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Names of Basic Wedding Gown Styles in Nigeria (Buying Guide by Silhouettes)

Did you know that the more informed you are about wedding gown styles, before hitting the shops, the easier and faster it will be to find the “it” wedding dress? Also, you will also save money when buying the most important dress you’ll ever wear. We understand that shopping for your wedding gown can be a little overwhelming and scary for you, like most brides; even though it also makes you excited. That is why we want to help you demystify the basic wedding dress silhouette styles available in Nigerian markets and overseas (UK, US, Dubai etc). Read on and enjoy the wedding gown pictures…

Photo Credit: Obi Somto (Wedding Photographer)

Selecting a Wedding Dress Silhouette Style

Choosing the silhouette of your wedding gown is the best place to start from when searching. But, first you need to know what the term ‘silhouette’ means, and the different wedding gown silhouette (styles) that are available in Nigeria, and in every other part of the World. I have also included pictures of each basic wedding gown styles, so that you can recolonize them when you walk into a wedding shop.

Silhouette” is a term that refers to the basic shape or cut of a wedding gown. There are five basic wedding gown silhouette styles: mermaid silhouette style, A-line (aka princess cut), ball gown, column (sheath) and empire gown style. Silhouette is the term used to describe the style, shape or cut of a wedding dress. When you go shopping for a wedding dress, the bridal shop assistant is likely to ask you about the name of the silhouettes you want to try on. After reading this post, you will be confident about talking about the dress styles you want.

A-Line Silhouette (aka Princess Wedding Dress): Style #1

The A-line silhouette, also known as princess wedding dress is body-hugging around the bodice and flares out from the waist-line to the hem or floor, resembling the shape of capital letter A.

Ball Gown Silhouette: Wedding Dress Style #2

The ball gown wedding dress style is tightly fitted at the bodice and has a very full skirt area that starts from the waistline. The ball wedding gowns remind us of Cinderella (in the movie).

Empire Silhouette: Wedding Dress Style #3

You will recognize the empire silhouette from the position of the waistline. Empire gowns have a characteristic high waist; the waistline starts right from under the bust. The rest of the empire gown flows out fluidly from the bust area down to the hem or floor.

Column (Sheath) Silhouette: Wedding Dress Style #4

The column silhouette, also known as sheath silhouette, is a very slim and straight-cut wedding gown that is tight-fitting, revealing the body’s curves and flows down smoothly like a slip-style dress. This silhouette looks more like a long evening gown than a wedding dress. This silhouette does not have a flare at the skirt area – it is just long like a tube dress.

Adding a bridal belt or sash to a column silhouette breaks it up to accentuate the waistline and give an illusion of curves at the hip area.

The Mermaid Silhouette: Wedding Dress Style #5

Mermaid style wedding dresses are tight-fitting from the top down to the knees, where it starts to flare out downward to the floor, looking like a mermaid’s fish tail. Now, this is different from the fit-n-flare silhouette which has its flare at the thigh region.

The mermaid silhouette is for brides looking for sexy wedding dresses, as it hugs tightly to their body and shows off all your curves.

Fit-n-Flare Silhouette: Wedding Gown Style #6

The fit-and-flare wedding dress silhouette is tight-fitting from the bodice to the mid-thigh (below the hip); it’s flare starts from right under the thighs, flowing down to the hemline.

Fit-n-flare silhouettes are sexy and similar to the Mermaid wedding dress style, in the way they are tight at the from the top to some parts of the skirt area. However, the difference between the fit-n-flare wedding gown silhouette and the mermaid silhouette is where each one starts to flare:

Your Wedding Dress Shopping Takeaways

Hopefully, you have now started thinking of the wedding dress by the names of the styles or cut. I also hope the pictures of the different bridal gown styles have given you ideas of the styles to try on at the bridal shops.

By the way, this is part 2 of our ‘Wedding Gown Shopping Tips 101’ series. You can find part 1 here. Stay tuned for more articles to help you shop for wedding outfits with ease.

Wedding Gowns Q & A

So, tell me: which of the wedding gown silhouettes resonates with your personal style, or that you are considering buying for your wedding? Which of the above gowns are you likely to walk down the aisle in? Leave me a comment down below – let’s chat.

Image Credit: David’s Bridal Amazon store (for wedding gown pictures in this article).