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  1. this article was helpful… am a Yoruba lady marrying an igbo guy…. am still having issues with our dressing what I will wear and what he will wear doing the traditional wedding/engagement for us to look good together… I won’t want a dress change

    • thanks for the positive feedback, Bunmi. Well, the best way to decide on what to wear on your wedding day is to look at pictures from the type of wedding you’re planning – look at plenty pictures, note/ mark the outfits that you really like. Places to find wedding outfit pictures include magazines, websites like here (NaijaGlamWedding.com), BellaNaijaWeddings, Pinterest, Instagram. Also, if you want to check everywhere, simply GOOGLE it.
      >Do this for about a week or two, and then sit down and choose your best 10. After that, look at those 10 again, and choose the best 3. Finally, review those 3 wedding-day wears and choose the outfit you like most.

  2. Emmanuel Chukwuma says:

    My name is Emmanuel. Your article has really been helpful. However, i have two questions to ask.
    1: can Cash be accepted in stead of providing all the items in every category?
    2: If yes, give me a rough estimate of how much a young man like me should budget before heading on this beautiful adventure. Thank you

    • Hi Emmanuel, thanks for reading our tips on what Grooms should know when planning a Yoruba wedding.

      On a rough estimate, you can’t know UNTIL you collect the list from her family (just ask); you cannot make a budget based on á list your friend was given during his own. The only way is to get the pricing from where you live (as price of items are not the same everywhere). *But then, you can make an ESTIMATE to gauge, using our sample Yoruba traditional marriage list here.

      Presenting cash in place of all items in a customary marriage list is considered and insult, and traditionally unacceptable. Going for your traditional engagement empty-handed would make them not welcome you. Why would you do that? If you do not have time to shop the items, have a family member (an Aunt or your mom or sister) or close friend do the shopping for you.

      However, with some pleading, they MAY accept cash only for a few items that you may have forgotten to get, or was very difficult to find. In a case like that, it is better to inform a close family member of your wife-to-be in advance, so that s/he can put in some word for you with their people.sample Yoruba traditional marriage list here

      • Tnx so much for your article, pls I need an answer to dis question which is I am a Yoruba lady about to marry an Edo man pls wat attire will I wear?

        • Hi Funmi,

          You should wear your people’s (YORUBA) traditional wedding outfit. If you like, you can have a dress change to change into Edo wear – but if you like, you can only wear your Yoruba native traditional marriage dressing.

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