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Kukere and Azonto Afro-Dance Workouts: Dance Your Way to a Slimmer Body (Videos)

Every bride-to-be wants to looks trim and fit on their wedding day, but hate that losing weight is usually hard work and boring. But there’s another way that works – AfroDance Workout! Whoever told you that exercises and the business of getting fit is all about pains? It’s not true. Well, there’s a fun way […]

No-Gym Wedding Workouts: 10 Easy Exercises To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding (Video Tutorial)

So you want to lose weight for your wedding, but don’t have the time or money for gym?  You want that belly and arm fat to burn off, so your wedding gown would look perfect on your body? You’re not alone! The struggle to slim down is real – most women feel the same.  Don’t […]