Where and How to Find Wedding Vendors: Top 11 Places and How to Choose the Good Ones

Wedding events cost big money and vendors are key to the success of a the event.  Even one bad vendor can make an entire wedding look like a child’s play.  One of the biggest stress of about-to-wed brides (and grooms) is where to find wedding vendors or rentals or venues, and how to filter out the good ones from the lot. We’re tired of hearing stories of horrible, unprofessional and even no-show vendors, and in this article we’ll tell and show you how to find good wedding professionals to organise your event.  Scroll down and enjoy reading!

Good wedding vendors make even low-cost weddings to look like huge money was spent.

Good wedding vendors make even low-cost weddings to look like huge money was spent.

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Why Your Choice of Wedding Vendors Can Make or Ruin Your Wedding?

Can I tell you one secret? Shhh!! A team of good wedding vendors can make a wedding planned with small money look fabulous; and a team of bad wedding vendors make a wedding planned with millions of Naira look like trash. That’s why you need to shine your eyes when finding wedding event professionals to hire. It’s not really about how cheap of expensive the vendor is – there are stories of people who had poor services from hyped-up, expensive vendors, and also there are stories of couples who had their expectations exceeded by unpopular, not-so-expensive vendors. So, you can’t tell how good or bad they are from their price – tips on how to choose are down below.  Choosing a bad vendor can make even a N10 million wedding flop. Bad vendors will stress you before your wedding, and you could get hypertension from seeing your wedding go out of control right in front of you. We have even heard stories of Nigerian weddings where vendors were paid some money upfront, yet they did not show up at all on the wedding day, or sent an apprentice/ learner. We don’t want that to happen to you.

REAL STORY OF VENDOR HORROR: In a previous article, I shared about how someone I know was seriously disappointed by their wedding photographer – several months after the wedding, still waiting for their pictures; and the digital/ soft copies he showed them were terribly bad. I also shared a similar trending story that happened in Singapore and showed some of the very-bad wedding pictures that the bride posted on Facebook.

Top 11 Places and Ways to Find Good Wedding Vendors

#1. Ask Friends and Family

Word of Mouth – just ASK.  Ask around and you’ll find them – ask friends and family to refer you to good events/ wedding vendors. Ask staff of event centers – they know vendors that worked in weddings and events of people who used their event halls. In addition to asking people face-to-face, you can also use emails, Facebook messages to ask more people – to save time, a fast way is to post one single email/ Facebook message to many (use the platform’s feature for doing that).

#2. Ask your Church/ Worship House

You can also ask facilitators of your pre-wedding counseling classes – they see weddings every week and know a couple of wedding professionals from past and recent weddings of couples who attended the per-marital classes.

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