How to Plan a Nigerian Wedding Without Ugly Surprises

Planning for, and to avoid, wedding day disasters is at the top of the mind of any good wedding planner – because something always goes wrong even in the super-planned celebrity weddings but you never get to see it on the outside because their wedding planners planned ahead to take care of familiar eventualities (if they happen). So, never say “never”. In this post, you will discover 7 things you should know (and avoid) when planning your naija style wedding, in Nigeria.

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Here Are 7 More Ugly Wedding Day Surprises to Look Out For and Avoid

1. No-Show Vendors: One or more of your wedding vendors show up late or send an apprentice to a wedding they’ve been paid to service.

WHAT TO DO: When inquiring about the quality of any vendor’s product or service, ask around about their on-the-day-of-wedding behaviors and work ethics. Even if a wedding vendor is very good quality-wise, it’s no guarantee of their customer service. Hiring good vendors in the same town, near your reception venue is a good idea to ensure they will arrive early. Stay tuned to this blog for our series on ‘how to hire good wedding vendors and questions to ask before’.

2. Hall WahalaYour reception hall may become so hot that all your guests are fanning themselves with your programme (very distracting) – because the air-conditioners are few and not working well.

WHAT TO DO: always do physical venue inspection before renting any wedding hall/ venue and be sure to see and test all their on-site facilities (do all the toilets flush? Are ALL the air conditioners and fans working and cooling? Do a lighting and sound/ mic check and repeat the check 2 to 4 weeks before your big day because you can’t guarantee it will still work;

3. Backup PowerYou and guests could be in the middle of dancing and the light/ sound suddenly goes off. You discover it’s electricity problem when your guests scream “NEPA!’. This is not a classy situation at all.

WHAT TO DO: During your wedding venue inspection tour, be sure to ask about backup power plans – don’t believe unless you see it. Also do your due diligence – confirm from their staff and others who have previously used the facility.

4. Tight Hall: You will see your guests squeezing between the tables when stepping away from their seats.

WHAT TO DO: You should not rent a wedding hall until you have made your guest list. Before you pay, make sure the hall is big enough to take the guests seated and dancing too. Don’t just take it that they said the hall seats 100 people. Factor in space for dancing, space for walking in/ out, will the space be enough if you have to change the seating arrangement to round tables etc? Use your guest list size to estimate the exact size and cost of wedding venue you require;

5. Unprofessional DJ: No one is dancing during ‘dance time’ because the DJ’s tracks are dulling them.

WHAT TO DO:  hire a professional DJ and be sure to give him/ her your must-play songs and also ask them to play you a sample of the songs they will play on your wedding day. Bad DJ = dull wedding, bad photographer = no memory.

6. Photographer Show-down: After your wedding, you could still be chasing and begging the photographer for your wedding pictures (even though he begged you to hire him before your wedding day). To add insult upon injury, he sends the photos after many months but they are blurred and some are just snapshots of ‘headless people’.

WHAT TO DO: hire a professional photographer who you’ve done a background check on, seen and liked their work and also heard good reviews from other people who have used them before.

7. Asoebi Gifts: After the wedding day, people who wore your Aso-ebi could still be calling you for their gifts, even though they didn’t buy it from you (but only shared from the cloth bundle their friend bought directly from you – and even though you have already given a gift to the person who directly bought the piece of cloth).

WHAT TO DO: Give out the ‘Asoebi gifts’ as each person pays and picks up their Aso-ebi (not later o) – so that no one person would disturb you for gifts after your wedding day.

No-Surprises Wedding Planning Takeaway

You see, learning about the mistakes others have made during their wedding will give you more ideas on what to do and what to avoid – read ‘top wedding mistakes newlyweds confess to making” – part 1 here and part 2 here.

By the way, this is part 2 of the series ‘what to know about planning a small Nigerian wedding’. You can read the first part here, where I highlighted the 7 unclassy things that almost always happens at many Nigerian wedding events (that I know you don’t want) and I also provided you with things to do to make your own wedding classy, even if you have a very small budget to organize the wedding.

So, there you have it for our 7 other things to look out for when planning a no-ugly-surprises small Nigerian style wedding in Nigeria. Did I miss anything about things to consider when planning a naija style wedding in Nigeria? If you know of any, please add them in the comments area down below.

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