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At NaijaGlamWedding, we love wedding pictures, but we only publish PICTURES THAT TELL A STORY OF THE DAY, so that anyone looking at them immediately feels like they were also there. AND, we love to hear the bride/ groom tell their wedding story.

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The first few questions are compulsory, but the later questions are optional. Once you have all answers to the below information we need, next is to email your story and photos links to us.  See the end of this post FOR HOW TO SEND YOUR WEDDING PICTURES TO US.

  1. NAMES:  Bride is:________ | Groom is ______
  2. NEXT, tell me a bit about the wedding:
    -DATES and Where:
    Proposal date: _____    Where: _____
    Traditional Wedding Date: ____   Location: _____
    White Wedding Date:  ____   Location: _____
    Court Wedding Date:  ____   Location: _____
    Month /Year you met:______ Where: _____
  3. How did you first meet? How long did you date (before the proposal)?
  4. The Proposal: How did he/ you propose, when and where?
    (told by bride, also groom, or any of them; it is usually nice If the groom tells the proposal story, because he planned and executed it. If not, bride can tell it.
    *N.B: We like to get the couple’s pre-wedding pictures/ engagement shoot pictures, and proposal day pictures (if you have them) when featuring LOVE ROMANTIC STORIES OR MARRIAGE PROPOSAL STORIES.
  5. The Wedding Day (white or trad or court or all):
    Traditional Wedding Date: ____   Location: _____   Number of Guests: ______
    White Wedding Date:  ____   Location: _____          Number of Guests: ______
    Court Wedding Date:  ____   Location: _____           Number of Guests: ______
  6. How many bridesmaids and how many groomsmen did you have at your white wedding?
  7. What was the most unforgettable event / scene at your wedding day (something you find yourself smiling whenever you remember it)?
  8. What was the funniest scene/ event you remember from your wedding day?
  9. What was your Colour combo for:
    • Trad wedding attire colours for bride/ groom: ______
    • Asoebi colours: _______ (if no aso-ebi, skip this question)
    • Bridesmaids dress colours: ____
    • Groomsmen colours: _______
    • Venue decoration colours: _______
  10. OPTIONAL QUESTIONS for the bride/ groom to answer (we love to know how you planned it):
    The Wedding Planning:
    • Were your trad and white wedding on the same day? If not, how many days/ weeks/ months in between was your trad and white wedding?
    • How long did it take to plan and what challenges did you experience during planning? AND what was the very first wedding-planning things you did after the marriage proposal?
    • Finding Your wedding gown: How many shops did you visit and how many wedding gowns did you try/ test/ wear before finding the one you finally bought? What made you choose the final gown? Was it hard finding the right wedding gown?
    • id you hire an external wedding planner or you planned it by yourself with your friends/ family or with who?
    • Having been through the planning to wedding day, tell us: from your experience, if you had to advice someone who is just about starting to plan their wedding – WHAT AND WHAT WOULD YOU ADVICE THEM TO DO, AND WHAT MISTAKES WOULD YOU ADVICE THEM NOT TO DO?
    • How would you advise them to go about choosing bridesmaids – what to do and what not to do (most brides are confused about what to do here)?
    • Who was your wedding photographer  (personal name and/ or company name)? ________
    • Wedding Reception Venue: (name of the venue and location/ state/ country) _____
    • Tell me, how did you find the wedding venue, photographer, as well as all the vendors you chose to use their services? (e.g. photographers, venue decorators, caterers, cake baker, canopy and chair rentals, MC, DJ/ live band, video coverage etc).
    • List the most important wedding vendors and shops where you bought your wears and accessories:
    Examples: tell us the names of: your venue, photographer, video coverage person, makeup artist,  caterer, venue decorator, etc (mention the most important vendors that helped organize your wedding – we want to give them a shoutout:)
  12. Did you have a honeymoon (yet)? If yes, where? AND why did you choose that place for honeymoon?

Remember to Also Send Your Wedding Photos

  1. Click here to see how to send us your pictures.
  2. Add Your wedding Video (optional): If you have a wedding video, you can send us the video link or send us the video.

Vendor Credits

We want to give credit to the awesome wedding vendor that you used to create your event so that brides and grooms who read know where to shop the cute items they see in your wedding pictures. Please list their names, location and Facebook page/ website below.

  • Reception Venue: _______________
  • Wedding Gown: _______________
  • Groom’s Suit/ Tuxedo: _______________
  • Wedding rings for bride and groom ______
  • Bride’s Hair: ____________________
  • Bride’s Makeup: _________________
  • Wedding Photographer ____________
  • Videographer: __________________
  • Venue Decorator: _______________
  • Wedding Cake baker: _____________
  • Any other special vendors you used on the wedding day:_____

*Ensure to include vendor names, business/ shop names and locations for the above listed wedding vendors that you used.

Let’s Get a Profile of Your Wedding

Your name and occupation________________________

Email address and Phone Number: ___________________ We only need it to notify you when your submission is published.

  1. Your partner’s name and occupation_________________________________
  2. You are the Bride ________ Groom_______Other (friend/ relative/ wedding planner/ photographer/ specify)_______
  3. Type of Wedding* (can be one type or more, tick Yes or No)
  4. White Wedding_______ | Traditional Wedding____ | Court Wedding_______ | Other (mention here)_________
  5. When did the wedding take place? Day/month/year_______
  6. Wedding Location/ state+city / Street Address/ City of wedding ceremony. Also indicate country where event was held, if not in Nigeria). Be specific about the venue/ hall, not just city and state but specifics such as “venue was a friend’s backyard in Agege, Lagos” or ‘The Civic centre, Port Harcourt”
  7. Name(s) and websites / Facebook page of your wedding photographer(s)?_____________________We like to make sure photographers are always given due credit. Please give us the name of your main wedding photographer.
  8. Have you submitted your wedding to other wedding blog sites or paper/print magazines?
  9. Yes?____ No?___ [You’re
  10. free to share your wedding story with whoever you want, but we like to respect other bloggers and magazines by not reproducing weddings they’ve already posted].
  11. If yes, which magazines, blogs or websites have your wedding pictures been previously featured in or submitted to? ___________________________

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How to Know if We Approved Your Submission

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