Placing an Advertorial (aka Sponsored Post) on Naija Glam Wedding

Advertorials, aka sponsored posts, are top of our most effective advert type and the best way to launch a new product/ service or company, to promote a contest or giveaway, promote awareness, relaunch an existing product/ service or announce anything to hundreds of thousands of our regular readers who are planning and shopping for their weddings. Generally, if your advert requires more space than a banner or vendor listing provides, then a sponsored post is your best bet.

Other advert types require monthly payments, BUT this type requires only one-time payment – you pay once and your advert will run forever, months after months, unlike banner advert and vendors listing that you’re required to renew payments monthly. You’ll get plenty of space to include written text, images and even videos.

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What is an advertorial? An advertorial, also known as sponsored post, is an advert, PR in the form of a blog/ website article. Sponsored posts don’t look or feel like adverts; they are purely informational and appeals to, and engages readers much more than typical adverts. Unlike the other types of adverts such as banners, text links and classified listings on our site, sponsored posts stay on forever – you pay only once and your ads stays up forever, no renewal fees required. Other types of adverts are taken down after some time.

Advertorials are posted on our blog like any other article, and then broadcast to thousands of our social media followers via twitter and Facebook and elsewhere. When you purchase one of our sponsored posts, your post appears on our homepage and you get a chance for us to introduce you to thousands of our daily readers. Here’s how it works: you submit an article that talks about your business, event or even product/ service and how you cater to specific needs of Nigerian brides. Once we approve and publish it, your post is treated like our regular articles – appears on our homepage alongside our other editorial content, and is broadcast to thousands of our social media followers via Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Your sponsored post also remains in the archives of forever.

Advertorial Packages and Pricing: Starts at N45,000 ($200)

  • To include 1 photo or none, 400 to 500 words maximum: N45,000 ($200)
  • To include 2 photos, 400 to 500 maximum: N60,000 ($400)
  • To include 3 to 4 photos, 400 to 500: N100,000 ($700)

Any link limits? You can only include one clickable link in your sponsored advert.

To include video, see extra charges guide below:


Additional charge applies for extras requested on any of the above advertorial package. That means you will pay the price of the advertorial package (above) PLUS the cost of the extra you request.

  • To have video on your advertorial: extra charge is +N15,000 ($100 USD) per video
  • To have additional photos on your advertorial: extra charge is +N8,000 ($55 USD) per photo

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Here’s What You Will Get When You Place an Advertorial (aka Sponsored Post)

  • Permanent Placement: You pay only once but your advertorial stays on forever, tapping into our fast growing reader base, with no additional charge to you. Sponsored posts are never deleted from the site, which means brides can always find them any time, any year.
  • Say More: A 200 and 400 words advertorial article, written by you is published on, with a photo or video about your event, business, product or service. They may be clearly marked ‘Sponsored Post’.
  • Mega Visibility: Your sponsored posts appears as an editorial blog post on the homepage of, along with our other quality editorial contents read by thousands of brides who visit NaijaGlamWedding weekly.
  • Extra Free Promotion: In addition to appearing on, your advertorial is broadcasted to subscribers on our email newsletter, our social media fans on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and instagram. We do not know of any other publisher on the internet or magazine or newspaper that does close to this!
  • Evergreen Response: Your advertorial will receive the greatest response during its first week when it appears on the top of our homepage. As it ages, it’s naturally pushed down the homepage, just as regular blog posts do, moving into the site’s paginated archives after about a week. However your posts will never stop getting attention due to our high search engine ranking and regular social media promotions for all our articles, including advertorials.
    • Aged advertorials are evergreen; they never stop receiving readers views and response due to our high search engine rankings and regular social media propotions. Free promotions to our fans via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. This exposes your advertorial to thousands of eyeballs. From time to time, your post receives lots of search engine traffic. Sponsored posts also appear in any relevant search results – our site ranks highly on the search engines and you benefit as apart from brides who find you from our blogs, people who search Google for your type of service or products may find you through your sponsored post listed on top of search pages.

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Sponsored Posts FAQ

  • What type of businesses are advertorials best for? Sponsored posts are best for any type of business that needs more words than the regular ads to speak to its target audience. Examples: photographers, videographers, makeup artists, wedding venue decorators, wedding gown / suit designers, bridal shops, hair stylists, jewelry shops, businesses looking to launch a new product or service; businesses offering discounts to target customers – the list is endless.
  • Who writes the sponsored posts? You, the advertiser is required to submit your advert write-up, but the NaijaGlamWedding editorial team reviews and makes approval before publishing it. You are required to ensure that your advert is within the maximum/ minimum number of words/ characters for the advert type you purchase.
  • What if a prospective advertiser can’t write the advertorial? Upon request, and for an extra charge, our award winning copywriting team may write the advertorial (article) on behalf of the client (advertiser). So, yes, we offer an optional copywriting services to clients who want it and contact us. Our founder has nearly five years experience as a copywriter and web marketer and works with our editors to produce sponsored posts for clients who do not have the time to write one or are not sure how to. By asking you a few questions, we “get into your head” and then write the sponsored post for you.
  • Anything else I need to know? 
    • Payment is non-refundable, once your advert has been published LIVE.
    • You, the advertiser, are required to provide the content/ write-up of your sponsored post. Be sure to summarize it to the maximum number of words (400 to 500 words). Ensure to get your advert content/ copy approved and agreed on, before publication.
    • NaijaGlamWedding reserves the right to accept or reject any advert.
    • We reserve the right to edit your advertorial for length, tone and clarity, in the advertiser’s best interest so as to highlight the subject’s best features and benefits in a manner that triggers potential readers to act as the advertiser intended.
    • Disclaimer: NaijaGlamWedding does not guarantee the performance of your sponsored advert – we can’t tell you how many responses or clicks you will get from it, as a lot of that depends on your advert copy-writing and/ or graphics that you submit.

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