How to Make Beads Jewelry in Nigeria: Bead-Making Step by Step (Video Tutorial)

Want to learn how make your own beads to wear to a Nigerian wedding or a special occasion? Watch and follow along these step by step video tutorials on how to make beads by yourself. After publishing the post that featured the in-vogue bead styles and designs in Nigeria, I received several readers’ emails and private messages on Facebook, requesting for a video tutorial on how to make beads at home. So here you are – two videos on how to string beads in different styles and the second video on how to make a beaded necklace from scratch. Watch the tutorial below and practice along.

Video 1: Different Bead Making (Stringing) Methods for Beginners

*Be sure to see the next bead-making video that shows how to string a necklace from start to finish.

Video 2: How to Make Beads Necklace: Step by Step

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Tools Used In Making Beads (for Beginners)

The following tools were used in the beads-making videos above. They are what you’ll find in any bead-maker’s kit.  A beginner bead-maker may start with a few beading tools, improvise on some and purchase them later once you become more expert or have the funds.

how to make beaded jewelry

  • Beads
  • Beading wire
  • Eye Pins
  • Head Pins
  • Bead stops
  • Crimp Covers
  • Crimps
  • Crimping cutters/ wire cutters
  • Crimping pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Clasp
  • A ruler

Where to Get Bead-Making Training in Nigeria

In case you are looking for where to learn from, below are some places where you can get trained to be able to make beads – they are some of the best Nigerian bead makers. Contact them through their Facebook pages (listed below) to find out more. They all post new samples of their latest bead designs and styles, so you can see…

Good Bead Making Books: A Must-Have

Book #1. Bead on a Wire: Making Handcrafted Wire and Beaded Jewelry


Book #2. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Jewelry Making and Beading


Book  #3. 200 Beading Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets: An Indispensable Compendium of Technical Know-How and Troubleshooting Tips (200 Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets)


About Bead Making in Nigeria and the Rest of Africa

Bead making has been a long time occupation and trade for many Nigerian households who make beads for sale. Today, beading provides employment to many and is the sole sustenance and source of income for most African families.

With bead making, you can string beads together to make assorted fashion jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, purse, hand-bags, belts, flower vases. Brides on low budget have been known to make beads used as bridal accessories in their traditional wedding. Young girls make such wedding hairpieces, long and short Nigerian traditional beads for brides as well as for grooms to wear on their traditional engagement and wedding occasion.

Almost all peoples from every African country wear beads as a fashion accessory, as well as to beautify fabrics and domestic hardware, and these tribal beads are made in Africa by the locals. The beauty of African beads is that you can tell the source of any African bead from their colours and designs and styles. Just by looking, you can tell the Nigerian beads, the Ghana beads, the Kenyan beads, the South African beads or any other. These days, a lot of the Western beads are inspired by the African tribal beads.

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Final Takeaway on How to Make Beads

That’s it from us on how a beginner can learn how to make jewelry beads from scratch. Watch the bead making video tutorial over and over again – and practice along until you become perfect.

So, tell me in the comments below – are you learning to make beads for sale or for your personal use? And, will you be making your own beads for your Nigerian traditional wedding or other occasions?

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    • Hello Joy, thanks. I have no idea how to do that, but how I know is that you can save/ bookmark this page so that you can easily and quickly come back to watch it any time.

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    • Hello Bisi, thanks for visiting to watch the bead-making video tutorial.
      I, too, don’t know names of new bead jewelry designs. May be you can join bead-makers groups on Facebook (just search for them) and ask other active beaders there.
      So sorry that I could not answer your question.

  9. Hi stella d video z nt showing…though am into bead making bt i want 2 learn more styles….

    • Hi Nonny, thanks for the feedback. I just re-checked and all the bead-making video tutorials are playing/ showing okay. I suggest that you try again using a different device – a laptop, or desktop or a tablet/ tab. Let me know how it goes.

  10. Inemesit unyime inyang says

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    • Thanks Inemesit. Like any other skill, it is better to START learning bead-making FACE TO FACE from another skilled bead-maker. They are plenty in every Nigerian town or market. Just go to a market near you, look for shops that sell beadmaking tools, then ask them if they teach or who they know that teaches. (2) Scroll up – at the end part of this article, you will see names of some places to buy beads – contact them on Facebook, as some of them do offer training (Gbenga of Artsmith collections usually does. Google his name). (3) Once you START LEARNING, you can then improve your skills or learn new styles THROUGH VIDEO TUTORIALS. All the best at it, dear.

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    • Hi Daphine:
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    • Hi Faith. Let me think about that; but then tell me the names and quantities of the above bead-making books and DVDs that you are interested in.

      • Hi Stella, I need Books #1, 2, 3 and d DVD for further personal training. I already have basic knowledge of bead making. Tks.

        • Hi Faith, okay I have seen the books you want. I usually use to shop and ship stuff and books when I want to purchase from abroad. They are easy to use, and all I do is to email them the links of the books or items I want to buy. Then they will make the purchase on my behalf and deliver to me, after I send the payments to them. That’s the people I would use if I should order those books, and it would be nice that you order through them like I would do – their Facebook page is at and their website is at and you can contact them to ask questions first. I think it is better like this, abi?

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    • Sorry about that, Olusiksy. I just checked now and all the bead tutorial videos are working/ playing okay. I suggest that you get a laptop or a desktop computer or a tablet or a video-ready mobile phone. Then visit this page from any of those devices, and you should be able to see the bead video tutorials.

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    • Hi Oluchi, you can start yourself by watching the above bead-making video tutorials over and over. You can also learn from a beadmaker who stays near you – they are many around. Even in major markets, you can find that those who sell bead-making materials also teach – just ask them.

  20. I wish to know more about bead making, how can u help me out

  21. good day stella i am a bead experti reside in port harcourt, i have problem selling my bead i guess because i havent done enough advert, pls can you help me market my product .

  22. I wish you have a book which I will be able to download and save to read from time to time… Thanks

    • Hi Rachel, we do not have a book on bead making. However, I listed a couple of the good books on the subject – they are at the end of this article. You can check them out – they are not expensive, if you really really want a bead making book. Thanks for visiting, please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and everywhere for more.

  23. Nice article you have there……. Pls do you have a CD tutorial on bead making you sell and if yes where can it be bought from. Thanks

    • Thanks Dalphine, and welcome to NaijaGlamWedding blog. I don’t have a CD on beadmaking BUT I listed some good bead-making books, some of them come with CDs if you check their links (scroll up above, at the end of this article).

  24. please where can i get a good learning center in port harcout because i really want to learn

    • Welcome to NaijaGlamWedding, Mary. I don’t have an idea of places that teach beadmaking in Port-Harcourt. I suggest you contact and ask some of those bead-makers I listed towards the end of this post (scroll up to see them). Good luck, girl!

  25. Pls de videos are not playing pls kindly do something about it .i do really wants to learn how to do nigeria complicated beautiful beads bcos am tired of ghanaian ones.thnx

    • Hi Kate. I just tested the bead-making videos and both are playing alright. Please try again; maybe, there’s some problem with your internet connection or the device you’re browsing with.

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    • Hi Sharon, scroll up to the above article again – I listed some good Nigerian bead makers you can check out and also contact, to buy beaded necklaces. I’ve included their Facebook pages below so you can see some of their works and also contact them directly.

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