Sample N700k Wedding Budget Breakdown with 150 Guests in Nigeria

If you are looking for a low-cost wedding budget breakdown example where the couple spent N700k in Nigeria, this post is for you – it is an example of how to plan a Nigerian wedding with less than N700k budget (seven hundred thousand Naira). Feel free to incorporate ideas from this sample budget into the plans of your own small wedding.

reception hall of N700k Nigerian wedding

Summary: Wedding Budget Breakdown for 150 Guests, that Cost N700k

Number of Guests: 150

Total Cost of the Wedding: N668,400.00 – actually less than N700k (seven hundred thounsand Naira)

Bride and Groom’s attire N124,500

Wedding Venue and Decoration N110,000.00
Stationery + Souvenirs N60,000.00
Food + Drinks N202,500.00
Entertainment + Visuals N60,000.00
Miscellaneous N111,400.00

Breakdown and Details of the N700k Nigerian Wedding

Bride & Groom’s Attire

  • Rent a used or pre-owned wedding gown N25,000
  • Bride’s shoes N7,500
  • Bridal Accessories: bouquet, veil, headpiece; earrings, necklace etc N10,000
  • Bridal beauty: Hair/ Nails/ Makeup N15,000
  • Wedding rings (bride + groom) – GL (gold plated)  N20,000
  • Groom’s Shoes N15,000.00
  • Groom’s wedding suit N15,000
  • Groom’s Accessories (e.g cuff links, belt, flower boutonniere/ handkerchief) N15,000
  • Groom’s Grooming (e.g haircut, beard shaving) N2,000

Stationery & Souvenirs

  • Invitation cards & program printing N15,000
  • Souvenirs to gift guests N45,000

Reception Venue & Decoration

  • Venue + Rentals(canopy tents, chairs, tables etc) N100,000
  • Decoration: venue, bride and groom’s wedding day transportation, venue décor N10,000

Reception Food & Drinks

  • Wedding Cake (cost at N150/ guest count) N22,500
  • Food (cost at N1000/ plate serving) N150,000
  • Drinks/ Juice/ Water (cost at N200/ person) N30,000

Reception Entertainment & Visuals

  • Photography (No videos; only photos) N40,000
  • Master of Ceremony (MC) – by friend/ family member N0
  • DJ only (No Music Band) N20,000
  • Miscellaneous N111,400

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Cost Basis for this 150 Guests Nigerian Wedding

  • The venue was a cheap place – town hall or garden or open field
  • There was no music band, only a DJ was hired
  • No money was spent to hire a MC – a friend was asked to do it
  • The bride rented a used/ pre-owned wedding gown
  • The couple purchased GL (gold plated) wedding rings, instead of the more expensive gold or silver rings
  • No other pre-wedding or day-of-wedding task was hired to paid vendors, instead friends and family members helped out with every other task
  • A wedding planner was not hired because there were lots of willing friends and family members to help in one or more areas of the wedding planning

Disclaimer: The above sample wedding budget breakdown was for a real-life event that took place in Nigeria, and so the above costs/ prices of things represent what obtained in the Nigerian market as at the time of writing this article. Ensure to check the market and wedding vendors if you want to customize this budget breakdown for your own Naija wedding.

Your Thoughts on N700k Wedding Budget

This is part 2 in our series of examples of small, low-cost wedding budgets in Nigeria – part 1 is here. Finally, if you have any questions on the topic of wedding budget, we answered them here.

That’s it for how to organize a 150-guest Nigerian wedding with less than N700k budget. Hopefully, you’ve picked one or more ideas from that budget, to use in estimating your wedding cost.

Now, if you were planning a low-cost wedding with a budget in that range, what would you do differently? Tell me in the comments below.


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  1. samuel cecilia says:

    Am Budgeting the some of 500,000. How can i break it down?

  2. I am budgeting 600k…i need your help
    I have 600k….i am really scared…. Pls break it down for me

    • Hello Wale, don’t fret – you can have a lovely wedding with that amount. Times are hard, and every Saturday we’re seeing couples who used less than N600k to organize a great wedding. ONCE YOU KEEP IT SIMPLE, ignore/ eliminate the unnecessary and focus on the main things, the money will be enough.
      => This is a N600k wedding breakdown that you can start with, but feel free to change things up to suit you, or as you negotiate with venue and vendors/ rentals/ suppliers people:
      -Venue + venue decoration + chair rentals + other rentals –18% (N108,000)
      -Wedding attire + wedding rings: 24% (N144,000)
      -Souvenirs, Invitation cards etc – 6% (36,000)
      -Reception (food/ catering, drink, wedding cake) – 21% (126,000)
      -Entertainment + visuals (MC, DJ/ Live band, photography/ video coverage) – 14% (N84,000)
      -Any other things that come up: 17% (102,000)
      -Here’s a typical wedding expenses list to start with (click)
      *The key is to keep things very simple. Don’t invite more people than your food budget – ask the caterers how many plates of food and drinks that amount can cater for (use that to know how many people to invite). NOTE: If you want to invite more people, add extra money to your wedding budget OR reduce money from other areas to make up for this.
      >> By the way, I used our (NaijaGlamWedding’s) wedding budget percentage calculator to arrive at that breakdown – it’s here (click).

  3. NANCY ibekwe says:

    Am budgeting the some of 800,000 how do I break it down

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