Get a Customised Wedding Website Like Other Cool Couples

Customized Wedding Websites for Couples to Stylishly Announce their Wedding

Personalized wedding websites are the modern, stylish way that engaged-soon-to-be-married-couples use for inviting guests and also to share their love story with friends. PLUS, also to give friends and family a way to express good wishes through commenting on your personalized wedding site.

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Let us design a stylish, wedding website to announce your wedding to friends! Our pricing is very affordable (see details down below).  We will make the website just how you want it, and help you post your engagement pictures and love story, and also details about your upcoming wedding. We will be in touch with you from start to finish so that you can make real-time inputs.

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Did you know that mailing invitation cards to out-of-town wedding guest is so old school-ish? And, text-messaging wedding invites are so NOT classy if you do not follow up with more details (either via paper invitation card or a wedding website). In this Instagram and social media age, nearly every young and not-so-old person prefers to know about things the way they see on social media, and that includes engagement and wedding announcements.

Did you also know that the modern brides and grooms hate paper invitation cards? So do and most of the wedding guests they will invite.  They prefer using their customized wedding websites to announce their engagement and wedding dates, and also show off their engagement shoots.  They only print a few invitation cards for the older folks like their parents’friends and uncles. And that is so cool, plus it saves them the headache of re-telling stories of how they met or how the marriage proposal went down.

It also saves them the stress of re-sending their engagement pictures to every single person that asks. With your own customized wedding website, you get to post every detail about your love story, engagement, and upcoming wedding date and details there for everyone to see.

love invites in the form of Facebook and Instagram, and wedding invitations that are Gen-Y compliant.

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Here’s What You Get in Your Wedding Website

  • wedding site as invitation cardsGet to choose from over 20 different website designs and colour schemes
  • Choose a personalized website name such as or – totally in the bride and groom’s own names
  • Unique, modern clean designs and layout that will be customized for you
  • A responsive, mobile-ready website that looks awesome on any mobile phone or tablet device your friends and guests view it from
  • So much space for you to upload as many photos of both of you before or after the wedding. Go wild with showing off your engagement photos to wedding photos – even your bachelor party and bridal shower pictures, if you won’t – share all the fun and special moments
  • You can also upload
  • videos, mp3 music and even use interactive maps of your wedding venue
  • Your guests can RSVP and leave your comments and well wishes right there on your wedding website
  • Unlimited pages – you can add as many as you want and post any and all logistical wedding details for your guests, such as direction or map to your wedding venue, flight details, and nearby hotels information
  • Post dates and information about your bachelor party and bridal shower for your guests
  • This package includes 1 full year site hosting and domain (name) registration

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Here’s what some of our past customers are saying

My wedding website was a sanity-saver and such a great communication tool that I highly recommend every bride to have one.

Two years after, I am still directing new friends to the site when they ask about what our wedding day was like. Also, I still log on to our wedding site. I love looking at all of our wedding day pictures as well as reading all the comments our friends and family left us.

How Much Will It Cost?

Don’t worry, you’ll get your personalized wedding website from us much cheaper than elsewhere – and we know how to make pretty ones too! Choose any of our wedding website packages to fit your budget and requirements.



  • Custom domain (site name) registration for 12 months (1 yr)
  • (Hosting) Web server – storage space to safely keep photos & contents x 12 months (1 yr)
  • Your personalized email ([email protected])
  • Mobile-ready website design with tons of designs and customization capabilities
  • Done-for-you site setup & customization
  • Done-for-you content upload (photos – max 30; text/ stories: max 10 pages)



  • Custom domain (site name) registration for 12 months (1 yr)
  • Beautiful website designs with fewer designs and limited customization capabilities
  • Done-for-you site setup & customization
  • Done-for-you content upload (photos – max 30; text/ stories: max 10 pages)
  • Content upload (photos – max 30; text/ stories: max 10 pages)

*Awesome but Does not include the items highlighted in package #1 above.

PACKAGE #3: After-Wedding Site Update (N19,799)

  • After your big day, we will update your wedding site with your best wedding photos (max 100 photos)

*Whichever package you order, you’ll be required to supply the contents & photos. We’ll also require details of your invite card (such as date, venue, colour scheme, etc) to upload to your site.

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You don’t need to touch a pin or know how computer coding…

Our expert web design team will personally set it all up for you AND we will also put up all your photos and wedding invite information on your new website.

  • We will deliver to you a finished wedding website, with all your photos and contents posted – all you have to do is start sharing your new site link to people on your invite list
  • We will design, setup, configure and customize your wedding website for you, to your taste. We’ll be sure to note your wants and don’t-wants even before we start making your wedding website
  • We will upload your pre-wedding contents for you such as your invitation details including venue and date, how you met stories, your engagement shoots & traditional wedding photos and/ or videos
  • If you like to share your favourite music or song with your guests, we will upload the MP3 you provide to play for visitors
  • And, if you have a musical slideshow of you (bride and groom) of your photos, we can upload it to your new wedding website to share with your guests – hey, whatever rocks your boat (we believe that the bride/ groom should be treated as royals)
  • Once we complete your wedding site, we will give you a chance to tell us what you want to be edited or changed, before delivering to you the final, finished website to your taste

Unlike some wedding other website providers, the website we create for you is totally all about you and your fiance… 

You won’t find any Adverts on the wedding website we design for you!

Here are some More Reasons to Have a Website to Announce Your Wedding

  • You can use your site as a way of sharing the initial news of your engagement and your wedding too.
  • Include the link to your customized wedding website in your wedding invitation cards or sms/ WhatsApp invitations. That way you share your wedding details with your guests and also give them as much early information as possible, especially if your guests live miles away from you and need to make travel arrangements.
  • Give your engagement and wedding photos an eternal home on wedding your website – your future kids would love it! And you can choose to later turn the site into a family memoir, adding pictures of your children (when they arrive);
  • No need to print new invite cards if you have any last-minute change or something to announce? Simply make the change on your wedding website and email or text your guests to read the details on your personal wedding site.
  • Interact with your guests: Guests can leave comments on your guestbook, photos, videos, or stories.
  • Bridal Party Page: Upload photos of your bridesmaids and groomsmen, write a little story, let everyone know why your bridesmaids and groomsmen are special
  • • Unlimited website Pages: Add as many pages as you want to your site. Maybe your first kiss story, hotel info for your out-of-town guests, anything you want.
  • Share Your Story: Choose how much or how little to tell about you and your fiance

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See, you have so much to gain from having a wedding website before your wedding…

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