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5 Things to Know Before Buying a Wedding Gown: Top Tips

Wedding gown shopping can often go wrong, if you do not know a few things that led some brides to later hate the dream dress they loved (and bought) from the bridal shop.  That always happens.  One of the biggest pre-wedding mistakes newlywed brides confessed to making was either over-spending on their bridal gowns or […]

Names of Different Types of Wedding Gown Styles (Buying Guide by Silhouettes)

The number of wedding gown styles and designs at bridal shops can be overwhelming and confusing for many brides. However, you’ll have an easier, faster and stress-free shopping experience by getting familiar with the names and description of popular wedding gown silhouettes (shapes and styles).  In this post, you’ll see pictures of each type of […]

Essential Parts of a Wedding Gown by Names and Anatomy: Every Bride Needs to Know

So, you’re planning for your wedding? What type of dress are you looking for? What style of neckline, sleeves, skirt area, bodice, train? Before walking into any bridal shop, it’s a wise idea to first know the names and styles of every wedding dress part. By knowing the names of the separate parts of a […]

Why Nigerian Weddings Are So Expensive and Smart Tips to Reduce Costs

If you know what really makes weddings (in Nigeria and everywhere) so expensive, then you will know what to do to cut down your entire wedding cost to as low as you desire – this post will show you how. Maybe you’ve started shopping for your wedding things, getting price quotation from venues and the […]

Nigerian White Wedding Checklist: Monthly/ Weekly To-Do List

A 12-Month Wedding Planning Calendar Looking for a Nigerian wedding planning checklist or want a ready-made plan you can use right away? You see, planning a wedding is stressful whether you’re the bride or groom, and if you’re doing it without the help of a wedding planner, you need a checklist to stay organized and […]

Top Wedding Budget Questions from Couples (and our Expert Answers)

Do you have any wedding budget questions? In this post, I have answers to the 11 top questions couples frequently ask about wedding budget in Nigeria. The subject of wedding budget is top on the questions I regularly receive from our readers. I’m sure you will find the answers to your own wedding budget questions here. Read […]

Use our Free Wedding Budget Calculator to Allocate & Break Down Wedding Costs Easily

Let’s say you have budgeted N300k for your Nigerian wedding. You certainly don’t want to start spending it, to later run out of cash. Dividing your overall budget to specific expenses (just like women make a shopping list) is a great way to use your wedding budget and avoid over-spending.  We have a formula brides can […]

How to Make a Nigerian Wedding Budget in 6 Easy Steps

How do you make a budget for a wedding in Nigeria? During wedding planning, making a budget will give you an estimate of how much your wedding will cost, so that you know exactly how much to spend on every detail. Want to start making the wedding budget for your big day? It’s easy and […]

Wedding Planning Toolkit: Free Resources to Self-Plan Your Nigerian Wedding Like A Pro

Today, I want to give you our wedding planning toolkit, which we also call the bride’s “wedding planner in a box“. This is a collection of useful resources to help you plan your wedding by yourself without stress, and faster.  If you’re planning a wedding on your own (O.Y.O) without a wedding planner, then this wedding planning […]