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  1. Skyllachy says:

    Hello, You have a very nice page. Quite helpful. Please I need you to help me plan a budget for my white weeding. I have N1.2M

  2. Pedro Chidiebere says:

    My name is Chidi. I have collected my traditional marriage list last 3months now. I’m confused how to go about it due to the list is huge running up to 950k to execute & l’m holding 200k. And am planning to go there with my few people to do few important things in the list later in few months ahead we come back to do the rest probably. Pls I need ur help now is my decision OK on this arrangement. Thanks

    • Dear Chidi,

      Thanks for reading, and sending your question.

      That list is unusually too much, but you could do what most guys do – start now and do it bit by bit. First talk to her Dad and hear his advice on how you can go about it. He may have to consult with his kinsmen to plead with them, before getting back to you.

      Since you have part of the money – go with your people to meet your bride’s family and do some of the things in the list; negotiate where you can (beg and plead with them to cut down quantities of some items for you). First discuss with her parents, especially her father, and let them know your financial challenge and seriousness to marry their daughter, and that you intend to come and do some of the list things, and are begging for waivers and cut-downs. Let them know you would take good care of their daughter.

      As you know, the items in the marriage list are for the bride’s community and some for her parents – some parents even waive theirs just to make the burden easier for their son-in-law, but you have to let them know your position. Every parent wants their daughter to get married and they are willing to beg their kinsmen on your behalf, to cut down or waive some items for you.

      That’s what I know most men do, so try it and let’s see. Good luck!

  3. KingdomBwoy says:

    This is a shock to me to be honest. I live in the UK and am doing my Trad in Nigeria. my list cost me 950,000 in total and the trad wedding is coming up to 2,600 000 the ogo cherem its self is 575, 000. I feel like somethings gone wrong! lol.

    • Hi KingdowmBwoy, thanks for sharing your proposed wedding budget.
      – To be sincere, that ‘ogo cherem’ is way too costly. Honestly, that amount is very high for a traditional wedding – but then, it depends on the size of wedding you are planning. You know, the purpose is a free-monetary-gift from the husband-in-law (groom-to-be) to support the bride’s family with hosting visitors (food, drinks etc.) during the trad wedding.
      – It could be because you are planning a very big traditional wedding. If you cut down the number of guests, you can drastically reduce the cost of your traditional wedding. Also, sit with your bride and agree what you want to spend.
      – It would be a nice idea for you guys to be in town at least 2 weeks to the trad date – perhaps, you could find event vendors (caterers etc.) to help organize things at a cheaper rate. Usually, most people use their compound as trad wedding venue, so that there’s zero venue cost.

  4. Good day ma.
    Pls I want to know, can #200,000 be okay for me to do my traditional marriage excluding the bride price

  5. What if someone want to marry from Uyo

  6. The process when you buy the things in the list and take to your bride family house is called ………………… and lastly what does the real traditional marriage entails ?

  7. My Fiance and I are in the US, are these list likely going to be the same? We would probably get married in US, how is it differ. Finally my girl is Igbo but I’m yoruba, are there are there certain things to take note of in inter tribal marriage.

    • Hi Oladee, the above list is the standard Igbo bride price/ engagement list, but you should officially ask for the LIST from your in-laws (your girl’s parents), and expect to see a small variation from the one you’ll get and the one listed here (because the list varies SLIGHTLY from one village to another, but basically this list should help you make a budget and get prepared in advance).
      *In inter-tribal marriage, things to note are: food and music/ entertainment – make sure to cook food from both sides, and play music from both sides (that’s what most couples do).
      *When preparing for an inter-tribal traditional wedding, it’s a good idea to get familiar with how the day usually goes (wedding process) in your partner’s village/ town/ tribe, and also acquaint your family members/ parents in case the wedding would be conducted in the other partner’s language. It’s good to know what’s going on even when they’re speaking a different language. Click to read this article to get acquainted to the Igbo traditional wedding ceremony stages and how they happen. Also read this one on Questions and Answers about Igba Nkwu and this one on the Overview of Groom’s Customary Pre-Wedding Visits in Traditional Marriage ceremony.
      Congratulations on your upcoming traditional wedding and thanks for reading NaijaGlamWedding blog, hope to see you around some more.

  8. Thank you so so much for your guidelines its so helpful. Am planning my wedding which is coming up soon. I wish to correct a little mistake you made. “Ego Ogo chere m” means The money my in-laws presented to me.Hope this helps. By the way my fiance likes your site too.

