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Contact Information

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  • @naijaglamWED on Twitter | | Instagram: naijaglamwedding | Pinterest: naijaglamWED | naijaglamwedding (at) gmail (dot) comnaijaglamwedding

Our Who, What & Why

Who We Are: A Nigerian-based wedding information publishing outfit, publisher of a digital magazine-style wedding planning blog at

Location: Our team is based in Nigeria.

What We Do: provide expert wedding planning tips, advice, and tools for brides-to-be to effectively plan their own weddings without stress, giving them the advantages of having expert wedding planners by the side. We also feature photos and stories from our newly engaged and newlywed readers – our soon-to-wed readers get the most ideas and inspiration from such stories, that they can incorporate into their own big day And, once the newly engaged are married, we feature their photos and stories to serve as wedding planning inspiration boards and planning ideas for other brides-to-be. With our readers, we also want to know what happened beyond the wedding day – we feature their honeymoon stories and vow renewal adventures. So, yes, this blog is all about Nigerian weddings and wedding planning. To learn more about us and our story, go here and here.

For Who/ Who We Serve: Newly engaged and everyday soon-to-be-married Nigerian brides-to-be who are actively planning their own weddings but do not have the budget to hire a wedding planner or simply want to be involved in the wedding planning process (if they’ll hire a wedding planner). Specifically, we serve the DIY-wedding-ideas-seeking Naija brides, friends and family members who are planning the wedding of their loved one. Brides-to-be (or grooms) who are not actively involved in your wedding, or have it all delegated to a professional wedding planner, may don’t really need – because their hired hands will help them do what we could show you how to do. For more on who we have in mind when we write our posts (our ideal readers), click here.

Why We Do What We Do: (Because) we believe that every girl deserves a special day to live their wedding daydream and fantasy. Not even low budget and expert know-how should stop them. Only the ajebos (affluent girls) could afford the ‘luxury’ of hiring wedding planners. Now every bride-to-be can plan their wedding like an expert using the DIY wedding planning expertise on our blog. So we exist to provide those wedding planning knowledge gaps that formerly existed to prevent the ordinary bride-to-be from having a glamorous wedding day event

What We Are Not: We are not about marriage tips and advice, although we provide our brides-to-be a section on insights into what to expect after the wedding day – simply for the sake of counseling them on how to stay happy and together in love. Wedding is entirely different from marriage, and we try to stay on course with our articles, on the single theme of weddings – helping soon-to-be-married brides with everything they need to plan the wedding of their dreams. How does this affect our target readers, you may ask? We are aware that there are great blogs and magazines out there dealing on the topic of marriage – what happens after the wedding – and we encourage our readers to visit those specialty publishers for help in that regard when they ask us.

Our Products/ Services

The blog,, is our main product (well, service kind of). It is a digital wedding magazine, provided at no charge to our audience.

  • Glam WedSite – Customized Wedding Website for an About-to-Wed Bride and Groom: is a service in which we assist soon-to-be-married Nigerian couples to create a unique wedding website that they can use to announce their wedding to friends and family, no matter where they are located (no need to send invites via the post office). This is the modern-day alternative to invitation cards in an age where almost everyone you’d invite to a wedding visits the internet daily (Facebook etc.) – a WedSite allows to you Facebook/ email your wedding website to friends, where they can get all the invite details, as well as see your engagement shoots and “how you met” story. PLUS, give you their congratulatory feedback.
  • Platinum Vendors (coming soon): A free directory of Nigerian wedding service providers (vendors) which about-to-wed brides/ grooms can browse to quickly find wedding vendors near the location of their weddings;
  • Free Wedding Budget Calculator: Anyone planning to wed soon can use this tool to get an idea on how much to spend on what, for their wedding. Unlike other wedding budget calculators out there, based on what’s obtainable in Western countries and unrealistic here, NaijaGlamWedding budget calculator is entirely based on the cost of wedding things in Nigeria. So, it’s specially created for weddings in Nigeria.
  • Group Shopping Spree Abroad for Brides-to-Be: Specially organized group discount wedding shopping abroad for brides who want to purchase quality wedding things at great discounts. We strike deals for flight, accommodation and wedding-related products so that our brides can gobble up savings by beat the middleman as well as paying less on travels and their wedding supplies.
  • Glam Honeymoon Package: We work with best of breed travel and tours companies here and abroad to organize affordable honeymoon-abroad packages for our audience. We want our couples to have the best fun and so we ensure to organize these as a group tour – so they pay discounted rates.


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NaijaGlamWedding is Nigeria’s premier digital wedding planning magazine and blog. The blog provides at-no-charge expert wedding planning advice, tools, and inspiration for soon-to-be-married couples to effectively plan a stress-free dream wedding. Visit them at

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