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Welcome to, Nigeria’s interactive wedding magazine blog site created to inform, assist and inspire you every step of the way as you plan your glam Nigerian wedding. Feel free to browse our contents, from the current or past issues in our archives section.

Let Naija Glam Wedding blog be there every step of the way as you plan your Nigerian style wedding. During this important and exciting time, we are here to assist you with all your wedding planning needs. NaijaGlamWedding offers helpful and informative resources for brides and grooms of every budget. We hope you find everything you need here to plan your dream wedding.

We are committed to growing as the wedding planning resource of choice for today’s savvy and sophisticated Nigerian bride-to-be, who is actively planning her own wedding and is fully in control of how the wedding will be styled and designed – whether going it alone (DIY) or hiring a wedding planner.

First off, NaijaGlamWedding is all about YOU – the bride (or groom). But then, if you want to learn about us, go here. If you are curious about why we started this site, read the story here. And if you want to know who we have in mind when we write every single article, click here.

So now, let me take you on a tour of this Nigerian wedding blog!

We feel so pumped that you’re here, and we want to tell you what we have in stock for you! Read on:

WEDDING PLANNING TOOLS: One of our objectives for starting this site, is to help any busy, ordinary Nigerian chic plan their own weddings without stress. Any professional wedding planner would tell you that one of the secrets to staying calm and collected while planning a wedding is in the availability of wedding planning tools – checklists and templates. We are providing you our expert wedding planner toolbox including our wedding planning starter kit and award winning wedding budget calculator – all at no charge to you. So, feel free to download and use them to your heart’s desire.

WEDDING PLANNING BASICS: Our wedding planning 101 articles are the essential perfect guide for any newly engaged bride or groom. Right after the excitement of the engagement ring wears off, it’s common to get lost or overwhelmed about where to start wedding planning from – regarding the Nigerian traditional wedding and the white wedding. Our articles are carefully written to provide answers to the most common wedding planning beginner questions and what you should do, when to do them and exactly how to do them. Newly engaged and about-to-wed brides (and grooms too) always ask so many questions about wedding planning, such as how do we set our budget?  What do we do first? What should we buy first? What to do to choose the right wedding vendor? Our wedding planning 101 articles have all the answers.

WEDDING PLANNING IDEAS: One of the most exciting, and usually overwhelming, things about weddings is deciding on specifics – the wedding colour combo, the bridal and groom’s fashion, the cake, the rings, the reception décor, what to serve guests, etc. To make it easy for you, our wedding ideas articles provide you with ideas about the latest wedding trends. All you have to do is browse our Nigerian wedding lookbook and pick your favorite ideas.
Our editorial section will enhance your ideas presenting you with choices for reception tables, specialty lighting, aisle runners, flowers and bouquets, wedding cakes and confections, table linens, invitations, favors and more.

REAL NIGERIAN WEDDINGS: Browse our featured, real Nigerian weddings to inspire you with ideas you can use to style and design your own glam wedding. We are always updating this section with fresh new weddings, meaning latest pictures of Naija style wedding fashion and more.

HONEYMOONS AND TRAVELS: If you have dreams of a glam wedding, I bet you also have dreams of a perfect honeymoon. That, also, happens if you plan it well. But, not to worry, because our honeymoon section will walk you through the A to Z of planning the honeymoon of your dreams, with the budget you can afford.

If you’re biting into the growing trend of destination weddings (musician TuFace did it; actress Stephanie Okereke too), we are right here to guide you through making it a success. It’s hard enough to plan a wedding within the same state or country you live in. So you can imagine how hard it can be planning a wedding far, far away. Knowing about exotic wedding destinations are cool, but you also want to know that your guests will spend several hours to be there with you and the occasion is perfectly put together, as if that was your home country.
Our destination wedding planning section is the complete guide you’ll ever need for a flawless destination wedding.

If you’re looking for ideas about fun and exotic wedding getaway destinations – either for a honeymoon or destination wedding – our honeymoon and destination wedding sections feature the most exclusive and luxurious hotspots in Nigeria and abroad. You’re sure to find something that fits your taste and budget.

