How to Deal With Wedding Planning Stress and Anxiety

Planning your wedding may be the biggest event you’ll ever organize in your life, and mere thinking of that can be scary. Between doing the many different activities in your wedding to-do list, checking out vendors and inspecting venues for the suitability, even the most organized and calmest brides are bound to feel nervous and […]

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How to Plan a Traditional and White Wedding on Same Day (Checklist)

When planning to get married in Nigeria, having the traditional and white wedding on the same day helps couples save from 50% of the wedding costs if they did it on separate days. The major cost savings is from having to host only one reception instead of the usual two. You’ll save venue cost, catering […]

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Edo Traditional Marriage Introduction Process: Grooms Wedding Planning Guide

Want to know how an Edo traditional wedding/ marriage is done? I’ve got the details here. If you’re a man engaged to an Edo lady and planning your marriage introduction trip, you definitely want to know the A to Z of how marriage introductions happen in Edo state? In part 1 of this series, we […]

How to Plan a Nigerian Wedding in 21 Steps (Things to Do)

Want to know what things a bride-to-be (and groom) should do when planning and preparing for a wedding in Nigeria? Then, this post is for you – read to discover the 21 simple steps you must follow to stay sane and organized when preparing for a fab wedding in Nigeria. After writing our wedding planning […]

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