Mens Wedding Guest Outfit Guide: 7 Occasion Appropriate Dressing Styles with Pictures

How and Where to Get it Sewn or Buy A Ready-to-Wear Traditional Attire for Male African Wedding Guests

If you read up to this point, you already know about the fabric types used in the featured pictures of African / Nigerian native styles for men.  So, if you’d like to get yourself one of those ethnic / tribal styles, read on…

For ready-to-wear or tailor-made men’s traditional outfits, if you don’t know anywhere to start looking, start from any big Nigerian market – there are many tailor-shops there, some amateur, some big ones and some not-so-good.  You can always ask a few people around and also see their works on display.


Tailor-Made Men’s Native Wear

The usual way to get any outfit, especially Nigerian native wear, here in Nigeria, is to buy some fabric and take it to a tailor to have it sewn for you. You’ll be required to show the tailor a style you like (from a magazine, website or his phone or pictures from previous ones he has made) or trust him to sew any good style for you.  We fondly call this process ‘çut-and-sew’.  Haha.

The downside of this cut-and-sew process is that it could take several days, sometimes weeks, for a tailor to finish sewing your outfit.  This is because they had other customers on queue before you –  and may not complete making your clothing before the promised date.

Most tailors accept ‘express’, a special higher price if you want them to give your fabric(s) a priority over the customers before you.  But for some street-side tailors, that is not a guarantee that your traditional wear will be ready on the promised date – it will, on your lucky days.  Well, that’s just the way Nigerian tailors roll.  But some high profile tailor-shops deliver over 80% of the time – because they have plenty tailors to distribute jobs to.

So, here;s my advice – if you want to sew your Nigerian-style men’s traditional occasion wear,  hand it to a tailor weeks or a few months in advance, before your occasion or wedding – you know, to avoid disappointment.

Men’s Traditional Styles by Fashion Designers: Ready-to-Wear and Cut-and-Sew Men’s Native Wear

However, many indigenous fashion designers like Yomi Casual and Mai Atafo have since been making these men’s wedding and occasion traditional outfits in ready-to-wear forms, that you can buy any men’s traditional attire ready-made – see what you like, try it on, pay for it and take it home.

The disadvantage(?) of buying ready-made traditional wear is that they cost more than cut-and-sew, and even exorbitant if you buy from a known fashion designer. The good thing is that most known designers’ have a better finishing and even if you do cut-and-sew with them, you are not likely to be disappointed.

Bottom line: To Use a Tailor or a Fashion Designer to Make Your Men’s Traditional Attire?

It’s true that most designer-made outfits have better finishing,  but that does not mean that everyone that says they’re a fashion designer will give you what you expected – just be aware.  Some who simply go by ‘tailors’ are very good, sometimes better than some ‘fashion designers’ (for instance, Aba-based tailors are awesome).

Whether you want to use a tailor or fashion designer or buy ready-made, it’s better to ask friends where they bought from or which tailor made their outfits you like. Or ask someone on Instagram where they got that outfit made or bought from – let them know you want to buy same and ask them to refer you.  7 out of 10 times, you will get a positive response.


Your Favourite Type of Nigerian Men’s Occasion-Wears for a Wedding Guest Look?

Now you know how stylish Nigerian men dress up to weddings – hope you like the featured men’s occasion-wear and aso-ebi styles?  Some of those menswear outfits are also worn across other African courtiers – I’m talking of the men’s Danshiki/ Dashiki, Agbada and Kaftan wears and Atiku styles.  They also make great summer wear for men, if you occasionally travel to or live abroad.

The senator suit style is also gaining a lot of love from young stylish and professional men in and outside Nigeria because it’s such a smart and fitted outfit.  By the way, when I was making this post, my sister said to call it “asoebibella for men” (does BellaNaija even have that series?).  Lol.

So, thanks for sticking around.  I hope you like the men’s traditional-style occasion outfits featured above.  Have fun wearing them to a wedding (as men’s aso-ebi), dress up in any of those styles when invited for a wedding or a special occasion, or just wear them to anywhere you desire.  Some of those styles, like Agbada, are perfect for a groom to wear at his traditional wedding ceremony. 

Leave us a comment down below to tell us which of the above men’s African/ Nigerian wedding guest outfit type and style you like best.


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