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40 Wedding Gele Styles for Nigerian Brides & Guests (Photos)

In this post, we’ve curated over 40 pictures of Nigerian gele styles, in different fabrics and colours to help you decide the best Gele style for your traditional wedding look. If you want to look glamorous with your gele head-gear, watch the video below to see photos of latest Nigerian Gele styles. You’ll also get to see many bridal traditional wedding attire colour combination ideas – just in case you are still deciding what colours to wear. See the head-turning wedding Gele styles in pictures below and practice the different ways of tying the Nigerian head-scarf. Scroll down and enjoy…

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The Role of Gele Fabric in Styling the Finished Look

A gorgeous Gele style will get you noticed in a crowd, whether in a wedding or any other occasion in Nigeria. And since a bride needs to be the center of attention and look stunning.

When shopping for your traditional wedding outfit, ensure texture of the Gele fabric you choose is one that you are skilled enough to manipulate – not too hard and not too stiff, if you’re not expert enough at tying a perfect Gele head-scarf.

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When you wrap a Gele with a soft head-tie fabric, the finished head-gear will not stand firm. And if the Gele material is too hard, it may be challenging to flex and twist the scarf in any style you desire.

For more ways to tie the Gele, see our Gele lookbook on Pinterest – and follow us there as we always pin new Gele head-tie styles.

Latest and Popular Gele Fabrics

Latest and Popular Gele fabrics that are easy to style a perfect head-gear include:

Each of the above Gele fabrics come in its own unique designs, yet look absolutely beautiful on any bride, making her stand out from the crowd.

So, What’s Gele Style Will You Rock at Your Wedding?

Now that you’ve seen pictures of different ways to tie the Nigerian Gele head-wrap, tell me in the comments below – which of the pictures in the video is the type of Gele style you are likely to tie at your wedding? Would it be the flamboyant sky-scrapper head-gear that is the signature style of Madam Kofo and Segun Gele? Or will you rock a simple but elegant Gele style?