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Welcome to Nigeria’s magazine-style wedding planning blog where you will find expert, unique wedding planning ideas, modern bridal trends, tips and inspiration for savvy soon-to-be-brides of every budget, as well as FREE ready-made wedding planner templates you can use straight away to do your wedding shopping, rentals and put every little detail in place, for your big, fairy tale day. First off, if you are in a hurry and want to jump in straight into the articles, click here to take a tour of this site.

Wait! Let me guess why you’re here….

You recently got engaged, and have no clue where to start planning your own wedding, and you’re secretly wishing that the fairy godmother would come to your rescue and hand you a wedding planning to-do checklist.

You are about to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid, bestman, a friend of the couple or a guest and don’t even have a clue what you’re expected to do (even though the couple thinks you know that) – and you don’t want to look stupid later?

You will soon be hosting a wedding as mother or father of the bride or groom – and maybe, this is the first wedding in the family, and you have no experience how to host one to the envy of your friends and family?

And, you have come here with one or more wedding planning questions.


You cannot afford to hire a wedding planner but to have a perfect glam day.

And, maybe you are searching for ideas and inspirations to help you choose your own traditional wedding colour themes or wedding ring sets? Or you are looking to find pictures of the latest wedding gowns in Nigeria or designs of wedding cakes and decorations from other couples’ weddings?

Or maybe you are sitting there scratching your head and hoping to find a ready-made wedding planning templates to guide you as you are preparing your wedding budget?

Here’s What We Believe…

Our belief is that: every girl deserves her fairytale wedding, regardless of her wedding budget. Our mission here at NaijaGlamWedding.com is to help every Naija bride-to-be achieve the wedding of her dreams without breaking the bank. You don’t have to have a celebrity budget to have the wedding of your dreams; you only need to know how to make a realistic budget. With expert wedding planning guidance, you can enchant your wedding guests regardless of your budget size. And we will be your wedding planner – for free, offering you ideas, inspirations, and pictures from real weddings, through our articles and emails.

Every girl, from about age five when watching Cinderella stories, had dreams of how her wedding day will be – grandeur, glamour and elegant – with her in the center of activities. And when the girls grew up, they wondered if they could ever “live” that dream day – because it now looks like their dream wedding is way beyond their affordability.

Now, You Too Can Learn How to Plan Your Dream Wedding Like the Celebs

The fact is that you can have any type of wedding, even an elegant one on a low budget if you planned it right. Planning a wedding right requires being guided by someone who has successfully planned the kind of unique wedding you dream of.

And that’s why savvy brides-to-be and celebrities ensure to hire a wedding planner to help them out. But that leaves low budget brides hanging and wishing that the fairy godmother would just touch them with her magic wand to make all their wedding day wishes and dreams come true.

We’ve helped several brides turn their wedding dreams into reality, and you’re next. Here on NaijaGlamWedding.com, we’ll share our expert wedding planning years of experience with you, so that nothing stops you from living that fairy tale day you have always dreamed of.

Now, you too can have all the expert wedding planning advice and tips, that only the ajebotas (rich chics) and celebrities once had, here on NaijaGlamWedding at no charge – so you can have the wedding of your dreams. Yay!

But Why Are We Giving Our Wedding Planning Tips for Free?

Why are we being so generous with our expert wedding planning tips when we could sell them as print magazine editions? Simply because we have always been freaks for everything  Naija weddings – it’s like no other – the uniformed wedding guest aso-ebi sewn in different exotic styles, the gele headgears – everything reeks of flamboyance. We love drooling over Nigerianwedding pictures, and we get excited to help organize the weddings, from behind the scenes.

Look, we don’t want to scare you but the truth is that wedding planning is very stressful and can be confusing, especially if you’ve never done it before – either with an expert team or even assisting a friend or family member to organize a wedding.

We have been very fortunate over the years to get our feet wet early on, by helping out friends and family, even as a hobby. And in the beginning, we made tons of mistakes through the years of trials and errors BUT learned a lot from it – now we know what works and what doesn’t. We have gone on to use what we learned over the years to help others plan super successful weddings  – and now, we want to share those mistakes with you – so you don’t have to make them as you plan your own wedding.

We feel very blessed to receive “thank you” calls and emails every time we did it. And we never take ANY of it for granted. But it’s been a lot of hard work. And we want to help you SKIP most of the hard work by sharing with you all the shortcuts that we learned AFTER doing wedding planning the hard way.

Even if you cannot afford to have a wedding planner behind you, now you have us (NaijaGlamWedding) to show you every step of how to successfully plan your wedding yourself. So start devouring every wedding planning article and resources we have for you on this blog – it’s our labour of love and our wedding gift to you, in advance …

Now, you too can use our tips and articles to plan your wedding ceremony reception flawlessly just like a pro!

We thought ‘since most Nigerian couples cannot afford to hire a professional wedding planner, and we have been giving away our wedding tips for free, why not just make our wedding planning information FREELY available to all Nigerian brides-and-grooms-to-be through a medium (blog) that thousands of other people can access?

On this blog, you will get everything we know about planning a glam Nigerian wedding – because we want don’t want you to be stressed one bit, just because you’re planning your big day.

You’ll Get Expert Wedding Planner Tips, Tools and More at No Charge

Our responsibility, as your online wedding planner, is to hold you by the hand to guide and keep you organized from beginning to the end so that you have no excuses to achieve a unique wedding day! This blog is the right place if you seek fresh and unique wedding day ideas, advice or help for your marriage proposal, wedding shopping, wedding fashion and beauty, wedding shower, pre-wedding parties, or your wedding.

And, we won’t charge you a single dime! Plus, if you become one of our subscribers,  we’ll even send you weekly emails to remind you of things you need to do and put in place to make your wedding dream come to life. Plus, we’ll even feature your wedding on this blog – as a way to share in your joy, and inspire other soon-to-be-brides and someday-brides.

Whatever wedding planning questions you’ve got, and whatever wedding role you’ll be playing, you’re in the right place. We have articles on any topic you can think of regarding planning a typical Nigerian wedding!

Your Wedding Planning Starts Here, Baby!

We created this blog in the best interest of the modern Nigerian bride and groom. We don’t want you struggling and Googling without results, searching for wedding planning ideas and tips for a Nigerian-style wedding. We have written many articles that answer the most common Nigerian wedding planning questions.

So, even if you are planning your wedding on a tiny low budget, we’ve got you covered, because we have articles to help you with that. Browse through and read our articles on simple DIY wedding planning and shopping ideas that won’t blow your bank account.

And if you are planning a flamboyant Nigerian wedding, we have even more wedding planning ideas to inspire you. We even have so many wedding pictures to inspire you.

But, Who Is Behind This Blog?

This blog is run by our founder with a team of editors and writers who have a hands-on background on events coordination and project management (even a wedding is a project). Our founder, Stella, is an experienced and award-winning project manager and business/ management consultant who simply gets a kick from helping others fix the planning details and implementation projects, whether fun-type events-related or the serious types (such as IT and organizational projects, etc). She has helped some friends and family members plan their weddings and also bring it to life.  She is a budget master and has used that skill to help some of her people craft wedding budgets and plans with the amount of money they didn’t think was possible. Stella believes that every wedding is a project, and if treated so would always turn out successful and glamorous. This blog is her way to share her love and knowledge planning weddings like projects with every about-to-wed Nigerian or those helping others to plan a wedding.

How You Can Get the Most From this Wedding Site

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