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In case you’re here and wondering why and how this wedding planning blog came to be?

Then read on…

Why We Started NaijaGlamWedding.com

We love weddings and love helping brides when we could. It all started from helping out in family members and friends weddings. You know, in Nigeria, there’s always one uncle, aunt, cousin or sibling getting married; and everyone in the family kind of gets involved in planning the wedding. We’ve been there many times, and we loved every bit of being hobby wedding planners to our friends and family members – that’s how we learned a lot, and discovered what works and what does not.

Not too long ago, one of our friends who was living in the UK, was getting married in Nigeria and asked us to help with the wedding planning because he was overwhelmed and clueless about where to start from. It was  the very first wedding in both families (both bride and groom side).  This guy was born in London; his parents met and got married there, so they’ve all lost touch on how things, including weddings, are done in Nigeria.

Once the bobo (groom) got a ‘yes’ from proposing to the chic, he went blank – as in, what should he do first: should he start planning the wedding – fix date, buy wedding rings, wedding attires etc.? When exactly (and how) should he tell the bride’s parents? What should he say…. And so many wedding related questions.

Now, this wedding was to hold in Nigeria and our friend with his parents had no clue where to start looking for good wedding service providers. The only people they had in Nigeria were his parent’s uncles, aunties and grand uncles/ aunts who live in the village.

So, as a Nigerian Oyinbo man, your guy started Googling for Nigerian wedding planning sites, advice and a directory of good Nigerian wedding vendors.

Well, six months to the wedding date and our guy was still stuck. So, he decided to call and ask us (his friends back home) to help him plan the wedding. And when he came to Naija, he was happy with how everything went. We were glad to be of help because we absolutely love weddings.

Now, back to NaijaGlamWedding.com startup story…

So, many more weddings planned later for friends and family, in our spare time, we come across brides and grooms who want to plan their weddings by themselves, asking the very same questions such as: how should I make a wedding budget? how do I know how much my wedding will cost? what is the list of things to do before a wedding? Where should I start from? How do I choose a bridesmaid/ bestman, how many and what should I expect from them?

We were always happy to help where we could – whether answering questions or helping plan or coordinate the real wedding.

Why Should You Read Our Wedding Blog?

We’ve attended so many Nigerian weddings, we have helped plan and coordinate so many weddings of our friends and families. And we find that the questions brides and grooms ask before weddings are always the same.

Having answered so many such wedding planning questions, we thought ‘why not step in to fill this gap’ – to provide Nigerian couples with expert answers to their wedding planning questions.

What better way to provide these sort of information to a wider audience, than a blog site? .

And so, NaijaGlamWedding.com was born.

So you see, this wedding website is about us using our skills, experience and passion in wedding planning and blogging, to provide you with the best tips and information you require to successfully plan and host a Nigerian wedding, whether in Nigeria or abroad.

What You Can Expect To Find On This Wedding Blog

All our articles are free. Stuff you normally pay to read in wedding planning paper magazines.

So, on this site, we have every information you need to plan your big day, all in on place.

In addition, we even give you access to the Nigerian wedding services providers/vendors directory, which is continually updated, to help you find local wedding service providers you can hire – this is priceless.

We even have  the Glam Wedding Shop where you can find the very best wedding planning resources from the USA, UK at way less prices than what’s obtainable here – you skip the middleman and buy direct from the manufacturers. You’ll find books, DVDs, wedding gowns and shoes, wedding rings and suits, and lots more.

Here’s Why All the Cool Brides and Grooms Never Miss a Day without Coming here

We even make instructional videos for you, interviewing expert wedding planners in Nigeria on the exact wedding planning questions you have or send us –  no other Nigerian blog site or wedding magazine is doing that. And you’ll get all of that for free too. That alone could have cost you over N1500 monthly, if we charged for it.

And that’s not all…

In addition, we send out detailed weekly wedding tips, ideas and wedding “to do list” to your email inbox – when you join our exclusive, strictly-for-members-only Glam Wedding Weeklynewsletter – also free of charge. That alone is over N500 per month if we put it on MTN or Glo as sms tips (which by the way, are only a few lines long), but you will get our detailed wedding tips by email for free. Click here to start receiving our wedding planning newsletter.

Plus every single day, we and other brides and grooms have fun at our Facebook page, chatting about wedding planning and answering burning wedding questions from soon-to-be-married brides and grooms. It’s our bridal community where you get to air your opinions, share ideas and interact with other brides and grooms who are planning their weddings, just like you. Sometimes we even have wedding Industry experts come hang out with us… (again, that is priceless, my dear, and again if we charged for it, it would be nothing less than N1,500 every month).

Now, Let’s Stack the Cool We Are Giving You for FREE!
Imagine what you could pay if we charged separately for:
• Wedding planning articles and pictures on this blog – N1000
• Wedding planning videos and expert interviews – N1500
• Emails on wedding planning tips, advice and more – N500/ month
• Daily, real-time wedding discussions, questions and expert answers on Facebook – N1,500 monthly
• Nigerian Wedding vendors directory – N2,000 value

Add all that up, and you are getting over N6500 worth of goodness monthly, at no cost to you.

But Why Are We Giving All These Away for Free?

We told you, we love weddings, and we derive joy from helping brides and grooms achieve the wedding of their dreams without breaking the bank.

We believe that a bride/ groom should be a guest at their own wedding (well, sort of). A stress free wedding boils down to knowing what to do when, and knowing how to use all the people around you as your own wedding planning team, with you coordinating them.

We want you to have the same advantage that only Ajebo (affluent) couples had just because they could afford wedding planners services. We’ve seen couples use our wedding planning advice to plan unforgettable weddings. Now, you too can plan your wedding like an expert!

We understand how stressful it can be putting together a wedding, especially when you are the bride.

We’ve been there before – exactly where you are right now.

Our parents have been there before…

Our close friends have been there before…

We’ve even been groomsmen and bridesmaids before…

Without a clue as to what to do, where to start from, not knowing what we are expected to do next, once the bride accepted the groom’s marriage proposal…

And like you, we Googled like mad, asked clueless friends for answers to our questions on planning a Nigerian style wedding.

Trust me, we know how frustrating it can be, feeling excited that the love of your life has just proposed to you with one of the finest engagement ring; and the next minute you’re fidgeting because both of you don’t know where to begin going about the customary introduction and Nigerian traditional wedding process. Your fiance has no clue what he is expected to do, by your (bride’s) custom, before he can (officially) marry you.

So, after seeing so many Nigerian brides, grooms and parents struggling to find answers to how to successfully plan their Nigerian weddings, some of which are the first wedding in the family, we vowed to build the largest Nigerian wedding planning resource for Nigerian couples. And here we have it – this blog (Naija Glam Wedding)!

So, look no further…

You can start right here, on this blog, because we made sure to write articles that answer all you ever wanted to know about planning your own Nigerian wedding – no matter your budget.

Here’s How Best to Get the Most From this Nigerian Wedding Site

  • Join our daily, ongoing wedding discussions on Facebook where you can talk to us and other brides/ grooms to ask advice, get opinions- new topics everyday
  • Sign up free to receive our Glam Wedding email Newsletter and start getting our members-only exclusive wedding planning ideas and tips we don’t reveal on this blog. (People who join later may be required to pay monthly membership fee)
  • Go here and tell us about your wedding plan, stage you’re in and your wedding questions – your questions will help us serve you the exact articles that will answer your burning questions..
  • Send us any questions you want answers to and we will do our best to write an article on that topic – if it is not already here.

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