    • Aww! Thank you so much for your feedback and corrections, Chinelo. I’m glad to know that the above igbo traditional marriage list was of help to you. AND, knowing that your fiance also likes us, NaijaGlamWedding, just made my day (my regards to him :).
      Thanks for reading.

      • thanks so much for the writeup….is it also the same with that of Arochukwu? my uncle told me he married with half a million ,how true is it?

        • Hello Chichi and welcome to our Nigerian wedding blog. To answer your question – I’m not sure if the Arochukwu people’s traditional wedding list is very much different, but the engagement list of most Igbo villages are almost alike.
          I believe that your Uncle did not spend that N500k on paying the bride price or the ‘traditional marriage list’. He must have spent that on the traditional wedding reception party, to which anyone can choose to spend small or big according to their pocket, OR even choose to invite only close family members (and invite friends to only the white wedding).

          • Hello Aunt Stella,
            Am from one of the villages in Arochukwu.
            Two weeks ago my fiance asked for a list from my family in the village.
            I was surprised to hear that the list alone was 50k, I cud not tell my Ghanaian fiance on time but I did eventually and he was like “just the list” and I cud not say anything to defend the list.
            I asked the head of my family how much will an economical traditional marriage take. And he said “hmmmm.. .. Ur husband shud budget something like 500k the list money is not included”
            Aunt Stella, it’s not easy o. My fiance is saying he can’t do 500k plus marriage and he will still host his pple all the way from Ghana.
            It may or may not be much but 500k! Ha, I fitn’t shout.
            He is a maruwa driver and he is the one that sent me to school from WAEC to my present 400 level in an higher Institution.
            I am an admin officer in one private firm and a single mum. Shey, u can see my dilemma.
            And yes, I am from Arochukwu.

          • Hi Ella, now I see. That is too much! N50k fee just for collecting the list?
            But let me ask: the items in the list you collected – would they cost up to N500k?
            1) On what an economic traditional marriage ceremony will cost you – personally, I think that should be decided by you an your finace, depending on how much you people have kept aside for the wedding. Don’t ask the village head for that, your fiance should focus on fulfilling the customary traditional list – budget for that first and get it out of the way
            2) Aside from that, keep guests very small, so that costs of feeding guests can be low. You don’t have to invite many people to your trad – a few family members of your fiance is okay. AND a few friends or keep it strictly within the family. AND keep food and drinks very low budget.
            **In summary, I think your main budget should be around the cost of buying the things in that list, PLUS cost of traveling to the village (for you, your fiance and a few of his people).

        • Hello Chichi,
          Among the igbos in the east. The Arochukwu bride list alone is 50k. Just d list alone.
          After d 50k the husband to be will officially start the journey of the wedding preparations proper.
          It’s disheartening cos sometimes u meet a guy u like and the Arochukwu “marriage things” will scare d guy away or make the guy be in a long relationship without marriage.
          Some guys will be like “mhen, make I use that money build 2 bedroom flat at mowe-ibafo area” and like seriously d guy make sense.
          And yes, I am from Arochukwu.

          • Hi Ella, thanks for joining the conversation. It’s interesting to learn about a bit about what the Arochukwu part of Igboland demand in their wedding list. Do you mean N50k or N500k? …Because Chichi (in the comments down below) asked the question because her Uncle mentioned that he spent N500k on his Arochukwu traditional wedding event. I’d love to hear from you on this clarification.

  9. hi my name Is abiodun, I am planning 4 my traditional welding and white welding by August and am having 300k to 350k with me pls tell me if dat amount is okay

  10. Gud mornig I’m amaka pls I want 2 do my traditional and white wedding. On the same day.we are budgeting 500 thousand.wil it be ok? Pls I need ur advice

    • Good day, Amaka, and welcome to NaijaGlamWedding blog. N500k can be okay – once you remove your venue cost, plan the rest of the wedding with the remaining money. Be sure to keep the number of guests moderate or simply low, to ensure that your catering (food and drinks) cost do not go higher – it’s better to have a classy wedding than a big wedding where some guests don’t get food or drinks.
      *Check out this sample wedding budget (click) – you may pick a thing or two to help structure your own budget.

  11. pls dear my husband to be is bringing out 150,k for a low key traditional marriage aside my dowry n d list.. pls help me on what to buy n how I can spend it kos am really confused.. pls give a list on what I should buy … thanks

    • My dear unique, welcome to our Nigerian Wedding blog, and thanks for your question. With N150k, you should be able to host a fabulous traditional wedding reception party with that amount. You could spend a small part of the money for your attire (yours or both of you). And spend the rest on food and drinks, and maybe also rent a few canopies and nice plastic chairs for a few visitors. You can do a lot of things in-house with a few helps – such as cooking, minor decorating of your venue/ compound. You may want to eliminate some things like: DJ, MC – you can easily find some friends to help out with that, or leave them out of it. Overall, spend a large part of the money on food and drinks – you may want to budget for about 50 to 100 people – just keep it simple, don’t do too many food variety. AND don’t forget PHOTOGRAPHY (because you’ll want memories of that day kept). Hope that helps. All the best, and congratulations.

