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Just Engaged? A Must-Take Couples Quiz Before Starting Wedding Planning

Now that you’re engaged, what next? Where do you start from planning your Nigerian wedding, even if you plan to use a professional wedding planner or not? I get asked that a lot of times by newly engaged brides and grooms, I thought about making a blog post to answer that. If that question has ever crossed your mind, then this article is specially for you. I’m going to show you exactly where a wedding planner will start from, the first time when working with a couple. So read on and take action. Be sure to see the video tutorial at the end of this article – it will help you immensely as you go through the per-wedding planning phase.

You and him getting each other on the same page is the place to start, before you lift a finger to start planning your wedding. You and your fiance, like very other couples, have very different ideas about how your wedding would look and feel like – you may have even nurtured the ideas since when you were five years old.

So, immediately after he proposes to marry you, the next thing to do is to sit down as adults (both of you) to sync up your wedding ideas to come up with just a single idea that defines your wedding theme, style and design. Make no assumptions that you both like and want the same things regarding your wedding – it’s only though talking and making compromise that you can get to arrive at a single wedding idea as a couple.

So, we designed a pre-wedding-planning questionnaire/ quiz to help you articulate your inner wedding ideas, and ultimately define and design your wedding style. The purpose of the couples’ pre-wedding questionnaire is to help you articulate the information helpful for you to design the wedding of your dreams. Taking this quiz makes it even easy for you to have something ready (your wedding day vision your wedding) to share with your wedding planner or any group of people that will help you during the wedding planning process.

Pre-wedding fights among couples is common and sometimes leads to calling off the wedding. Even perfect couples have pre-wedding fights and in one of such cases, the woman stabbed her fiance during an argument about the wedding colour scheme. If you and your fiance take this pre-wedding-planning quiz right after the marriage proposal, you can avoid that kind of drama – because you would know where you both differ on how each one thinks the wedding should be, and in addition you would have resolved your differences to agree on a the same style through mutual compromises.

Our pre-wedding planning questionnaire in a quiz format below is designed to extract the ideas inside your head (about your wedding style), help both of you articulate what’s most important, determine your wedding budget and better plan for your special day. And, it gets you ready to start planning your wedding – whether by yourselves or with a professional wedding planner.

Here’s the Pre-Wedding Planning Quiz for Engaged Couples

First off, drop every assumptions about you thinking you know everything about how your significant other would like the wedding to look and feel. We advise that you fill this wedding questionnaire together as a couple or you can print out 2 copies for each of you, and later compare your answers. So, get your husband-to-be, grab a comfortable seat and take this easy quiz together.

Q1. Tick two to three words that you think will describe your wedding

Q2. What will be your wedding colour scheme

To help you brainstorm, popular Nigerian wedding colours include:

Q3. Location: Where on earth do you want to get married in? 

Q4. Time and season: When do you want to get married?

Q4. When you are on leave from work or during your business’ off-peak time/ season? 

(Note: If you plan on a destination wedding overseas, decide the best time/ season from these: spring, summer, fall, winter )

Q5. What type of wedding ceremony do you want to have?

Q6. Where do you want to hold the main wedding ceremony?

Q7. Where do you want to have the reception? 

Q8. How do you want to have the reception?

 Q9. How many people will you invite?

>>Download our free wedding guest template here – print one for you and one for him.

Q10. How much can you afford to spend on the wedding and reception? Although you may not have made a budget, or know who is contributing financially to support your wedding, select how much you think your wedding should cost: (choose 1)

>>Download our free wedding budget calculator and template here.

Q11. Who will pay for the wedding and reception? 

Q12. If you are paying for all or part of the wedding, how will you pay for it?

Q13. What tasks will you undertake for the wedding? (download our wedding checklist for ideas) 
traditional wedding planning

 Q14. Will you go for a honeymoon? Y/N

Q15. How much can you afford to spend on the honeymoon? 

Q16. Where will you go for the honeymoon?

Q17. What would be your most important priority on your wedding day?

Rate the following in order of importance, from 1 to 10; (put a number next to each item below, to show their levels of importance, with 1 as the most important and 10 as least important to you):

Q18. After the D-day has come and gone, what do you want to remember most about your wedding day (choose only 1)

After You’ve Completed the Pre-Wedding-Planning Quiz, Here’s What to Do

  1. Be sure to write down and compare your (answers to the above questions) to your fiance’s. You should have seen a couple of differences in what your fiance wants, from the idea you have about the wedding. That’s okay – it’s better to know it now than quarrel about it during wedding-planning.
  2. Next is for both of you to merge your ideas, agree on where there are differences, so that you will have only one single answer per question as well as a single theme for your upcoming wedding, in terms of style and design – take turns to compromise here and there – that’s how to arrive at one single idea about every part of the wedding.

See More Pre-Wedding-Planning Advice (Video Tutorial)

To validate our point that you really need to have to get yourselves on the same page, listen to what Nigeria’s top wedding planner (Funke Bucknor) says in the video below:

In summary, the very first step in planning a wedding is DISCOVERY – discuss with each other to find out what you and your fiance wants, and try to get each other on the same page, regarding your wedding style. That way, you will avoid any unhealthy arguments and also be sure that any wedding planning decisions either of you makes, in the absence of one partner, will be in line with the agreed wedding day look and feel.

So, You Are Now Ready to Start Planning the Wedding?

Once you have defined your wedding style and design, and you and your fiance are ready to start planning your wedding, here are some beginner wedding planner articles we wrote to help you at that:




Hopefully, the pre-wedding planning questionnaire will help you know the areas where yourlikes, wants and ideas differ and you can make compromise early before the wedding planning starts. Once the two of you figure out what you want and how you envision your wedding, you can begin to plan all the details — including, of course, the budget.

Once you have filled out answers to the wedding planning questionnaire, use your answers to inform your wedding planner about how you want him/ her to plan your wedding. And, if you’re planning your wedding by yourself, use your answers to design your wedding and set the tone for the look and feel of your big day.