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Please fill out the form below for consideration to be featured in an upcoming story of the day on this wedding blog. Be sure to provide as much information as possible. Once you’re done with the answers below, click here to email us the photo links and your story OR email it to us naijaglamwedding (at) gmail (dot) com.

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  1. Are you the bride? The groom?
  2. Bride’s Name: __________________  Groom’s Name: _________
  3. How did you first meet and when did you decide to start dating? At the time you met, what was your situation – were you in a previous relationship or what? We like more details. (We like to hear the two versions: from the bride-to-be, as well as from the groom-to-be)
  4. How long did you date?
  5. When and where did the marriage proposal take place? (Month, Day, Year)
  6. Tell us the wholes story of how he popped the question? Groom-to-be: Tell us how you organized the entire proposal? Who and who was there? Was it a surprise or what? Provide other details of the day. (We like to hear it from the bride-to-be, as well as from the groom-to-be)
  7. What happened after s/he said ‘YES’? Was there an engagement party or what? Tell us about any special highlights – use as many details as possible.
  8. What was your favorite moment of that day?
  9. How did you know s/he was “the one”?
  10. Tell us about your engagement ring – the ring metal, design stones, and everything? Be sure to include photos (selfies) of the engagement ring on the bride-to-be’s finger.
  11. Feel free to tell us any other details from the marriage proposal
  12. Add many photos of the day
  • Send me your best white and/ or trad wedding pictures: Click this link to UPLOAD THE PICS directly TO ME
  • OR via – (a) upload the pictures you want to send us (2) type in yours and our emails in the TO and From box. Our email is NaijaGlamWedding (at)
  • OR email them as attachments to us, at: NaijaGlamWedding (at)

Include Photos of the Day or Engagement Shoot

Attach the photos in the email, as you send answers to the above questions OR Click here to upload them directly to us via Flickr OR you may also upload them to either Dropbox, GoogleDrive and email the photo links to us.

First, prepare your pictures in the formats we accept. Read our photo submission instructions to know the types of photos we want to see and how to format them (hint: some good wedding stories are rejected because their photos were not submitted in our acceptable formats). 

  1. Send us as many photos as you like – the best ones, say, between 10 and 100 of your very best wedding day photos to (please include trad, white and other wedding types you had. Add variety of pictures – not just the two of you).
  2. If you decide to send your photos via Flickr, let us know the Flickr link to where you uploaded the photos to us ______________. We need the full link of the photo-set, not just your Flickr username. You can copy/ paste from your internet browser.
  3. If you had a professional take the photos, tell us the name of the photographer that took the shots?_____________________ We like to make sure photographers are always given due credit. Please give us the name of the photographer(s) that took the photos you’re submitting.
  4. The Photographer’s phone number and/ or website________________
  5. Have you submitted your wedding to other wedding blog sites or paper/print magazines? Yes____ No____ You are free to share your engagement story with whoever you want, but we like to respect other bloggers and magazines by not reproducing any marriage proposal story they’ve already published.
  6. If yes, which magazines, blogs or websites have your wedding pictures been previously featured in or submitted to? ___________________________
  7. Did you make an engagement video shoot? If so, upload it on Youtube and paste the link inside your submission.
  8. Any other thing you’d like to share about your marriage proposal? If so, tell us here_____________________
  9. So, when is your wedding date?

Your First Name:_________________________
Your Last Name:_________________________
Your Email Address & Phone Number: _______________________We want to email you when your submission is published.

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How to Know if We Approved Your Submission
Please note that because of our long submission queue, it can be up to several weeks before we publish your submission, but we’ll email you if we decide to use it. If you want to know more about how we pick which weddings to feature.

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