Wedding Gown Shopping: 17 Tips to Quickly Find and Choose the Right Dress Before You Buy

9. Slight Amendment/ Alteration May Be Needed:  Sometimes, you’ll need a hem-in here and there to take a wedding gown from okay to a perfect fit.  In fact, we’ve seen cheap wedding dresses look a million bucks just because it was slightly adjusted to the body of the wearer.  You don’t have to wear a store-bought dress  the way it is, if it does not sit very well on you.  Big name designer bridal shops do a final fitting (and alteration) to make the wedding gown fit perfectly on the buyer (bride). It’s okay to borrow that idea even if you cannot afford the Couture dresses.

HINT #1: Wedding gown alterations are better done a few weeks or 3 months to your wedding day, to ensure you’re about the same weight.

HINT #2: Some bridal shops have an in-house tailor that does this – so, ask them. Whichever tailor you use, ensure it’s a reputable one that is known to do perfect amendments – just ask around. So, get it slightly amended to get that snatched-look.

10.  Week-Days Are Better for Shopping Wedding Gowns:  I am sure you know how busy the shops can get during the weekend. If you go shopping on a weekend, the bridal stores would not be able to give you as much personalized attention as you need – because many other brides are also shopping.  Girl, no weekend shopping for a wedding dress, okay.

11. Get a Second (or Third or Fourth) Eye: How can you trust when a shop staff tells you ‘this or that looks amazing on you’?  Don’t even trust your eyes-alone and the mirror – because many brides regretted doing so.  On your wedding day, all eyes would be on your dress, so why not get a few other trusted family member and/ or close friends (3 or 4 max). Ask yourself that one or two persons you have always trusted will tell you the truth.

A good idea is to bring 2 or 3 persons from best friend, your mom, your sister, aunt, cousin  – but only invite a person if you know they’ll tell you the truth if a gown looks okay or not on you.  You don’t want to have a person that would tell you that every outfit looks good, just because they don’t want to hurt your feelings.  Girl, you can’t risk that because that dress would be the centre of attention on the D-day!

12. Take Photos of Your Try-Ons: Picture snaps tell things better than a mirror – snap pics of front and back of each dress on you. You may also ask one of your escorts to snap pictures of each look with their phone or yours, so you can personally review and process – to compare the dresses (tried from one or many shops) and make a better judgement when deciding on the winning wedding dress.

Generally, you will get a better idea of how you look in each wedding gown from photos of you wearing them, and reviewed at a later time.  Be aware that some stores don’t allow pictures to be taken – either be okay with it and trust your mirror /escorts opinions, OR move to another store ÓR just find a way to get snaps.

You can’t afford to not-choose-right. So, it’s important that you use every possible method to later review and compare dresses you tried to get an informed judgement.  When shopping, every dress you try-on may just look and feel like “the right one”.  Most brides felt so, purchased and later hated the dress (but stuck with wearing it because they don’t have extra money to buy another. Some that can afford to, buy a second dress, afterwards).  I don’t want you to make that same mistake.

HINT: Two mirrors are better than one.  Looking at yourself in two mirrors (front and back) will give you a better picture – so ask the shop reps if they have two mirrors.

13. Bring Shoes and Appropriate Undergarments: To get a better idea of how a dress would look on you, bring along appropriate bridal lingerie and shoes similar to the ones you’ll wear on your big day.  Every fashion savvy girl knows that during outfit try-ons, clothes tend to look kinda ordinary without appropriate shoes.  Similarly, without the necessary underwear, a dress doesn’t look well-fitting.

So, be prepared to pack your assets well when going for wedding dress shopping and try-ons.  Yes, pack well. Lol. Bring along a good, supportive strapless bra and a shapewear for tummy and /or thighs (spanx or any other good brand corset / waist cincher/ girdle).  Oh, a clean white bra, please; and sparkling clean pants and other underwear.

Bra – Extremely Important: Bra is one item that most brides forget to add to their wedding fashion shopping list.  Not all bras are good for wedding dresses, and your old bras may not give enough support or push-up.  You need a bra with good support to bring out the shape of your wedding gown.  I suggest you buy a new, special bra for your wedding gown. In fact, buy a set of wedding-day-underwear (bras, shapewear, underskirt and other necessary lingerie).

Wearing the wrong bra has made many great wedding dresses look not so perfect on bride’s bodies, because they wore a not-for-wedding-gown type of bra. We’ve also been at weddings where the bride’s bra was peeking out from the sides and it looked like a once-white-bra turned dirty-white, and she was unaware that her supposedly tucked in and hidden bra has decided to show face. Coloured bras (even browns, blacks) are not a good idea for wedding dress.

Bring Shoes: Oh, also bring along a pair of high-heel shoes or any shoe similar to your actual wedding day shoes.  High heels add some elegance to any outfit, but any shoe of same height as your actual wedding shoes will be fine.


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