Mens Wedding Guest Outfit Guide: 7 Occasion Appropriate Dressing Styles with Pictures

#4. Dashiki (Danshiki)  Styles for Men

Pictures: african dashiki styles for men - danshiki designs nigeria

#5. Etibor Designs aka Resource Control Men’s Native Suit (Niger Delta Traditional Menswear)

Pictures: nigerian resource control native wear styles for men

#6. Igbo Traditional Men’s Wear + Red Cap (Ma’zi-Style Attire)

Pictures: igbo men aso-ebi styles -ibo traditional grooms wear

#7. Men’s English-Wear (the Classic Men’s Suits, Safari Suits etc.)

A long-long time ago, Nigerian men wedding guests wore suits and tie and other types of English wear, but today you’ll see none or very few show up at a wedding in suits.  Unless you want to be the odd one, you are better dressed up in any of the above traditional attire for Nigerian men – don’t worry, most male-outfit tailors do a neat job at sewing those styles.

nigerian men english wear Picture - occasions mens suit

Fabrics Used for Sewing Men’s Traditional Attire (Male Wedding Guest Outfit)

So, if you like any of the Nigerian men’s traditional fashion styles above, and are wondering what types of fabrics they are made from. Here goes:

1. Agbada / Baba-Riga Fabrics: Fabrics for men’s Agbada include lace, guinea brocade, atiku material, aso-oke, ankara wax.  Guinea brocade. Cloths for agbada or Baba-riga are usually sold by Hausa men, in any Nigerian market.   With the atiku styles, the detail is in the embroidery design , as usually they are all cut and styled in a similar way (apart from the colour, only the embroidery differentiates each).

2. Senator native wear Fabrics: Generally, people call the fabrics for this style ‘trouser material’ or ‘senator fabric’ – they’re commonly available in Nigerian markets and easy to find at fabric stores, with those names.  Other types of fabrics that tailors and fashion designers use for this men’s native styles, include linen, atiku material/ fabric, trouser material/ fabric, English cotton, these types of trouser materials (cashmere/ Casmir 180, casmir 220, Italian wool).

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3. Kaftan (Caftan) Fabrics:  Guinea brocade, linen, atiku fabric, lace, ankara wax print (Dutch wax or any, wooding, daviva, hitarget etc.)

4. Igbo Mazi-Style Menswear Fabrics:  Isi-agu (a special, velvet fabric with lion-head printed as a design) and any trouser fabric (certainly not denim).

5. Dashiki (Danshiki) Fabrics:  Guinea brocade, atiku material

6. Men’s English wear (men’s suits) Fabrics: You can buy good men’s suit online and also on some offline stores.

All of the above fabrics can be bought from any Nigerian market, and even on the streets – just ask around.  NOTE: If you live outside Nigeria, you can find most of these fabrics in African fabric stores (offline or online) – just ask your African friends (if you’re not Nigerian).


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