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Are weddings your thing?  Do you have a passion for working with brides and a flair for writing?

We are interested in publishing high quality, original and unique articles and videos on weddings, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, destination wedding planning, wedding trends and style, romantic travel destinations and marriage advisory. If you’re interested in writing for us, please take the time to scroll down and see if we will accept your post – find out the types of articles and writers we accept and those that we reject, and why. That will save you from wasting your time if you are not the right fit for us (even though we believe you may be fantastic at what you do).  Also, down below, we explained how to send us your content and how to know if we accepted your article. Failure to follow this guide will mean your content will not even reach us.

Who We Are Looking For?

We are seeking expert contributors who already have practical experience as well as a great writing skill in the above areas. (Note: We do not accept guest authors from commercial and SEO websites/ firms or PR seeking firms. Also, NaijaGlamWEdding does not offer monetary compensation for guest posts, at this time).

Our ideal guest writers are wedding professionals and wedding enthusiasts who know their stuff and are looking to attract more audience by using writing to demonstrate their expertise. So, we welcome wedding planners, venue decorators, makeup artists, hairstylists, gele headwrap artists, cake bakers, photographers and videographers, fashion designers, wedding invitation card & stationery designers, relationship experts, beauticians, diet and fitness instructors.

We also welcome experienced writers who are passionate about weddings, like we are. So if you’re a journalism intern, fashion and beauty bloggers including video bloggers – we would like to share your content with our readers, that’s if you’ve got original content (not copied from anywhere) and a unique ‘voice’.

However, if you do something else that you think would be of interest to Nigerian brides (our target readers), do not hesitate to let us know. We also welcome inspirations and ideas from real-life work on weddings, wedding-related parties or styled shoots. So if you’ve recently worked on some cool stuff, do let us know!

  • Click here to submit your guest article through our contact form. ENSURE to read our post submission guideline down below>>

 Generally, We Love

  • Articles that are original (not copied or rehashed from elsewhere), helpful and practical to brides and grooms who are presently planning their weddings.
  • We accept tips and tutorials for engaged, soon-to-be-married brides/ grooms just beginning wedding planning or in the middle of it
  • We are looking for tips on everything and anything related to Nigerian weddings
  • We’d love your tip to include an original photo (at least one) that illustrates what you’re writing about (if have a problem finding one, please let us know – we may be able to find you one to use)
  • Thoughtful, carefully written posts about all types of Nigerian weddings & wedding planning processes
  • Original DIY (Do It Yourself) tutorials that our brides and grooms can follow and use on their own
  • Brides-to-be sharing their wedding planning diaries and lessons they learned during the process
  • Constructive, positive perspectives about dealing with the challenges of planning a Nigerian style wedding
  • Thoughts and perspectives on Nigerian weddings and marriage
  • Nigerian wedding fashion trends – the latest traditional wedding attires, the aso-ebis, the Geles and more
  • Articles on traditional wedding and marriage cultures from the minority Nigerian tribes

Guest Article Submission Guidelines

  • Read and understand our general submission terms and conditions, here.
  • Submission does not guarantee publication. Guest post submissions are reviewed and only the ones that are a good match with our readers’ interests will be approved.
  • Ensure you have read a couple of our articles and have a feel for the kind of content we publish here.
  • Articles should be on topics related to weddings.
  • Edutainment & Tutorial-like: Most of our readers are planning their weddings right now and your article must either: educate, inform, inspire them towards their upcoming wedding
  • Actionable & Useful: Your article must have actionable and usable points that any of our readers can take away to implement right away without any confusion.
  • Not About You: Your article must be all about our target reader and advice or tips to aid their wedding planning or eliminate the stress from the process. Your article must not be salesy, not talk about your business or what you sell. We give you space (byline) at the end of your guest post to and say a little something about you so that our readers know where to find you.
  • Write as you talk!  Blog posts or articles should be written in your voice and in a fun, conversational tone.  We accept minimal use of Nigerian slangs or pidgin here and there, as we like our articles to sound like you’re speaking to your friend.
  • Stay on “our lane”: The article topics need to stay within the current topics discussed on, and in tune with current wedding trends or latest on Nigerian style weddings, whether at home or abroad.
  • Edit Before Submission: Please note that we have very strict guidelines regarding quality, grammar, and spelling.
  • Article Length & Exclusivity: We would love for your article to be 500 – 700 words or less, and should be exclusive, original content that has never appeared or been submitted anywhere else (and will never be) – whether a magazine, newspaper or on the internet, even if it is your own blog.
  • Formatting: Use lots of white space to make it easy on the eye as well as scannable – use sub-titles, numbered lists, bullets, and short paragraphs. You may include only one link – to your site, or social media page (Facebook, Twitter or any other).
  • Image License and Credit: If you are submitting images please ensure you have the authorization to use the images if they are not your own work. Also, be sure to provide appropriate credit to the image source.
  • Links: Please minimal linking – we prefer at least two, and the links must be valid, relevant to the content and context. Ensure to quote sources and links for any references made from other places.
  • Author Bio: This is where you get to talk about you. Include a short bio at the end of your post, to tell our readers about you, what you do and where. This should be 50 words or less. This is where we introduce you to thousands of our regular readers, to check you out. The byline appears at the bottom of any guest article we find fit to publish. See, it’s a win-win!

