Costly Wedding Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid (the Cake Edition)

Hey brides! Do you know that one of the biggest regrets of many newlweds is that they lavished money on things they now think they could have got with less money, AND were stingy on areas they now think they could have spent more on.  Every bride dreams of a big, tall wedding cake but not many can afford it.  What if I told you a secret about the flashy wedding pictures you see on Instagram – some of them spent small money to have that picture-perfect wedding cake. Shhh! It’s a secret that we are going to reveal to our readers in this article.  You will discover top mistakes brides make regarding their wedding cakes (we don’t want you to repeat them), and you will also find out our clever brides’ hacks and tricks to saving plenty money on their wedding cake and still have a big, tall wedding cake to wow guests.  Our tips down below are wedding industry secrets commonly used for big Nigerian  weddings. If you have already started planning your wedding, chances are that you could be making one or more of these wedding mistakes already. Read on and use our wedding cake hacks to save money and wow guests. Scroll down to read more.

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MISTAKE #1: Very Big Wedding Cake

A bride told us this: I regret spending so much money to have a very tall wedding cake. We should have had a normal size and spent the extra money on video coverage.   Read on to find out cool things to do to have a big, tall and fancy wedding cake without spending plenty money. It’s the secret used at many big Nigerian weddings, and everywhere else (USA, UK, Canada…).  Use money saved from this trick to lavish on other cool things such as getting a better wedding photographer for professional pictures that will make you relive your wedding day every time you see your photos.  It’s better to cut cost with wedding cake and spend more on a better photographer.

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Here’s a common wedding planning mistake brides regret about.  Some couples simply go all out to impress their guests by ordering a very big and tall wedding cake with many tiers that can serve three times the number of guests they invited. Imagine inviting only 100 guests and having a mighty cake that could serve 300 guests – what a waste of money! And just to tell you that it’s all for the show – they serve their guests very tiny sugar-cube-sized cakes and then take home all their cake. Don’t do that – it’s simply insulting your guests presence; sort of, like indirectly telling them ‘Sorry guys, this cake is too expensive to share with people like you’.

In some of those to-impress and out-do type of weddings, you may find that food and/ or drinks are not enough to serve all the guests. Being stingy to guests you expect gifts from make you look cheap and cheesy!

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Money Saving Tips for Brides-to-Be (Secret Hacks of Big Nigerian Weddings)

Sure, a big, tall cake looks impressive but a small cake can be equally cute, especially with minimal colours and elegant design – check out our wedding cakes lookbook on Pinterest for simple but glam wedding cake ideas you can ask your caterer to make for you.

Yes, we know that colourful icing on wedding cakes make elegant decor, and it’s one of the things guests want to see. Sure, you should make an impressive wedding cake, but there are ways to go about it without spending too much. If you do not ice all the cake, you will spend less.

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Cake for Display: Make two different cakes – one set for display and one set for the guests. The display cake is the one you will have in the reception, for all to see and admire. You can save costs by doing a few layers, asking for a few flavours and toppings (those add up to the cost of a wedding cake).  This display cake can be for you (the couples) and what you take back home, and share some with close friends and family.  If you love big, tall wedding cakes and can’t afford it – you can hire or purchase dummy cakes to add on top of your main cake – that’s what most people do (see more details below).

Cake for Guests: Cakes with icing are more costly than cake with no icing. AND when you ask a baker to make you an ordinary cake, they will charge less than when you ask them to bake a wedding cake.  Besides, most guests peel away the icing on cakes served them; you can simply serve your guests what they want – plain cakes (with no icing). You don’t need to display this cake – leave it somewhere to be cut and served at the right time.

No one will know they were not served the beautiful iced cake that was displayed – but all your guests will leave happy that everyone ate the wedding cake, and not given annoying tiny sugar-cube sizes. TIP: Keep the regular cake behind the scenes, in the kitchen, to cut and serve when it’s time. The small cake should be simple but cute, small wedding cake (one or two tiered) just to display to your audience and serve some of them.

How to Get Big Wedding Cake with Small Money: Clever Hacks and Tricks

If your dream is to have a huge, gigantic wedding cake, there are 3 ways you can save costs and still display a big cake:nigerian wedding cake mistakes

  1. Ask your cake baker to fill in-between cake tiers with flowers – the fillings add height to a wedding cake, so that two or three cake layers look a lot taller. Take a look at the photo on the right, which is an example of what I mean, although that one is very tall. You’ll find more and cute, smaller wedding cake design samples on our Pinterest board. Look at this wedding cake picture on the right – can you see the plenty flowers used to fill in-between? Can you see that without those fillings, that cake would have been not-that-big. It’s what savvy brides do.
  2. Another way to spend less when looking to have a tall cake is to have your cake baker place a very big cake topper on top of the cake, to add height – some people even think the toppers are part of the cake. In case you didn’t know what a cake topper is, it’s the pretty ‘small people’ or flowers that you usually see on top of wedding cakes.
  3. Dummy Cake: Hire or buy a tall dummy cake designed like your dream wedding cake. Shh! It’s a secret – most big Nigerian weddings flaunt giant wedding cakes, but you hardly can tell that 80% to 90% of that cake is foam aka dummy cake. You could have the base -cake be the real cake, and have the rest be dummy cakes, so that when it’s time to cut the cake, you just cut the (real) cake. And at the end of the day, you’ve wowed your guests with a big, tall fancy wedding cake everyone dreams of. Do you know you could have a wedding cake that looks like the picture above using this hack/ trick?

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Your Turn: Any Wedding Mistakes You’ve Seen at a Wedding You Attended?

Do you have any personal stories of wedding planning mistakes you made already or saw at a wedding you attended? I’d love to hear it in the comment area below.

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