Kukere and Azonto Afro-Dance Workouts: Dance Your Way to a Slimmer Body (Videos)

Every bride-to-be wants to looks trim and fit on their wedding day, but hate that losing weight is usually hard work and boring. But there’s another way that works – AfroDance Workout! Whoever told you that exercises and the business of getting fit is all about pains? It’s not true. Well, there’s a fun way to get fit and lean body and also have fun – it’s called Dancercize (short for: Dance-exercise). If you’ve been struggling to become slimmer but also hate the “boring exercises” especially because the videos come with boring onyinbo/ western music, you’re going to love today’s workout videos – Azonto workout and Kukere dance workout videos by expert instructors on youtube; Skelewu dance workout video is the third one. Dance music spices up any boring exercise routine, and in this post, you’re going to lose pounds of fat, dancing to 3 of the season’s hottest songs. Play the below dance exercise videos to start dancing your way to a hotter new body.

#1. The Azonto Afro-Dance Workout Video

*Be sure to also see the Skelewu dance exercise – it’s video number 3, down below.

#2. Kukere Afro-Dance Workout Video (More Waist & Booty Shake)

#3. Skelewu Afro-Dance Work Out Routine

If the usual “serious-type-exercises” are boring to you, then you’ll love dance workouts. And, if your feet can’t stay quiet at the sound of Naija or African music, then you’ll love to kill two birds with one stone. What do I mean by that? I mean – you’ll dance to the songs you always like, and you’ll also lose weight.

Talk about exercising WITHOUT really thinking that you’re working out. Everything is fun – just groove to Kukere or Azonto and burn those fats. To try more dance exercises, buy yourself a Zumba workout dvd – try the Salsa and a host other dance moves and dance off the pounds of fat.

4 Benefits of Dance Exercising (aka Afro-Dance Workouts)

Here are 4 good reasons to start dance workouts that you’d be crazy not to add dancing to your cardio exercise routine:

#1. You Will Work Your Whole Body: You need lean, buff arms to look glam in your wedding gown, and dance workouts are a fun way to work out your thighs, arms, abs, in fact you will trim and tone your whole body.

bride doing weight-loss exercises at home

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#2. You will Burn Plenty of Fat: Cardio exercises like dance workouts will make you burn lots of fat calories, while increasing your metabolism. African dance make you move every part of your body, hence exercising them as you do – an excellent way to tone those fat, water-water, flabby arms or the fat tyre-like belly, and as you shake your butt while dancing, you’re closer to getting a nice, rounded brazillian booty.

#3. It’s Fun: Fun and danceable songs like Azonto, Skelewu and Kukere are a pleasure to workout with, because they actually make you want to move your body. It’s hard to sit down when sweet African or Naija beats are playing.

#4. You Can Dance Freestyle: If you use African or Nigerian music during your dance workout, the moves are not monotonous. As you know, African dance is freestyling, so that you don’t have to be an expert at a certain dance style to enjoy the workout – even old school dance moves fit, a note for the elderly ones.

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Spice up your exercise routine with Kukere and Azonto dance music. But, let me warn you – it can be addictive, but this kind of addiction does not harm; instead you’ll get away with a fab, toned, lean and trim body – the best wedding gift you can give to yourself (for brides-to-be and grooms too). So, what are you waiting for? Watch the above workout videos again and start shaking and whining your body and booty.

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Oh, before I forget, now, I want to hear from you – do you like dance exercising as much as we do or what?  And, what do you think about the Azonto and Kukere dance workout moves? Tell me in the comments down below.

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