7 Gorgeous Wedding Turbans & Veils: Muslim & Hausa Brides Headpiece Styles (Pictures)

We found gorgeous hijabi bridal looks with stylishly modern turbans and veils, and birdcage headpieces to inspire our Muslim brides-to-be. If you’re a muslim/ hijabi bride getting married soon, and looking to wear a modern bridal look with a sheer veil BUT also you desire the wedding day look that is close to your everyday traditionally modest look, yet stylishly special. 

Super-stylish bridal turbans are a trendy option for Muslimah and Hausa brides to rock a special headwrap look on their wedding day. There is no better way for a bride (who usually wears traditional headwraps everyday)  to wear a white-bridal-looking style of headgear or turban on her special day.  Every bride wants to look different on their big day, and having a veil hanging down from the top of the bridal headwrap adds an extra touch of awesomeness.  Check out these 7 Muslim bridal books with stylish turbans and hijabi-style sheer veils:

7 Muslim Bridal Looks with Hijabi-Style Wedding Headpieces from Turban Tempest

Choose your muslim wedding headpiece style.  All featured turbans are stylishly different in design.  …from sheer veils to birdcage headpieces that will also look stunning for court registry weddings, no matter your religion.  Let’s see them:

1. Bride in a Cute Bridal Turban HeadGear and a White Hijabi-Style Long  Sleeve Wedding Gown


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