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How to Tie Bridal Gele for Nigerian Wedding (Video Tutorial)

Learn how to tie a perfect bridal Gele head-tie yourself and stop paying or begging someone to do it for you. Watch and follow along this step by step video tutorial that teaches how to tie a Gele head-wrap for a Nigerian traditional wedding or occassion. It’s easier to learn from watching an expert do it (practical), rather than being explained to. So, this video tutorial from Ewar makeovers will walk you through the simple steps to tying the bridal gele for your own trad wedding or as part of your aso-ebi. See the Gele video below.

About the Gele Head-Wrap Scarf (Ichafu in Igbo)

The Nigerian head-scarf or head-tie popularly known as Gele (in Yoruba), Ichafu (in Igbo) are an occasion favourite head-wraps among Africans, including Nigerians. You can’t miss them at weddings where they can get really big and bold. And if the guest, your aso-ebi is not complete without it. And if you’re the bride, the Gele is that element that completed your traditional engagement attire.

Gele tying used to be a skill and an art that every Nigerian woman was (supposed to be) good at, or rather, must learn – just as is ‘cooking’. The head-tie is not only worn by Nigerians, but by other West Africans as part of their traditional fashion. However, the art of wrapping a perfect Gele head-tie done is challenging. So, most Nigerian women (young and old) resort to paying a Gele or makeup artist, such as Segun Gele, to get it done for them before a wedding or any occasion – because a woman just gotta look prettied up, anyway.

Hopefully, after a couple of practicing with the DIY (Do It Yourself) Gele Tying video tutorial, you won’t have to pay (again) to have your Gele tied before your wedding or any other occasion for that matter. Leave us a comment to know how your headtie skills go?