Free Wedding Planning Course for Nigerian Glam Brides

Bride-to-Be, Plan Your Own Glam Wedding Like an Expert!

You Need a Wedding Blueprint + Hand-Holding to Plan It Yourself: Take This FREE Wedding Planning Course via Email

Can’t afford to hire a wedding planner or simply don’t just want to? No worries. In this online wedding planning course, we’ll teach you how to pull ‘it’ off on your own, like a pro.

After releasing our free wedding planning toolbox to the lovely NaijaGlamWedding readers, we got tons of thank yous from those who were able to use them make their wedding planning faster and easier.

However, we received emails from some of our bride-to-be who wanted some hand-holding through their entire wedding planning process. And we quite understand that not everyone feels confident enough to plan their weddings themselves. We received many questions about wedding planning, such as where should I start first? how do I set my budget?  When exactly should we do what?

So, instead of dishing out answers on a one-by-one basis, we decided to make it open for other brides to benefit, who may have the very same questions. Our first thoughts was to charge for this course, in the form of workshops at some hotel venues in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

On another note, we decided to give this course for free via emails, to our loyal readers, to help them overcome their wedding planning stress. Maybe, some time later, we may stop the ‘free’ and start charging for this wedding planning course. But for now, it’s your luck.

This course is pure meat and no fluff – all practical advice for putting together your wedding day blueprint, step by step on how to execute your plans like a pro, and and insights on how to find and work with the best wedding vendors in your area.

Here’s a Sneak Peak into What We’ll Cover – It’s 22 Lessons:

  • Creating your wedding day style and design – unique to you, yet so glam
  • Creating a wedding budget that’s true to you, and how to stick to it
  • Setting a guest size, making and trimming the guest list to match the set budget
  • Developing a plan for your wedding – shortcuts to save you time and money
  • How to choose a wedding venue  – questions to ask and how to stay on budget
  • Choosing and managing wedding vendors/ suppliers
  • It’s all about the dress – how to find the best wedding dress for your body type
  • How to setup a team and choose the best people to help you execute your wedding planning (if you won’t be using a wedding planner)
  • How to choose a good wedding planner – questions to ask
  • How to choose and work with bridesmaids
  • How to make your groom beg to be involved in your wedding planning
  • Essentials of planning a dream honeymoon with the budget you can afford
  • Money saving tips that don’t reduce the quality of your wedding
  • Top wedding planning mistakes you should avoid
  • How to create a wedding day emergency killer – every good wedding planner uses it (you should too)
  • Weekly hone-work (yes 0 – but not to worry, they’re fun to do)
  • And so much more (find out when you register)
  • Access to all the wedding planning tools you need to quickly bring your wedding planning to life – we’ll give them to you free
  • An only-Naija-brides discussion forum and community with other classmates as members – a comfy place to talk wedding planning and share ideas with other brides like you
  • Interactive Q & A – Opportunity to hangout with the NaijaGlamWedding team “face-to-face’ as we interview top Nigerian wedding experts on your most pressing wedding questions

In addition to all that, we guarantee you’ll find this wedding planning course very useful, fun and not boring. By the end of the course, you will be gain an increased confidence and skill to organize your wedding like a pro. Even if you plan to hire a wedding planner, you’ll no longer be lost about what to expect, and you’ll be super in charge to dictate the flow.

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Who Should Take This Wedding Planning Course?

This course is perfect for Nigerian brides who do not have the luxury of hiring their own wedding planner, but have their eyes on having a well executed glam wedding, naija style.

By the way, this free wedding planning course is great for brides of any national – wedding planning process is generally the same.

Brides who plan to hire wedding planners will still benefit from this course, because they will know what to expect from their wedding planner, and be in a good position to direct he flow of their wedding, as this course will teach you how to design your own wedding day – any good wedding planner will use your own wedding day vision to plan your wedding.

This course is also beneficial for wannabe wedding planners and anyone who is directly involved in planning an upcoming wedding for a friend or family member – you could be a bridesmaid, mother of bride, even the groom or groomsmen.

FAQs (Answers to Some Questions You May Have)

Does this course take the place of a wedding planner? No, and Yes.

No, because this course is in no way attempting to make a wedding planner irrelevant. Brides who want to hire wedding planners will hire wedding planners. Wedding planning requires humans to execute the plans and we advice busy brides to hire wedding planners to do the running around work for them, link them up to their best vendors as well as knock out sweet discounts for them. We are simply educating brides so that their wedding planners can be of better service to them, and informed brides are easier to work with.

Yes, for a stylish bride who either cannot afford a wedding planner charges or simply wants to do-it-herself, this course teaches you everything about managing your wedding planning tasks and logistics by yourself, with the help of family and/ or friends of course. We’ll teach you a simple way to turn a few friends and/or family members to your personal wedding planning team. For brides who are going without wedding planners, this course will provide you a clear direction for your wedding day.

Besides, you may not have enough money to hire a wedding planner from the beginning but can afford for one to come in as a coordinator.  Some brides decide to do all the planning and designing of their big day, and may hire a wedding planner to coordinate the wedding day, to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

NaijaGlamWedding’s wedding planning course for brides will give you all the skills and tools you need to organize a glam wedding within the budget you already have – and not needing to go borrowing.

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NOTE:  You can join register for the class and be sure of a glam wedding or you can walk away and let your wedding turn out any how. Remember, you have all to gain – it’s 100% free (but we may change our mind at any time), you won’t have to travel/ transport yourself to the venue (we’ll email you all the lesson notes and videos), and we will let you personally ask us any wedding planning questions, and sometimes we will bring you some of Nigeria’s best wedding industry experts – to give you more insights.

I know that you’re a stylish and savvy bride, so enter your info in the box above to join the class today (before we start charging for it)!