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100 Latest Iro and Buba Styles Including Oleku and Tulip Styles (Pictures)

The Iro and Buba that we once knew to be sewn in the same, simple round-neck style has now grown up to wear new looks. Thanks to the creativity of Nigerian Fashion designers, the traditional Iro and Buba style has now been modernized to various styles such as the Tulip style wrappers (Iro) and the […]

How to Find and Choose a Good Bridal Makeup Artist in Nigeria

Finding a really good makeup artist is hard, especially these days that everyone is looking for cash here and there and every one and their sister and aunty and cousin is a makeup artist. As a bride, everyone will be staring at your face, at your makeup, and they will say ‘wow’ if it is […]

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How to Plan a Wedding Anniversary Party on any Budget (14 Simple Steps)

While every wedding anniversary calls for a special celebration, traditionally, anniversaries below 20 years are marked quietly between the couple or with a few friends and family. However, times have changed – we are now seeing many couples throwing big parties for their fifth and tenth year anniversaries. That is not surprising as fewer and fewer […]

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11 Before and After Bridal Makeup Transformation: Photos from Top Nigerian Makeup Artists

Don’t know who to hire as your makeup artist? We’ve got 11 amazing before and after makeovers to help you choose. If you’re a bride-to-be, a bridesmaid-to-be or will be a wedding guest soon, getting a good face makeup will make you look brighter and prettier, without looking over-made-up. In this post, we want to […]