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People who usually travel out often and shop know that they need to convert thri clothing and shoe sizing to that country’s size. Some bride-to-be initially find some too-good-to-be-true wedding dress great bargains, only to later discover that the outfit was either smaller or bigger.

Most countries have their own sizing – UK has, USA has, European countries have, China does have, Asis does. 

In Nigeria, we use UK clothing and shoe sizing. What that means is that if you’re buying your wedding stuff or anything at all from a non-UK country, you have to first convert your size. Some phones and websites have the international clothing conversion rates.

Why I am telling you this is because ‘the Glam Wedding Shop (our online shop on this blog) is filled with USA brand wedding fashion items – some of the best names. 

My team and I never slack out of a good bargain and the USA shops and fashion brands always fascinate their customers. So, you don’t want to let sizing difference keep you from saving while shopping for your wedding stuff.

When shopping anywhere, including in the ‘Glam Wedding Shop’, convert your size to USA size (most Nigerian clothes come in UK sizing).

Below is the UK – USA clothing size conversion chart for adults

0 4
4 8
6 10
8 12
10 14
12 16
14 18
16 20
18 22

International Shoe Conversion Chart: UK – USA (below) 

    USA SHOE SIZE                  UK SHOE SIZE  
4.5 1.5
5 2
5.5 2.5
6 3
6.5 3.5
7 4
7.5 4.5
8 5
8.5 5.5
9 6
9.5 6.5
10 7
10.5 7.5
11 8
11.5 8.5
12 9
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