WEDDING BELLS: Want a sneak into the latest couples in town? Bookmark our ‘wedding bells section’ to learn about who recently got hitched (proposed/ wedding/ bridal showers/ bachelors eve)? To who? When? Including the Nigerian Celebrity. In this section, we also keep you updated on the Nigerian wedding market – the upcoming bridal shows and news about any upcoming Giveaways or sweepstakes on this website.

Wedding Videos (aka WedTV): Yes o, we have a wedding TV channel. If you’re like us, you love to use your visuals and personal ‘audio system’:) Here’s where we will bring you our expert interviews with Nigerian wedding professionals – you’ll get to hear them directly show and tell you how they plan hitch-free weddings. Occasionally, you’ll get a chance to be part of the recording and have any wedding planning questions you have, answered by them. We will also publish our podcasts so that you’ll also get our wedding planning advice and tips audio-visually:)

THE NIGERIAN GROOM’S GUIDE TO WEDDING PLANNING: We are seeing more grooms are getting involved in planning their own weddings, more than ever. And it’s not only Nigerian grooms, it’s a new Worldwide trend that we’re loving. So, we have a whole category dedicated to wedding planning tips for men, where we answer every possible question grooms-to-be have before their marriage proposal, traditional engagement, white wedding and even grooms tips to planning a memorable honeymoon. If you’re a bride, reading this, definitely send this page to your guy – it helps when grooms know in advance (without your telling them) where and where to help out;

SOLID MARRIAGE COUNSELING (coming soon): We love you so much, that we want to totally (immerse) “cook you” with everything you need to live the joy of your wedding day, long after the wedding day. It’s no secret that divorce rates are soaring; in fact, more divorces are happening soon after the wedding day. But we want you to have a rock-solid married life, and so our marriage planning section is filled with advice and tips from relationship experts and marriage counselors on what you need to do (while planning your wedding) to stay married happily forever.

THE GLAM WEDDING SHOP: We are aware that our readers want stylish imported (UK, USA) wedding stuff but not all of them have deep pockets to purchase quality wedding things at exorbitant prices retailed in most Nigerian shops. Besides, we know that most UK and US shops usually offer sales and discounts – the girls at NaijaGlamWedding HQ are obsessed with shopping abroad for less. It’s fun when you jump the middlemen (Naija shops), have a glam wedding and save extra money.

So, we partnered with Amazon UK and USA as well as some of UK and USA’s top wedding shops, to bring you the lowest discount prices on glam wedding things – designer wedding gowns and shows, wedding rings, mens wedding suits, shirts and shoes, bridesmaid dresses, wedding planning DVDs and books and lots more. You’ve got to check them out for yourself – very cheap – and you can even order with your Nigerian ATM card.

FIND WEDDING VENUES OR VENDORS (coming soon): Whether you are planning a destination wedding or getting married near home, NaijaGlamWedding Vendors List is a great tool to assist you with finding good Nigerian wedding service providers. The list is organized by states, and categorized by the type of service. So, you can find wedding halls, makeup artists, venue decorators, photographers, caterers, DJs, Wedding Cake bakers, rentals and much more. To help you narrow down to specific vendors before interviewing them, view the vendors’ profiles, see photographs of the vendors in action (at real weddings).

SUBMIT YOUR WEDDING FOR PUBLICATION: Our readers never get tired of browsing pictures of beautiful new weddings we feature, and the love stories too. We also feature other wedding-related photo-shoots, such as unusual marriage proposals, honeymoon, bachelors eve party, bridal shower. By the way, if you want to submit your wedding or bridal shower or bachelors’ party, click here to share it with us.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY OF BRIDES-TO-BE: We know how alone one can feel while planning your wedding, as there are only so many friends who want to hear about wedding planning 24/7. It’s a relief talking to other brides who are also planning their own weddings, and having a sneak peek into what they’ve done or plan to do – like compare notes. So we created NaijaGlamWedding’s bridal communities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that you can find other brides just like you and interact/ gist about weddings, as much as you like. Plus, we are also there everyday to give you daily wedding planning inspiration.

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