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N1m Nigerian Wedding Budget Breakdown: See What It Looks Like

So you have One million Naira (N1m) budgeted for your wedding, and not sure how to break it down before you start spending it on wedding things?  In this post, I want to show you another wedding budget breakdown example – you can see the others here. You will see how a Nigerian couple spent their N1 million naira wedding budget – hopefully, you can use their break-down as a starting point and later change up things to suit your personal style. See the N1m wedding budget below:

Number of Guests invited: 150

Type of Venue: Indoor reception hall

Total amount spent: N920,400.00 (i.e. nearly N1 million Naira)

SUMMARY OF EXPENSES in Naira (see their wedding budget breakdown below)


Bride & Groom’s Wedding Things

Stationery & Souvenirs

Venue & Decoration (for Reception) – an indoor reception hall

Reception Food & Drinks 

Reception Entertainment & Visuals  

Miscellaneous Expenses –     153,400.00

According to one of our married readers (ZainMum), an example of what to include in the miscellaneous section are expenses for family members (groom’s/bride’s parents and siblings’ outfits, transportation and more). This is where your parents and siblings cannot afford to take care of themselves.

1 Million Naira Wedding Plan

That’s it on the One Million Naira Wedding budget example. Now that you’ve seen what it looks like, go and prepare your own budget using ideas from this post – I expect you to modify things to suit your style.

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