Cute Engagement Shoot and Marriage Proposal Story (Joyce and Sylvester)

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Wedding bells are ringing for today’s featured couple, Joyce and Sylvester. Theirs was a long relationship (5 years of dating) – on and off, and even breaking up after their engagement/ marriage proposal. Making up after a long breakup kind of made them realize they couldn’t live without each other – and Sylvester did what every man-in-love would do, by traveling to Joyce’s town to makeup with her and seal the deal with an engagement ring. The couple submitted their love story to us and told us more about how they met, fell in love and got engaged. Scroll down to see pictures from their beautiful engagement shoot AND also read their full romance story below.

Nigerian couple pose for engagement shoot pictures

Wedding bells are ringing for Joyce and Sylvester!

Meet the Couple, See their Love Timeline

Bride-to-be: Joyce | Groom-to-be: Sylvester
How long they dated (before he proposed): 5 years
Date He Proposed: September 2013
Proposed Wedding Date: 2016

How They First Met

We met at a friend’s place and months later we started dating.   At the time we met, I wasn’t really in a relationship, so I accepted to give him a try and ended up falling in love.  He proposed on September 2013. We initially planned to get married in April 2014, but some issues made us go our separate.  By the Grace of God, we came back stronger this year (2016) and continued from where we stopped *lol*

Nigeriancouple pose for their marriage proposal pictures

When he proposed, I was like ‘are you for real’?

How He Proposed

On how he asked her to marry him, Joyce says “I can remember him coming to visit in my city without telling me, because we had some fight over the phone. So, I was surprised to see him at my house. He asked me to dress up, saying that we were going out. I did so and we went for dinner. It was there that he popped the question (and of course, put a ring on it)”.‎

After She Said “Yes”

Sylvester gives us an insight on how she (Joyce) felt after the surprised her by proposing, “It was a surprise to her. It was just me and her and she couldn’t stop staring at the ring and calling her friends to tell them. I was happy I made her that happy”.

What It Felt Like and Favorite Moment of the Day

When we asked if she had a hint of suspicion, she replied: “I never expected the marriage proposal, and didn’t see it coming. It was all a surprise to me. I was even getting tired of the relationship because I thought he wasn’t serious with me.  So when he proposed, I was like ‘are you for real’ because I had waited long for that to happen”.

Nigerian couple pose in their engagement shoot photos

She has all the qualities I wanted in a woman

My most memorable moment of our marriage proposal day was the thought of becoming his wifey, and a flashback of us discussing and arguing about how many kids we would have. – Joyce

When I Knew She Was the One

The fact that she has all the qualities I need in a woman (both physical and manners) and cooks the best-tasting food is truly a sign that she is “the one” for me. -Sylvester

THE END! And, on that note, we wish Joyce and Sylvester a glam and fabulous wedding ahead. If you enjoyed reading their proposal and love story like we did, scroll down below to leave them a congratulatory message or simply leave a comment. 

*OVER TO YOU: If you have your wedding or marriage proposal pictures and story or bridal shower or honeymoon story + pics to submit to us, contact us to have it featured – we love Nigerian weddings and are thrilled to feature anything wedding. So, don’t be shy, get in touch.

Couple’s Photographer: Snap-it Photography | Credits: This proposal story and pictures were submitted to NaijaGlamWedding by the bride-to-be, Joyce.

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    • Hello QuarterToMarried, thanks for the compliments, and welcome here.

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      We are unable to provide budget spreadsheets for every single reader, one by one. We wish we could, but wouldn’t that be tedious? What we did was to provide a general wedding spending guide on the percentages they can use to divide up their wedding money, no matter how much it is. Click that link and use out WEDDING BUDGET CALCULATOR percentages with your N5.5 million Naira.

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