be treated as what it is (a project) – that is if you care for it to be successful and wow your guests.

Successful projects (including weddings) were successful because they had these three things: (1) plans, (2) the right people (team) executing the plans, and (3) a masterplan (with checklists and timeline) to follow. That’s the principle behind how successful weddings are planned.

Final Tip to Guarantee Planning a Successful Nigerian Wedding

Oh, I forgot this last but vital tip – the best way to get others to know how to help you plan your wedding is to share your wedding planning checklist with them – assign some tasks to different but few close pals. And then regularly follow up with them to see how far they’ve gone, if they have issues or so. And, on your wedding day or after, don’t forget to reward your helpers with small, ‘thank you’ gifts – they’ll think you’re cool:)

So, it’s your turn to talk back to me. Tell me in the comments below – have you thought about who will be your ‘wedding planner’ and ‘day-of-wedding coordinator? If not, have you setup a team of the other people who will help you plan and coordinate your wedding?

Photo Credits: Dotun Ayodeji (Dotun Ayodeji photography) | Obi Nwokedi (Photography by Obi Nwokedi)

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  1. Sania Jogarr says:

    Such an informative article. Making a checklist is very important so we don’t forget things. Also, we should be planning our budget as well which is vital 🙂

  2. I like your write up. My white wedding is coming up in few months time. Almost everything I read here happened on my day of Traditional Wedding, disappointments from all corner, ranging from committee to vendors, even the band came very late, the venue decoration was far from what we requested and paid for, despite all our follow-up. In fact, I can’t say all. I pray to get the right vendors for the white wedding.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with horrible wedding service providers/ vendors. As they say, ‘experience is the best teacher’ -that experience better equips you to know what and what types of vendors to avoid, how to choose right and the importance of starting early to look for vendors. Be sure to vet them first and if you’re not satisfied, move on to vet the next, and next, UNTIL you find the right one.

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