All Submission Forms for Weddings, Bridal Showers, Engagement Shoots, Honeymoons

We’re accepting submissions from couples (brides and grooms), photographers and other wedding vendors. See the different submission forms below – simply click to fill, and click here to know how to send us your pictures.

Are you recently married or just got engaged or you’re a photographer and want to showcase your photos and story with hundreds of thousands of our blog readers? Most of our readers are in the process of planning their weddings and love getting wedding style inspirations from other people’s weddings we feature; and our editors love reviewing amazing submissions from newlywed couples and newly engaged ones. And, we can’t wait to feature you in our an upcoming wedding of the day article.

Below are 2 different submission forms, depending on who is making the submission. One is for Brides and Grooms, and the other is for Photographers and Wedding Vendors. Now, pick the one for you (below):

A.) Submission Forms for Couples

The following types of wedding-related submissions can be made by the bride or groom themselves. Choose the type of submission you want to make and then click the appropriate link below to fill the submission form:

  1. Nigerian weddings that took place in Nigeria or abroad not later than the past 12 months.  Click here to fill our weddings submission form
  2. Engagement shoot and Engagement Ring photos: Click here to submit engagement ring photos
  3. Marriage Proposal story and engagement session photo-shootsClick here for our marriage proposal submission form
  4. Honeymoon photos and stories from newlywed couples. Click here to find our honeymoons submission form
  5. Bridal shower or Bachelor party – send us your photos and story
  6. Wedding anniversary celebrations – send us your photos and story
  7. Anything wedding related – send us your photos and story

*We do not accept weddings that have been previously featured on other places – whether in the print magazines or other blogs, even if it’s on your own blog – simply out of respect for those other bloggers and print media; plus, our readers love ‘fresh stories’ that they’ve not previously seen everywhere.

B.) Submission Form for Photographers & Other Wedding Service Providers

NOTE to Photographers and Wedding Professionals or Vendors: 

  • Our readers prefer wedding pictures that come with the wedding story, and because we are all about what our readers want, we suggest that you send in the story of the wedding photos you submit – you can go here to get an idea of the kind of information we want from brides and grooms whose weddings we want to feature.
  • We cannot guarantee that we’ll feature every submission, and we cannot guarantee any accepted photos will be published really soon (as we receive dozens of other photographers works weekly and have to schedule the ones we accept for publication). Choosing one of our affordable advertiser options is the best and guaranteed way to quickly expose your work to thousands of brides and grooms who read this blog daily. And it’s so affordable even to tiny little business – for the price of a phone recharge card you can get started.  Click here to learn more about our advertiser options.

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