How to Go Wedding Dress Shopping When The Shop Won’t Let You Try on Many

Have you ever been to a wedding dress shop in Nigeria and the shop attendant got angry after you tried on the third gown – even though you still had not found the perfect dress for your big day? And so you wonder: ‘what’s bridal fitting supposed to be about? don’t they just get it that a bride-to-be is supposed to try on as many wedding gowns as possible until she finds “the one”?

After all, isn’t that what happens in Say Yes to the dress” wedding reality show – all the bridal stores attendants happily help the bride to search and search until she finally finds the perfect wedding dress. My dear bride-to-be, there’s still a way to find that perfect gown in Nigerian bridal shops that won’t let you try many. This post will walk you through what to do when you find yourself in such situation. Read on.

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The secret lies in knowing what you want before ever stepping into any bridal store, confidently giving them an idea of the wedding gown styles you’d like to try – that way, they will know you have already done your homework and not likely to waste their time wearing every dress in their shop (and not being sure whether you are serious to buy).

How to Know the Wedding Gown Styles You Will Look Good In

Wedding gowns are styled and cut somewhat similarly to the regular prom or designer evening dresses – so if you know the evening gown styles that look gorgeous on you, you can start searching from wedding gowns cut in similar styles – and be sure that you’ll look pretty in it. Another way to get a good idea of the style of wedding gown that is “you” and true to your personality is to take a look at your wardrobe – look at the long dresses and evening gowns you own. What styles do you own the most, that most flatters your body type most? It’s a good idea to start your wedding gown search by trying out similar cuts – because you already know you’ll look gorgeous in them.

Wedding Gown Shopping? What to Do When They Won’t Let You Try on Many

Some Nigerian wedding gown shops get annoyed when a bride-to-be has tried on a couple of wedding gowns and still has not found “the one”. Others simply don’t allow too many dress trials for fear of the dresses getting stained from brides-to-be who may not buy. In that case, start trying out prom dresses that are styled similarly to wedding gowns – just so you have an idea of the best cuts and styles for your wedding gown. That way, you won’t have to try on fifty wedding gowns in order to find the ‘it’ dress.

Once you have determined the wedding styles that you look gorgeous in, next is to know the names of wedding dress styles, so that you can use it when discussing with the bridal shop attendants – as well as be able to understand what the bridal shop attendants are talking about when they refer to wedding dress styles by the industry lingo.

If you know the names and looks of the different wedding dress styles, you can start getting ideas of the styles and you are more likely to find your one dream gown without trying on a hundred. So, this is a part in our wedding gowns 101 series. Here are the other articles so far in the Wedding Gowns 101 Series:

What’s Your Story with Shopping for a Wedding Gown?

Doing your homework first is useful if you aren’t well-versed in bridal-couture jargon. If you follow the steps in this post, you’ll be able to know what you want before you’re ready to go shopping.

So, tell me – have you had any experience with wedding gown shops not letting you try on many dresses? Tell me in the comments section below.

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