57 Peach Colour Combinations List: Colour Combo Guide for Aso-ebi and Nigerian Wedding Fashion

For more ideas, here is a list of examples of peach colour combinations with earthy shades.

  • Peach n Orange
  • Peach and burnt Orange
  • Peach and Tan
  • Peach and brown
  • Peach n Carton brown
  • Peach and Khaki-brown
  • Peach an Coffee brown
  • Peach and Chocolate brown
  • Peach and reddish-brown
  • Peach and dusty red
  • Peach and ruby red
  • Peach and Maroon
  • Peach and Burgundy
  • Peach and Wine
  • Peach and Coral
  • Peach and Pink
  • Peach and Baby Pink
  • Peach and dusty pink
  • Peach and Salmon pink
  • Peach and  Fuchsia pink
  • Peach and Rose

#5. Yellow/ Gold-Tone Shades that Match With Peach

  • Peach and Gold
  • Peach n Champagne Gold/ Champagne
  • Peach and sun-Gold
  • Peach n Yellow
  • Peach and light Yellow

Tips on How to Use this Peach Colour Combination Guide for Occasion-Wears and Traditional Wedding Outfits

  • Use any combo from the above list to combine colours for your Gele and Blouse/ top.   You can either use Peach as Gele colour or as your outfit colour.  For example: Baby Pink (gele) and Peach (aso-ebi gown or skirt and blouse), OR peach (gele) and teal blue aso-ebi dress; OR burgundy gele and peach aso ebi.
  • Use it when combining colours for your venue decor
  • Use it when combining colours for your bridesmaid dresses
  • Use it to combine colours for bride and groom’s traditional wedding wear, such as aso-oke
  • Use it when combining colours for your groom’s agbada and cap
  • Men can use this guide when combining colours for their native wear and caps, or to choose colour combo for the men aso-ebi or to choose matching ties or socks for their groomsmen/ bestman suits.
  • Do you want the overall colours in the group pictures of you and your aso-ebi men/ women to look in-sync and coordinated, without clashing? If you’re a brides or groom planning to wear Peach for your traditional marriage attire, use this guide to choose colours for your ore iyawo/ aso-ebi ladies or men.
  • This colour combo guide will also help you to choose a bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits that do not clash in pictures.


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