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See Real Wedding Budgets Breakdown: Samples From 5 Weddings in Nigeria

If you’ve ever wanted to see examples of what a real Nigerian wedding budget looks like, this post gives you a peek into the what five different couples spent on their small weddings that took place in Nigeria,  – in case you have been asking questions like: how much does a wedding cost in Nigeria? or how much should I budget for my wedding in Nigeria? or what is the average cost of Nigerian weddings? The sample budgets from small weddings below include breakdown showing everything that made up the overall wedding costs. Read on.

How Much Is Needed to Plan a Small Wedding in Nigeria?

Have you ever wondered “how much are Nigerian weddings“? or even how much do I need to implement my wedding plans in Nigeria? Figuring out how much a wedding will cost is not something that most couples like to do. The fact is that when you start planning your Nigerian wedding, you will have no idea how much things cost, and a good place to start is to peek into other couples wedding budgets to see examples of what they spent on their own Nigerian weddings – so that you can use that as a base to start making an expense list and items to budget for, in your own wedding.

Here are the example budgets for small weddings in Nigeria, click to see them one by one:

  1. The N500k small wedding budget breakdown: Example of a small Nigerian Wedding with budget under N500k
  2. The N700k wedding budget break-down: A wedding that cost below N700k in Nigeria
  3. The N1m wedding budget break-down: A Nigerian wedding with expenses nearly N1m
  4. The N1.5m wedding budget breakdow: A wedding where the couples spent under N1.5m in Nigeria
  5. The N2m wedding budget breakdown: Sample Budget: Nigerian wedding with expenses below N2m

I often get newly engaged brides and grooms ask questions such as: “what should my wedding budget be”, “show me an example of a Nigerian wedding budget”, “how much does a small wedding cost in Nigeria”, “how should I budget for 100 guests for a wedding in Nigeria” or “how can I plan a Nigerian wedding with N400k”.

While you can find the answer to such questions when you make your own wedding budget or cost estimate, some couples prefer to start off by looking at examples of other people’s Nigerian wedding budgets. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because some of us are simply wired to understand better when we see things in action and through examples.

The average cost of the 5 small Nigerian weddings we showcased in the examples is N1,022,280.00 – in case you wanted to know.  Note that this may not be a typical average cost of Nigerian weddings, but at least you get an idea to start preparing for how much to plan to spend in your own wedding.

The Sample Wedding Budgets: Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen our five examples of wedding budgets, I hope it has helped you kick-off ideas for making a costing for your own wedding? You can see that you can truly have a glam Nigerian wedding on any budget, if you apply a little bit of planning and a creativity. Be practical and don’t force yourself to have the impossible big wedding with a small budget.

Bear in mind that no two weddings can be the same, even if they have the same number of guests and are planned with the same amount of money, because each couple’s budget and priorities will definitely be different.

Seen the Wedding Budget Examples, What Next?

Once you’ve finished making your wedding budget, next thing to do is to start looking for reception venues and wedding service vendors. And if you have any questions at all about budgeting for your Nigerian wedding, I have the answers here.

Which Nigerian Wedding Budget Sample Looks Like Yours?

You wanted to see a sample wedding budget and I gave you five different examples of what a Nigerian wedding budget looks like – feel free to use whatever you want from the examples, customize the sample budgets to make it your own or use the ideas from them.

Now, tell me – which of the above wedding budgets closely resembles what you have in mind, and what would you do differently? If not, gist me about how your own wedding budget will be different. Let’s chat in the comment area.