Bridal Turbans & Hijabi Style Veils for Muslim & Hausa Brides: 6 Wedding-Worthy Turbans from Turban Tempest

Super-stylish bridal turbans are a trendy option for Muslimah brides to rock a special headwrap look on their wedding day. There is no better way for a bride (who usually wears traditional headwraps everyday)  to wear a white-bridal-looking style of headgear or turban on her special day.  Every bride wants to look different on their big day, and having a veil hanging down from the top of the bridal headwrap adds an extra touch of awesomeness.

Turban Tempest makes some of the best looking bridal turbans I’ve ever seen. And they’re a  local Nigerian brand. We are obsessed with hijabi-style bridal headpiece and veils from the brand @TurbanTempest (on Instagram) and so I wanted to share with you their elegant looking turbans.  Scroll down to see them:

1. Hijabi Bride in a Cute Bridal Turban HeadGear and a White Long  Sleeve Wedding Gown

2. Bridal Turban with Veil on an White Wedding Dress: Perfecto for an Hausa/ Muslim Bride

bridal turban veil muslim brides hausa

Photo Credit: @tope_horpload /instagram | Turban by @TurbanTempest

3. Wedding Turban and Veil Style for any Type of Wedding

4. Stunning Bridal Turban with Netted Birdcage Veil: Ideal Headpiece for Court Registry or Nikkai/ Nikkah

bridal turban and birdcage veil

5.  Bridal Turban with Birdcage Net-Veil (Vintage Style): Headpiece for a Nikkai Wedding or Court Registry Wedding

6. Elegant Bridal Turban with Veil for Hijabi Brides

bridal turban style hijabi bride

7. Wedding Turban and Veil Style for Muslim Brides

bridal turban veil styles muslim brides


Dare to Be Different? Try Bridal Turbans with Veils

Turban Tempest’s stylish bridal turban headpieces are a delight for Hausa/ Fulani Muslim and hijabi brides who want to look modern, different and still keep it traditional. We’re here for it.  These bridal headpieces has added to the veil and wedding headgear options previously available to our Hausa/ Fulani Muslimah brides.  Turban Tempest is a Nigerian brand. They sell Ready-to-Wear turban headgears, and you can follow them on Instagram  @turbantempest.

These styles of bridal turbans are so elegant that I wouldn’t be surprised if, at any time soon,  we start seeing those styles of bridal headpieces worn by some fashion-savvy brides for court registry weddings and church weddings. I have a feeling it won’t be too long when bridal turban-style-veils become common in every type of weddings across Nigeria – not just among brides who dare to be different.  What do you think?

images bridal turbans veils

Turban Tempest is a Nigerian brand and known as one of the best turban-headwrap-making companies.  This is not a sponsored post.  We are featuring this brand’s turbans because theyr are nothing short of awesome, and our fashion-loving brides would be glad to learn about them.

Kudos to Turban Tempest for coming up with the amazingly different styles of turbans, especially their bridal line.  Now, comment below tell me – which of the above 6 bridal turban style headpieces is your favourite look?

Photos by @tope_horpload | Wedding Gown by @tojufoyeh   |  Makeup by @anitabrows   |  Model: @uto_rosman   |  Creative Direction: @funsho_o 

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