10 Simple Exercises To Lose Weight Before Your Wedding (Video Tutorial)

So you want to lose weight for your wedding, so you can look all buffed up and slimmer in that wedding gown? Watch and follow along with the easy bridal workout video tutorial below, for really simple but effective pre-wedding exercises you can do at home. In the exercise video, these workouts focus on the body areas (arms and shoulders) that a bride will be showing off in your wedding dress -you definitely want them to look great. Ready, set, go! Watch the wedding exercise video below.

Make Your Own Workout Equipment To Lose Weight Fast

In case you don’t have a dumb-bell (I mean that weight the trainer was holding) to use in your bridal weight-loss exercises, you can improvise by using two medium sized bottled water cans that are filled with either water or sand (until you buy) – yeah, a budget bride gotta improvise – do anything you can to look slimmer before your wedding day.

When faced with paying for and planning the wedding, there might not be extra time or money (for gym) in the budget to get in shape. So, pocket the gym money and follow our video below to start exercising your body before the wedding day

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