Naija Glam Wedding Manifesto

Is this You?

If you’re anything at all like us, you prefer searching information from websites specially devoted to that topic, such as wedding planning, in this case.

While we’d love to write general articles about weddings, that interest everyone, we decided to focus on a specific target audience, to whom each of our wedding planning articles speak directly to.

If that’s you, you’ll know it right away from the first time you land on any of our wedding articles. You will catch the slangs we use, because it sounds just like you, some Naija pidgin english here and there.

Anyway, if this is your first time on blog, we want to help you know whether you’ll like what we have here. We’ll start by telling you who we are, as well as the reason for existence of this blog and who we (NaijaGlamWedding) exist to serve – oh yes, we have one person in mind when writing every single wedding articles on this website.

Now, here goes…

Are You a Modern Nigerian Bride or Groom?

There exist good Nigerian wedding planning magazines in paper print. But the modern Nigerian bride and groom consumes tons of information daily via their ipads and mobile phones – they love the convenience of bookmarking and clipping their favorite wedding pictures and ideas off cool wedding sites and blogs- so they can go over them later and decide what they prefer as their ideal wedding theme and attire.

They (modern bride/ groom) hate the idea of tearing off wedding designs from hard copy paper magazines – uuugh! that can get bulky with time, and dirty too. And not so classy to carry around…

Does this Remind You of ‘You’?

The modern Nigerian bride and groom start planning their wedding colors, themes, dresses, wedding rings, cakes, decors and more right from what they found on the internet. To them, there’s absolutely no way paper print wedding magazines can offer as much wedding planning ideas as wedding websites do provide. PLUS wedding website articles are free to read! Why pay for something you can get for free. Our wedding planning articles are free for you to read.

The modern Nigerian bride and groom just love the convenience and speed of searching out wedding pictures and topics from websites and their bookmarks. You could spend hours trying to remember what specific paper wedding magazine carried a particular wedding gown design you want to show your best friend…. Even when you remember the magazine issue, it’s a hard time flipping through bazillion pages in order to find that wedding dress you marked. Hmm… nothing is faster than finding stuff on your computer, tablet or the internet. And, you know information on wedding blogs, like ours, make wedding planning easier, hassle-free and faster for the modern bride.

Now, you know who we are here to serve on – the modern Nigerian bride and groom. Our ideal target audience consumes information in digital form through the internet, hence we are reaching her through a blog. That is the one person we have in mind when writing every single article – that person who Googles every damn thing they want to know, including how to plan their wedding and honeymoon in glam style, even on a tiny low budget.

The Challenge of Nigeria’s Modern Bride/ Groom…

There are good informative Nigerian paper print-magazines on the vendors’ stands but not so with Nigerian wedding blogs deeply answering the questions brides and grooms are asking (although there are a couple of Nigerian blogs writing wedding things).

There are so many informative wedding websites for everyone of any country in the World but not so many with specific tips and ideas for planning a typical Naija (Nigerian) Wedding, which is usually colourful, glam’ and grand in style – even when planned on low budget.

Why We Exist…

We ( exist to fill a gap in the Nigerian wedding planning information publishing online. We are here to address the existing local wedding planning informational gaps through our wedding blog articles and social media postings containing real time wedding ideas and tips for Nigerian brides and grooms.

Who We Are

We are Nigerians, a local team with experience planning Naija style weddings. We also have experience delivering international-level-quality digital publishing, having successfully built and run high ranking information-based international websites.  You may want to learn more about us here and here.

Who We Serve

We exist to serve engaged (to-be-married) couples, friends and families (of brides and grooms) who are planning Nigerian wedding ceremonies and looking for unique wedding ideas, tips and Nigerian wedding attire inspirations – not just general wedding tips and stories.

If what you read made you excited, chances are you may just be the one we created this wedding blog for!

So my friend, If you’re a modern bride or groom and hate paying to purchase paper-print wedding magazines, you are sure to find on style ideas and details to help you host the wedding of your dreams. Best of all, our wedding articles are free to read.

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