  12. David Nnamdi says:

    Hi,am planning to get married by Feb/march next year.Your articles have really helped me,jus want to be sure if a budget of 1.2m will b enuff for an Igbo traditional wedding and white wedding……..

    • Hi David, welcome to NaijaGlamWedding. I am happy to know that my articles have helped you in your wedding planning.
      *Sure, that budget (N1.2m) can be enough for both your traditional and white wedding IF you follow these steps:
      1.) First set aside money for the engagement list – officially ask your father-inlaw for the customary marriage list. Once he gives it to you, find out how much each item costs and add up the costs. *Then add your travel (to/from) costs, also add cost of refreshments for the day you visit for the introduction/ traditional marriage.
      2.) Subtract that from your budgeted N1.2m, and the balance you get is how much you have to plan your white wedding. To help you plan/ work with the remaining money, see these sample white wedding budgets (click here) – those are examples of what 5 real couples spent their wedding money, the types of expenses and how much they spent on different things – hopefully one of the sample budgets will be similar to what you have left to spend on your white wedding.
      Let me know how it goes. All the best!

  13. ugochukwu says:

    My name is ugochukwu. I have collected my traditional marriage list last 2 month now. But I don’t know were to start now because I don’t have money now. And am planning my traditional marriage next 2month. Pls how will I Start. And the price list is abut 190k. Pls I need ur help now

    • Hi Ugochukwu, welcome to NaijaGlamWedding.com, and thanks for your question.
      As you know, the traditional marriage list is the basic and least amount for carrying out a customary wedding. Your date is too optimistic – I would suggest that you postpone your traditional marriage, and start saving seriously for it. Note that you would need to set aside some money for you and your wife-to-be to travel to the village for the trad wedding; PLUS some money for refreshments (whether light or heavy) on that day.
      *Unless you work in a place where you earn from N300k, 2 months is a very short time to save up enough money for a the BRIDE PRICE LIST or a basic traditional marriage ceremony. If you started early, you could have even joined a monthly local contribution with friends, so that you target carrying yours a month or two before your set traditional marriage date.
      *Another option is to borrow from one or more friends or family members or from your village meeting.
      Ugochukwu, I understand how you feel right now, but please don’t stress yourself – if you cannot find money a month before your set date, I advice that you postpone it.

  14. can’t thank you enough u just saved me a lot. u are wonderful. am planing on my traditional wedding for dec seeing is lot to me I also saw you 500k white wedding budget and it helpful just want to say tanx and it really helpful

    • You’re welcome, Gloria. Your feedback has just made my day, knowing that reading this Igbo bride price list post and my article on how to plan a N500k Nigerian wedding without over-spending. I want to also thank you for reading. Be sure to come back and read our other helpful Nigerian wedding planning and cost-saving articles. All the best at your wedding.

  15. Embugus Ovye says:

    I appreciate these insight. Am not an igbo person but it’s helpful.

  16. Am expecting my formal introduction from my fiancee in august this year. Please how will I plan this event? Am nervous about it.

  17. nnamdi Godfrey says:

    Goodafternoon. My fiance and I plan to wed dec tis year as she will be graduating tis as the condition given by her parents. I have collected the list and its not more than 150k. But now I plan to do white and tradition same day to save cost.and she accepted. I m from imo while she is from anambra. I earn 20k a month. Pls advise me on hw and where to get cheap material/ wedding tins for the wedding

  18. Christiana says:

    Am not yet engaged, but I will like to know how much will it cost me as the bride to be in traditional wedding. what are the items will I buy for myself, family and friends. how many times will I dance b4 d palm wine event. Please help me out to plan ahead

    • Hi Christiana. The Ibo engagement list here are the things your husband-to-be is supposed to buy and take to your family during the ‘igba nkwu’ ceremony – your fiance is supposed to officially ask for this list from your family. On how much your trad wedding preparation will cost you – basically, you and your family will host the event (that includes cooking and entertainment). You should also budget for your bridal wears. For more on how to prepare for your trad wedding, read this post (click here).

  19. Pls I want to do my traditional marriage. I need list of things to buy

  20. thanks a lot, I found this very helpful. You have saved a soul.

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