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A Surprise Engagement Ring and a Big Lagos Wedding: Olabisi and Folorunsho’s Wedding Story

For this couple, the saying rings true that when you find ‘the one’, you just know – so no need to wait. 6 months after they first met, he put a ring on ‘it’, and 2 months later, he sealed the deal. Read their wedding story and see pictures below

Meet the Couple of this Wedding Story
Bride: Olabisi Rofiat Owolabi,
Groom: Folorunsho Nurudeen Adeyemi
Couple Hashtag: #BISIYEMI
Wedding story narrator: Bride

Read on for the juicy details of their marriage proposal story, how they planned and shopped for the wedding, and see their lovely wedding pictures – and the bride’s useful tips and advice for brides-to-be.

How they Met and their Love Timeline

Olabisi (bride) and Folorunsho (groom) first met through a mutual friend who was an old classmate of Olabisi. They first became ‘just friends, regularly talking on the phone, 6 months later he (Folorunsho) put a ring on her finger. See their love timeline below and scroll down to read their marriage proposal story.

The Marriage Proposal Story

The bride recounts how he popped the question: He proposed on the day I was to travel for a job interview. So, we both said our early morning prayers and I got fully dressed up, ready to head out when called me back and offered me my favorite biscuits. I stretched out my palm to receive the biscuits but was surprised to see an engagement ring slipped through my finger – while he asked “will you marry me?” I quickly said YES!

The Wedding Day

Like a typical Nigerian couple, they had 3 different weddings – the court registry (white wedding), the traditional Yoruba engagement ceremony and the Nikkah (Islamic wedding). All weddings were held in Lagos. The traditional wedding and Nikkah were held 2 days after their court wedding.

My most memorable fun part of my wedding day is the dance time. It was fun. -Bride

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How they Planned the Wedding

The bride narrated: ‘We planned the wedding within 2 months, and I did the planning myself with the help of my now-hubby, our parents and close friends. The very first thing we did during the wedding planning was to buy our wedding attire’.

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How they shopped for Wedding Things

She continued: ‘We both quarreled and argued a lot when it came to choosing colours and wedding accessories (he has high taste about what we would wear), sometimes I would even cry. So, what I did to make things easy was to first go for window shopping, then take snapshots of anything I want to buy. When I got home, I would then show him so that he would make his choice and the final buying decision.  So, it was like we my hubby and I disagree to agree. In the end, it all turned out to be good – his priority was just to ensure that I looked super good and gorgeously dressed on our wedding day’.

How they found the Wedding Vendors and Suppliers they Hired

Most of the wedding vendors were people she already knew. The couple bought their wedding attire from the Lagos open markets and an Illorin bridal shop.

Bride’s Wedding Planning Advice for About-to-wed Couples

Bride’s Marriage Tips for newlyweds: Understanding matters a lot. Understand each other. Any time you disagree, ensure to later makeup and agree because it is for good.

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Vendors and Venues they Hired, PLUS how she found them

Just in case you’re preparing for your own wedding and want to use any of the wedding vendors this couple used, here goes…

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So, there you have it for this edition of our real-life Nigerian Wedding Stories. Our groom (Folorunsho) definitely knows how to delight his bride, and it was well timed – the engagement ring must have been his way of giving her a job interview lucky charm.

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Photo Credit: Memorables Digital Studios (Photos were submitted by the bride)