Types of Articles We DO NOT Accept

  • People who are ‘Professional Writers’: We prefer contributing writers to be people who are already working, or have worked, in any type of wedding-related business, and live the tips and advice they want to write about;
  • Nigerian Contributors Only: The way weddings are planned outside Nigeria, even wedding fashion and trends, different from what goes on here.  Therefore, we prefer contributors who are Nigerians and preferably (but not necessarily) based in Nigeria, because only they know how Nigerian weddings differ from that of other cultures and can relate to our readers.
  • Excessive Typos: Ensure to spell-check and edit your article for spellings and grammatical errors before submitting it to us for approval.
  • Self-Promotional: Do not submit an article written about your business, either in full or part. Note, however, that we LOVE featuring such posts as part of our sponsored posts, click here for our low-cost advert rates. We also reject submissions from writers representing SEO firms or promoting marketing or sponsored websites, or just looking for links.
  • Link trade article types written by wedding vendors or other types of businesses. We only accept non-commercial focused articles purely for the benefit of our readers and not to sell things to them. We accept guest posts in the form of guides, tutorials or entertainment, that will inspire our readers on how to plan their own Nigerian weddings. If you’d like to submit an advert-type article, we have a special section of this blog for that – click here to submit it as a sponsored post instead.
  • Other Forms of Direct Marketing Contents: We do not accept product/ business/ vendor reviews, press releases and similar types of articles, even when disguised in any form.  Also, we do not accept guest articles from writers representing commercial, for-profit websites. That’s what our sponsored posts and low-cost adverts are for, click here for our advert types and rates.
  • Irrelevant Links:  Too many links that don’t relate to or enhance the article content. In fact, we generally discourage links inside articles. Remember, you get a link to your blog at the bottom of your post so that your site gets exposure.
  • Exclusivity: We do not consider articles that have previously been published (and will not be) in print or online publications.  Our readers do not like to see articles they have seen before, so we try to serve them something new and fresh.

 DISCLAIMER: While we’d love to feature every submitted guest post, we cannot guarantee that due to dozens of submissions we receive, and also because we want to keep the quality high. If you’re not sure whether your article topic will be a good fit here, feel free to first contact us to run the idea by us. Also, we cannot contact every submitter. However, if we choose your submission, we’ll email you within two weeks.

How to Know If Your Guest Post Is Approved?

We review all the guests’ posts we receive. If your guest post is accepted, we will notify you within two weeks of submission. However, it may be up to 4 weeks before we publish it, as, prior to approving your submission, we may have scheduled other articles in our editorial calendar. We will also email you if your article goes live on our blog.

So, How Do I Get Started?

All guest posts should be submitted through our contact form. You can either email us your full guest article using the link below or email us the topic/ idea and we’ll respond to let you know whether it’s cool enough for our audience.

<<Simply click here to submit your guest article through our contact form>>

NOTE: Ensure to include the following information in the message body of the submission form.

  • Your name
  • This is where we’ll contact you if we decide to feature your article.
  • Your email
  • Could be a blog, or just a Facebook or Twitter page or other similar social media channel.
  • Your website
  • What’s Your submission About (in seven words or less)
  • Enter the contents of your article here.
  • The Full Article       (paste the full article in the form),
  • If you have a photo that goes with this post, feel free to send us the photo link(s). Also, mention the photographer’s name in the caption. Please, please Do NOT upload photos you have no legal permissions to share! (Ensure your image complies with our photo submission guidelines and specified image sizes. Only use stock photos you own legally, purchased or have confirmed the owners provided rights to use them. Also, provide the source and internet links of your choice images).
  • Article Image
  • Your Short Bio     (Just a couple of sentences about who you are).

After submitting the article, our editors will review it. You will be contacted if your submission is approved.

NOTE: Once we accept your article, we may ask you to send us a formatted version via GoogleDrive (or GoogleDoc).

*Our submission terms and conditions apply to all guest article submitters.

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